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Why Airbtics works

Unique Insights for your short-term rental business

Airbtics analytics dashboard is ideal for short-term rental investors looking to identify the most profitable short-term rental properties using the data. We set up a customised region and filters so that you can gain the tailored insights. 

Make objective and data-informed investment decisions

The cashflow simulator will help you to instantly understand ROI and cash return of properties, and the rental comparator is made for you to easily compare between two investment options. 

Say Goodbye to inaccurate data

Data is the new oil, but bad data isn’t. Upon your request, we provide you with the raw data that are used to calculate the metrics on your dashboard.

What our clients say about us

Who can we help

Find out more homes to manage, gain access to tailored data for dynamic pricing, and access future market opportunities. Learn more about how our short term rental analytics can benefit your business.

Find the right investment property, calculate your short-term rental profitability and gain more personalised insights – Find out more about how you can utilise the power of vacation rental data in your market research!

We track Airbnb’s KPIs, such as Gross Booking Value, which is a strong indicator of Airbnb’s performance.  Learn more about ABNB Key Metrics Tracker here.

Looking to recalibrate business or marketing strategy?  Our clients use 1) Quarterly Guest Origin Change Report (available from 2012) 2) Short-term rental supply and demand analysis and 3) Quarterly gross short-term rental booking value report. Receive case study by contacting [email protected]  

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