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Median Night Rate
Occupation Rate

Get the necessary data to build your short-term rental empire

Simulate Your Cash Return

Don’t make investing mistakes.

 Simulate your cash return using our calculator integrated with 7 million short-term rental data points.

Filter out undesirable neighborhoods and property types using historical performance data.

Price Better

For last-minute bookings or important holidays, don’t just guess – you deserve to earn more! 

Use our data to see how your competitors perform and set their prices accordingly.

Price better, earn more.

Benchmarking To Optimize

See how other listings are performing in your area.

Continuously measure your performance against top-performing listings and use that information to optimize your own.

Understand which type of services or amenities are currently in demand in the market.

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Property Manager

Build short-term rental revenue management strategies and optimize your listings the data-driven way.

STR Investor

Simulate your ROI using our calculator integrated with 7 million short-term rental data points.

rental arbitrage

Find profitable neighbourhoods and property types in minutes. Supercharge your market research. 

DMO & Research 

We have global coverage of Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms’ historical data. 

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Exclusive Reports

HOw Covid Has Transformed STR Industry

We track most short-term rentals all around the world every day. Using this data, we can show you your competitors’ rate changes and booking statuses for the next 365 days. 

Build a sophisticated short-term rental revenue management strategies.

STR Summer Outlook Report 2022

Airbtics has the longest history of data for Airbnb’s supply and global coverage of current individual Airbnb property performance data.

The best part is that key metrics including occupancy & booking lead time will update as you navigate the map.

Airbnb Data
Airbnb Data

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