Airbnb Investment Sourcing As A Service

Last updated on September 28th, 2022

What is property sourcing by Airbtics?

It is a free service for our Enterprise subscription users ($599.95/mo). Our team of data analyst and real estate expert will identify & vet high return Airbnb investment opportunities for you. 

You can expect to receive at least 5 deals with contact addresses of realtors. All deals will be personally selected by our analysts, and we will contact the realtors to understand the hidden costs and feasibility to do Airbnb. Finally, we will use our own data to ensure it will exceed 20% gross rental yield or 50% first year cash return with above 50% LTV mortgage. 

Currently, it is only available in the US, the UK and Spain. If you are from other areas, please let us know.

How does it work? 

Step 1
Once you subscribe to the Enterprise plan, an account manager will reach out to you in 1 working day. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to let us know about your property search criteria. (E.g. which areas, budget, mortgage availability etc).

Step 2
Our analysts will do the property search and use our own data to analyze the properties. We will keep you in the loop. 

How can I get started?

Step 1

Go to our app and sign up.

Step 2

Click the plus button located on the top bar.

Step 3

Select the Enterprise plan and complete the payment. Our relationship manager will reach out to you in 1 working day. 

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