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Last updated on June 15th, 2023

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    What is the Airbnb Academy?

    Our vision is a world in which everyone can access and enjoy the power of technology and tourism. The Airbnb Academy is a tourism development programme built by Airbnb, focused on giving underrepresented and under-resourced communities the tools and resources to take part in tourism through the Airbnb platform. Programme features an immersive training curriculum focused on what it takes to succeed on the Airbnb platform. The Academy has four phases built from Airbnb’s first-hand knowledge and insights, they include: participant recruitment, training, post-training support, and community building.
    The curriculum introduces tourism as a business opportunity, builds familiarity with the Airbnb online marketplace, supports participants in publishing a Home or Experience listing and builds meaningful connections between participants.
    Upon completion of the Academy, participants are:
    • Confident using the Airbnb app and website;
    • Empowered to tell their personal story on a tech platform;
    • Published on the platform, with a Home or Experience listing that stands out;
    • Part of the Airbnb community and belong to a network of tourism entrepreneurs around the world.

    Why the Airbnb Academy?

    Post COVID-19, tourism recovery is likely to be uneven. Under-resourced communities were some of the first affected and may be the last to recover from the pandemic. Yet, the flexibility and accessibility of Airbnb’s platform make it easy for people across emerging markets to become tourism entrepreneurs and now more than ever, Airbnb will be a lifeline to many hosts and communities.
    Unlike mass travel which bottles up the economics of tourism and takes money out of communities, Airbnb is a healthier form of tourism where hosts keep the vast majority – up to 97% – of the money paid by guests. Hosts set their own prices, and they benefit from reviews that help them create followings among the guest community.

    What is the Airbnb Academy’s background?

    In 2017, Airbnb Academy opened its doors in South Africa to offer hospitality and technology training to underserved towns and rural areas. As part of their USD $1 million commitment to inclusive tourism in Africa, Airbnb expanded the service to other neglected communities in South Africa and Kenya. The effort has recently expanded to include populations in countries other than Africa, such as Guyana and Argentina. Moving forward, we’re considering ways to expand the Academy to realise our vision of a world where everyone can enjoy the power of technology and tourism.

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    How can you collaborate with Airbnb Academy?

    To deliver the Academy, we collaborate with grassroots organisations. They assess our partners using four essential criteria:

    Proven track record

    A track record of functioning in the community and generating outcomes.

    Shared values

    A community-first approach that is consistent with Airbnb’s values of belonging.

    Strong training

    An organisation with experience in skill development and training with a technological focus.

    Tourist expertise

    An organisation with competence in tourism development.

    They find a cohort of motivated individuals in under-resourced or under-represented communities with significant tourist potential by collaborating with our partner organizations. They provide resources to individuals who need to create Homes and Experiences on Airbnb and become leading tourism entrepreneurs in their community.

    Airbnb strives to meet the demand of 21st century travellers seeking more sustainable and impactful ways of travelling by opening up economic opportunities for individuals through Airbnb Academy.

    What services does the Airbnb Academy provide to partners?

    Community assessment tools

    Recommendations for assessing your target community’s tourist requirements and prospects.

    Curriculum for training and learning

    Recommendations for arranging and facilitating digital skills and Academy training in your community.

    Groups and discussions

    A frequent online platform where partners can connect to share ideas and motivate one another.

    Access to the Airbnb Academy team

    Access to Airbnb staff who can answer queries and provide useful resources.


    An opportunity to share learnings with Airbnb and provide feedback that will help shape the programme.

    What exactly is an Airbnb coach?

    If you want to market your property but don’t know where to begin, an Airbnb coach can assist you! Whenever you have a question about the Airbnb hosting process, from making your listing to greeting your first guests, you can message them! They, too, had a million stupid questions when they first started their Airbnb, and they’d love to answer any of yours!

    How Can an Airbnb Coach Assist You in Succeeding?

    Airbnb coaches are like superhost friends that will guide you through the process of creating your listing. They’ll make sure you’re hitting all the right notes and telling a story that your guests will enjoy. Your coach can make changes to your listing before it goes public, look over your images, and offer suggestions. They will ensure that your listing is fully optimized and appealing to guests!


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