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Looking for a property investment analytics tool that fits your needs?
We reviewed the best analytics tool in the market and their alternatives.

Best Airbnb Markets Ranked by Data Scientist

I’ve analyzed the profitability of 12 US Airbnb markets. The primary factor is how much you will make in 10 years from an average short-term rental investment in a market. I discovered markets from 350% return in 10 years to 150% return.

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Airbnb Market Research
2 Proven Strategies to Find Best Airbnb Markets in 2024

Beginner friendly! This is the complete Airbnb market research guide for property investors. 1. City analysis (high rental yield, appreciation, and regulations) 2. Neighborhood analysis

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vrbo occupancy rates
Navigating VRBO Occupancy Rates: A 2024 Guide

If you’re playing in the field of vacation rentals, you might also list your properties in VRBO, not just in Airbnb. This article will guide …

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what is str in real estate
What is STR in Real Estate? A Complete Guide for Investing Newbie

What is STR in real estate? Learn the answer from this article and get the complete guide to succeed in this exciting kind of rental …

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how to run Airbnb remotely
How To Run Airbnb Remotely? A Comprehensive Guide For Remote Hosts

Don’t pass up a profitable opportunity simply because of distance. Learn how to run Airbnb remotely, and seize profits from afar! Home > Resources > …

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What is Vrbo and How Does it Work
What is Vrbo and How Does it Work for Vacation Rental Hosts?

What is Vrbo and how does it work? Discover the company that predates Airbnb and how it can help you with your STR game! Home …

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Airbnb Data
Airbnb Data

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