Airbtics Product Pricing

The smartest way to optimize your vacation rentals

Increase your revenue with data-driven vacation rental operation

Real-time Analytics

All-in-one data for revenue management team

$300 $ 225
per month and per market. Billed annually at $2,700
  • You will receive daily competitor report (Excel) to your email every morning and gain the access to our analytics dashboard
  • Market baseline price
  • Market price trend
  • Market seasonality
  • Price per different day of the week
  • Competitor rates over next 365 days
  • Last minute price changes
  • Daily booking data
  • Booking lead time
  • Average length of stay
  • 3 custom regions in analytics dashboard
  • Track up to 2,000 listing per market

Investment Analyzer

The proper way to conduct short-term rental real estate due diligence

$500 $ 225
Per market
  • You will receive one-time report (Excel) and gain the access to our analytics dashboard for a month
  • Past 12 months occupancy rate
  • Past 12 months daily rate
  • Past 12 months property prices
  • Past 12 months gross yield
  • Booking Lead Time
  • Average length of stay
  • 5 years search demand
  • 52 weeks YoY booking trend
  • Individual Listing Data with past 3 months' performance
  • ROI heatmap
  • Executive Summary

Analytics Dashboard

The smartest way to optimize your Airbnb with data

$59.99 $ 35 mo
  • You will gain the access to our analytics dashboard
  • Occupancy Rate, Daily Rate, Revenue
  • Guest demographics
  • Guest review analyzer
  • Amenity & Service research tool
  • Individual Listing Data with past 1 month's performance
  • Competitor statistics overview


  • Quantity: Two billion nights processed every week
  • Accuracy: Our dataset can predict the gross amount of booking made on Airbnb with 97% accuracy
  • Historical data starting from 2009

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