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Airbnb Market Maker is an API, developed by Airbtics, that delivers detailed short-term rental market data to help you make informed pricing decisions, and increase revenue. 

Vacation Rental Data for Revenue Management Team
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Dynamic Pricing Doesn’t Always Work. Set the right rate for your property. Airbnb Market Maker is a useful pricing tool that helps short-term rental property managers set competitive rates that reflect current supply and demand.

Airbnb Market Maker calculates current market conditions and uses real-time search and booking data about the properties nearby to deliver powerful insights. These data points provide a holistic view that can help you make smart, informed decisions about your rates. 

How it works

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Compare with similar properties

The tool provides booking statuses (owner’s blocked, recently booked, booked, available) and rate changes over next 365 days of your competitors. This helps you determine right pricing. 

Perfect your pricing

The tool also provides average booked and available daily rates of competitors over next 365 days. 

How to access this?

There are three different ways you can consume this data 1) Airbtics dashboard 2) Excel file to your inbox 3) through API. 

The detailed documentation and pricing about the API can be found at RapidAPI

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Airbnb Data

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