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Top 5 Smart Door Locks For Airbnb

Admit it, key handover for Airbnb can sometimes not be fun. Imagine all the waiting you have to do for the guests. Some of them may arrive at odd hours. While physical handovers allow for personal touch, they might not be the most efficient way of guest check-ins. 

In the age of modern technology, it is not surprising that the hosts have used smart door locks for Airbnb. This handy device has revolutionized how hosts manage their time and improve guest experience. All these are possible without compromising security. So in this blog, we will delve deeper into this innovation which covers the following:

  • Defining smart locks
  • 5 best smart door locks for Airbnb
  • The benefits of using a smart lock

What Is a Smart Lock Airbnb?

A smart lock is technological hardware that allows for a keyless entry into an Airbnb property. With remote access, smart door locks for Airbnb are invaluable tools for self check-in and check-out. They are a smart way to eliminate key handovers. And don’t worry about security concerns. These smart locks are reprogrammable! So, you can easily replace access codes once your guests leave!

Top 5 Smart Door Locks for Airbnb

Looking for the best smart doors to improve the Airbnb experience for both you and your guests? Then look no further! We have a list of our Airbnb smart lock recommendations. Let’s now explore these top contenders:  

1. Yale Assure Lock 2

This crowd-favorite smart lock enables guests to check in using auto-generated codes. These codes can be programmable to expire on check-out dates. With its app, hosts can track entry and exit times and can remotely grant access to their properties.

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2. Kwikset 99420-003 

The strong and durable build of this smart lock can guarantee security. Not only does it have auto-lock features, but it can also support up to 250 personalized codes. Lock and unlock your Airbnb from anywhere using its app where you can also receive notifications of each entry and exit. If you need a cleaner or contractor to come over. this smart lock can give them 1-day access. 

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3. Wyze Lock Bolt

Affordable smart lock? Check! No access to Wi-Fi? Don’t worry because Wyze Lock Bolt combines affordability and functionality without the use of the internet. If you do not need remote access and like to keep a historical log, this smart lock delivers with the use of Bluetooth technology. 

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4. Schlage BE489WB GRW 716

This is at the higher-end price point, but this smart lock is worth every dollar spent on it. On the outside, its sophisticated appearance will complement any door. But there’s more than meets the eye with this Schlage smart lock. It can hold up to 100 access codes that you can type in fingerprint resistant screen. Forced entries can be prevented with its built-in alarm technology. And you do not have to worry about batteries, as this lock notifies you when they need to be changed.  

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5. August Home

This Airbnb partner smart lock is integrated with the Airbnb platform for a smooth check-in experience for the guests as well as the hosts. This ultra-smart door lock can send guests their check-in details directly to their Airbnb inbox as soon as the booking is made. There’s no need to mention that this is a Wi-Fi-enabled device that allows hosts to control their properties anywhere in the world. 

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Do I need a Smart Lock for Airbnb?

Smart door locks for Airbnb can help hosts guarantee the security of their property and improve the guest experience. While it may come with a price tag, a smart can save you a lot of time and resources in managing your Airbnb. 

The smart door locks for Airbnb provide flexibility in a lot of aspects. They do not only facilitate automated check-ins and check-outs. They also allow guests a flexible time for arrival without inconveniencing the Airbnb hosts. 

Nobody needs to worry about security. Guests and hosts can rest assured that their Airbnb property remains secure yet accessible. Some smart doors can even log entry and exit times, so the hosts can know if someone is on their property. 

So embrace the power of these handy devices, and open the door to an elevated hosting experience! Not only will your guests thank you for it, but your Airbnb business will surely reap the rewards of this security feature! 

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