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Choosing the right short-term rental analytics is a hard task because it is probably your first time hearing about them and thinking of subscribing to one of them. You don’t want to make an investment decision based on false information. So we have tried out best to list out all the Airdna alternatives to help you find what’s best for you.

AirDNA is a well-known short-term rental analytics software. However, many users have been complaining about the data not being accurate. What most Airbnb hosts and short-term rental investors don’t know is that there are a few AirDNA alternatives out there.  So it’s obvious people will look for better alternatives.

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What is the use of short-term rental analytics?

1. ROI simulation for property investment 

People thinking of buying a vacation home(s) need to figure out how much they will make if they buy a certain property. It’s especially important for short-term rental investment because depending on the location and demand of the property, the net rental yield can vary from 1% to 25% annually. The right short-term rental analytics should allow you to identify high net rental yield properties from the low ones.


2. Smart Pricing

If you already own rentals, pricing is one of the most important aspects if you’d like to increase your revenue. Right pricing helps you to get more bookings at better prices, attract the right guests, and helps you to keep running the profitable short-term rental business! The right short-term rental analytics should provide actionable insights on what pricing you should set for your property. 


3. Benchmarking 

The good old saying, if you can’t measure, you can’t improve. If you’d like to improve your short-term rentals, you need to compare your property against the market top performers and average performers. What is your property performance (occupancy rate, daily rate, booking lead time) against your market? The right short-term rental analytics should allow you to benchmark your property against competitors. 


Other important things to consider when you choose short-term rental analytics:

Data quality is important and we measure data quality by 1) type of metrics they are showing and 2) granularity of the data. 

Data coverage is another essential factor and we measure data coverage by 1) geographical coverage 2) data update frequency.

Review of Top 7 AirDNA alternatives & competitors

1. Airbtics
Our Airbtics review score

Airbtics is the next-generation real-time analytics for property investors and Airbnb hosts. To begin with, we gave 5 stars for data coverage since they cover global markets and update data every day or every week depending on the plan you choose. We again gave 5 stars for data quality because they provide individual booking and pricing data of the next 12 months, guest origin, detailed revenue breakdown, and individual property performance data. The only downside is that their pricing isn’t as cheap as other providers. However, Airbtics customers seem to be pretty happy with their pricing after all. 

2. AllTheRooms Analytics
Our Alltherooms analytics review score

AllTheRooms Analytics helps you to analyze short-term rental markets and monitor your short-term rental competitions. Firstly, we gave 4 stars for data coverage since they cover global markets, but they don’t clearly state how frequently their data is updated. What our analysts found out is that their market data seems to be updated every month. Secondly, we gave 3 stars for data quality because AllTheRooms provide supply, booking lead time, and future booking data at the market level. Their filter allows you to get insights into the market performance of various types of properties. Their filter has a few more options than AirDNA.

3. Mashvisor
Our Mashvisor review score

Mashvisor helps property investors to find out immediately what kind of returns a property will provide and what you need to outperform the rental market. Firstly, we gave 1 star for data coverage since Mashvisor only has US market data. Secondly, we gave 2 stars for data quality because Mashvisor doesn’t provide detailed important metrics like booking lead time, property level future pricing data, extra guest fee, and so on. Even though Mashvisor doesn’t provide detailed short-term rental metrics, their pricing seems to be attractive for US property investors as you will be able to explore market data of few US neighborhoods at $50/month.

4. SeeTransparent
Our SeeTransparent review score

SeeTransparent helps you to optimize your vacation rentals with their Smart Rental data dashboard. We gave 4 stars for data coverage because they cover global markets and update data every week. We, yet again, gave 4 stars for data quality because they provide individual booking and pricing data for the next 12 months and individual property performance data. They don’t seem to provide guest origin data. To fully use their dashboard, you need to pay 3,000 EUR for their annual subscription. 

5. WheelHouse, PriceLabs, DPGO, etc

Before we sum up, we’d also like to mention the above dynamic pricing solution providers in this post since AirDNA also offers future pricing data for you to smartly price your rentals. But did you know that these dynamic pricing tools also show some basic market insights and advanced pricing data for your markets? If you already manage properties and you are looking for a tool for pricing, these 3 tools are for you. 

Still, many tech-savvy revenue managers (or Airbnb hosts) are not happy with dynamic pricing solutions because they constantly have to override the suggestions. If this sounds reasonable to you, you may want to check out Airbtics CompSet page, which allows you to build your own Competitor Sets and track their next 365 days rates and booking situations. To learn more, here is a youtube video explaining to you about the CompSet feature. 

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What are the best AirDNA alternatives?

To sum up, Airbtics, AllTheRooms, SeeTransparent are AirDNA’s direct competitors and Mashvisor, WheelHouse Pricing, Beyond Pricing are AirDNA’s indirect competitors. 

Our analysts compare all the tools and concluded Airbtics is the best AirDNA alternative according to our criteria (data volume, data coverage, pricing). It is because Airbtics 1) covers markets globally and updates data every day 2) has future 12 months pricing data at property level 3) has historical individual listing performance data 4) has advanced filtering options.  As a result, a growing number of people are choosing Airbtics over AirDNA in 2021.

Yeah, choosing the right short-term rental analytics for your property investment or management requires you to evaluate quite a few things! Not a simple task. Hope our post guided you a little better. 

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