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Get exclusive insights on Gross Booking Value and Total Number of Nights booked on Airbnb 


We provide the most accurate Airbnb Key Metrics using our robust techniques and technologies. Out of many methods, such as credit card data, the Web scraping data is the most viable way to estimate the total number of nights booked on Airbnb. However, currently, other data providers only look at the “Calendar” data to estimate the bookings. This approach is flawed as there is no way to track if a booking was made on Airbnb or other platforms. If you are interested in learning more about our methodologies, please email us, if we could be a good fit, we are happy to transparently explain what we have done to precisely calculate the total amount of bookings made on Airbnb. 

Data Collection Methodology:

The data source is web scraping. We have built validated statistics models to accurately identify the bookings

Data update frequency: Monthly

Data update lag: 15 days

Historical data: Since 2016

Granularity: Per continent, country, or city

Data dictionary

Date YYYY-MM-monthend
Continent E.g. Europe
Country Country code
GBV (Gross Booking Value) Integer (in USD)
Total Number of Nights Booked Integer
Average Length of Stay Float (e.g. 12.231)
Average Daily Rate Float (in USD)
Other metrics (Contact us) VRBO metrics, Airbnb user metrics
Number of listings Integer

How to get Airbnb Historical data?

Airbtics has 5+ years worth of Airbnb historical dataset and we use this dataset to make stock price prediction. 

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