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Airbnb booking data from Europe shows sign of a recovery

Vacation rentals in Europe have just begun to recover. We have analyzed over 300,000 Airbnb listings across various cities in Europe and the UK this week.

One major pattern that is observed in the past month is that the vacation destinations in countries with high domestic Airbnb guests have started getting more bookings in June 2020.

For example, the UK has been having high domestic Airbnb guest ratio with above 50% of guests are travelling from the UK. The major coastline destinations in the UK, such as Brighton and Cornwall have experienced a surge in Airbnb bookings as soon as the UK has relaxed the lockdown in 2nd July. 

Countries like Spain and Italy have been relying highly on international travellers and their bookings aren’t so good yet. 

Please note that many other cities are not in the below charts but are receiving a healthy amount of bookings. If you’d like to know the number of Airbnb reservations made in June in your area, please use our market research app! (Also, make sure to add your city if it’s not available in the platform)

Please read this post to understand how we have gathered these data. The charts show the YoY growths in a number of nights booked – from January to beginning of July 2020. 

4 European Vacation Destinations show a sign of a recovery

More domestic travellers, less international travellers

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