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03high return STR investment

See active Airbnb listings within the same neighborhood.

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01 your earnings

Analyse top-performing listings to identify high-demand amenities, services, photos, and dates.

Benchmark your listings with daily, weekly, and monthly market performance metrics.

Price your listings better

02 according to the trends!

Analyze historical seasonality trends or events affecting the occupancy and daily rates (RevPAR).

Connect your Airbnb account and automatically set competitive pricing.

Watch out for Pacing and Future Demand Analysis (Coming Soon!)

Discover and acquire

03 more properties to manage!

Analyse top-performing listings to identify high-demand amenities, services, photos, and dates.

Benchmark your listings with daily, weekly, and monthly market performance metrics.

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“Grateful for the affordable, easy to use, data from Airbtics. Will definitely use them again when looking for our next Airbnb. We were able to find our 1st Airbnb in 2 months.”

Augustin Lauren Founder @ JL Construction LLC

“The feature set is incredibly powerful, with the most in-depth data analysis for vacation rentals. All of the data is displayed in a very easy to understand breakdown. The simplicity of the user interface should not undermine how advanced the software is, the analytics and data-sets are the most accurate in the industry. The team knows the market, and has the quickest customer service in the industry.”

Sterling Jones Founder @ Cohostin.com

“Thanks so much for putting together such great software! You are head and shoulders above AirDNA, but I feel you already know that. You gave me EXACTLY what I needed (minus a few blips) to make very informed decision on my latest rental property in Port St Joe, FL. Cheers! I will subscribe again next year when I will purchase another!”

Michael Littleton Investor @ St Joe, FL

“Great customer service. Professional team. Data is updated everyday. Occupancy rate and daily rate data are updated dynamically allowing me to explore 25 neighbourhoods and communities in Orlando with one subscription.”

Vincent Madden Superhost @ Malibu, CA

“I will say that Airbtics is good enough for a small size vacation rental management company. During the demo, they showed me data for my area and it was pretty spot on in terms of prices and occupancy.”

James Carlos Revenue Manager @ Ocean Sky Vacation

“I had a customized request for data for a research project. I appreciated the personal support from Airbtics very much and received a solution which I am 100% satisfied with for a very favorable price. I would absolutely recommand it.”

Selina Steiner Hospitality Researcher @ FHGR.ch

“Found a property to purchase in just 2 months of search and it’s already under contract with us.”

Greg Smith Short-term Rental Investor
Airbnb Data
Airbnb Data

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