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Most of our customers come to us while working with their estate agent. Don’t leave the money on the table, share 30% of revenue from every sales.

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Property investors are more likely to trust their estate agents when they provide you with insights from neutral source. We provide precise analytics to property buyers with 6 million rental data. Provide better valuation, without any extra costs.

* We will 1) send a weekly report on progress of your lead and 2) pay you every month. 

What is an Airbtics Affiliate Partner?

There are two ways for you to get involved.

Widget integration

We provide a JavaScript snippet that can be integrated in your website, which will show average daily rate and occupancy rate of a city. It comes with a link which will take user to our app to learn more about the data. 

* Our dedicated technical staff will help you set it up.

Tailored market report

We provide a short-term rental market report on your clients’ neighbourhood. The report shows occupancy rates and average daily rate of existing properties in the areas. See the sample below. It costs £49 per report and you take £15. 

* We will create a custom welcome landing page with your company’s logo.

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