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List of all Airbnb cost to owners [2021 Updated]

Last updated on January 13th, 2022

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    Airbnb cost to owners

    In a move that parallels how rival platforms operate, Airbnb is asking most professional hosts outside of North America to include all Airbnb service fees in the rate displayed to visitors. 

    AirBnb will prevent hosts who use third-party software to manage bookings from adding a “service fee” to the listing price. Instead, hosts will pay a flat rate of 15%, up from the current 3%.

    What are Airbnb service fees, and how much do they cost? 

    Upon confirmation of a booking, we charge a service fee to keep Airbnb running efficiently and to cover the cost of products and services, such as 24/7 customer support.

    Fees for reserving a hotel room   

    Guests and hosts both pay service fees when booking accommodations. Alternatively, hosts only pay service fees when booking accommodations.

    1. Fee-splitting   

    This is the most prevalent fee arrangement. In exchange for the service fee, the host withdraws his compensation, and guests also pay a fee.  

    Service charge for the host – Airbnb Plus hosts, hosts listing in Italy, and hosts who use Super Strict cancellation rules may have additional fees. For this fee, Airbnb subtracts Airbnb fees and taxes from the booking subtotal (the nightly cost plus cleaning fees, if applicable, but including additional guest fees).

    Airbnb data

    To check the service fee for a specific booking, go to:

    1. Open the Transaction History page.
    2. Select the reservation code next to the reservation you want to review.
    3. Look for the Airbnb Service Fee under Pay-out.

    Fee for guest service

    The majority of guests pay a service fee that is less than 14.2 percent of the total booking price. The cost fluctuates depending on a variety of booking parameters and is displayed to guests before they make a reservation, including during checkout.

    2. Fee for the sole purpose of hosting  

    There is no Airbnb service fee, as the service is taken out of the host compensation.  

    The host-only fee is usually between 14 and 16 percent and is required for hotels and some other hosts. Additionally, software-connected hosts need a certificate unless most of their listings are in the United States, Canada, Argentina or Uruguay. Airbnb Plus hosts and hosts with strict cancellation policies may pay a higher fee. Hosts must pay a 10% service fee for listings situated in mainland China.

    Airbnb Service Fees 

    Airbnb cost to owners / host

    We charge a 20% service fee to hosts who provide experiences. This is deducted from the host’s remuneration and is computed based on the price of the experience. For select social impact experiences, we waive this cost. 

    Fee for guest service 

    We don’t charge a guest service fee for experiences right now. 

    Service fees are subject to VAT. 

    In some jurisdictions, the host and guest service fee may be subject to VAT. ​When applicable, these VAT costs will be included in the service fee.


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