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[2022 Edition] Airbnb Furniture Checklist + Printable PDF

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    There are a few  steps you need to complete before post your short-term rental on rental platforms. Today we’ll talk about one of them: staging and furnishing, this is an important part of the product you’ll be offering.

    Think about how this will influence your revenue and rating on platforms like Airbnb. We know that furnishing can be a nerve-racking process but here we are to help you in this

    Think about how this will influence your revenue and rating on platforms like Airbnb. We know that furnishing Today, we are going to discuss all factors you need to consider to furnish your place.  We’ll give you tips to make the best decisions possible, and we’ll include an Airbnb Furniture Checklist PDF (printable) so you can track your furnishing progress.

    Factors you should consider when planning to furnish your property


    The first important step is setting the budget, write down a minimum and maximum number and analyze a reasonable amount to spend on this task. Our suggestion is: don’t be too tight but don’t go too high either, not all your pieces of furniture have to be brand new and high end. There are stores where you can find beautiful and cheap second-hand furniture.

    According to other hosts’ experience, for a 1 bedroom apartment consider about $5000 as a base, this includes furniture, decor and amenities; then you can estimate add about $1000 per bedroom. If we’re talking about an entire house let’s increment the budget to $6000 for the house and $2500 per bedroom. These amounts can vary with the size of the property and how you plan to style it.

    plan budget to furnish your airbnb


    When it comes to styling a place, you don’t think about the individual items but how it all comes together. You can also visualize it with different flooring or wall color.

    There’s no need to go over the top with every room, there are simple themes and color combinations that work well and don’t need fancy items to set up.

    Styling a room is not a work for everyone. If decorating is not your thing, you can hire a professional interior designer/decorator. This means you’ll have to increment your budget but it’s up to what you prefer. Another suggestion from hosts is to ask a real estate stager if they’re willing to do it for you.

    planning your airbnb furnishing style


    If you have a property with very reduced space, that doesn’t mean you won’t find a nice way to furnish and style it.

    You can also request the help of a professional designer for this ocassion or do it by yourself. There are some resources like YouTube videos you can use for inspiration.

    Make sure to take all the measures needed, especially if you plan to buy furniture online so you don’t end up with the wrong size item.

    measure your listing and furniture

    Identify your audience

    When you understand your target audience’s needs, you’re at a great advantage. This means you’ll be able to fulfill them with success and provide an exceptional guest experience.

    For example, families will appreciate high chairs, diaper changing stations, a playground with some toys and books, etc.

    Business travelers and remote workers would love an office place with free WiFi, a computer and a printer they can use.

    Couples looking for a getaway place may like a sofa bed for more comfort, hot tub, etc.

    If you’re setting up your first listing,  ask your local hosts community what kind of guest they usually attract and what kind of listing they offer.

    If you already own a STR and have experience with it , investigate your previous and future guests. This will help you find out what kind of people they are, what brings them to your area, what are they looking for and you’ll have an insight into your audience.

    identify target audience


    Like all your projects, furnishing and staging your listing should take a certain and reasonable amount of time. When planning this task, it is best to make sure everything falls in time.

    To achieve this, you can make a schedule and assign 1-3 days (can vary depending on size, theme, state of the room) to every room in your property.

    Setting this schedule will help you to get focused and will prevent you from overthinking about every detail and go over your budget. 

    This means it should take you 1-3 days to plan that room and once you have it all planned out, you start the next one. This doesn’t mean you need to have all the furniture in those 3 days, take those days to select, buy and collect the furniture.

    You can start the staging once you’re all buying, or at least 60% done.

    The ideal timing to finish this task would be 2 to 3 weeks, once again, this depends on many factors but you can aim to finish it as soon as you can.

    set a time to finish furnishing your airbnb

    Ideal furniture for your listing

    Entire House / Condo / Apartment

    Living Room




    Office furniture and appliances

    We usually see the living room as a rest place, as a place of reunion, so the best advice we can give out is to keep it simple but cozy.

    When selecting the sofa and armchairs take into consideration the materials, how much weight they support, quality, etc.

    We recommend you to get a smart TV, size is up to you, but guests will appreciate a smart TV with streaming services available for them.

    In case you’re setting up the office space, make sure to do it in a place where there are a lot of electric outlets available and very close to the WiFi router.

    Living Room Furnishing Airbnb
    Office at the Living room
    Dining Room



    It can also depend on the space you have available but a six-seater dining table sounds reasonable, if you can do four-seater is good as well. 

    In case you find more space in your dining room after the main, which is the table, there comes the cabinet: it’s optional but is cute, simple and adds personality to the room.

    Placemats and coasters are a must, you can find them in any shape and color and they help a lot with the maintenance of your bare table or tablecloths (if you use them).

    ideal furnishing for your airbnb - dining room




    There will always be guests who’ll struggle interacting with your appliances. Your work will be easier if, when it comes to appliances, you select the easiest one to use or provide easy-to-follow instructions along with some appliances like the coffee maker, toaster, kettle, etc.

    Not all hosts like to provide kitchenware and that’s fine, but it’d be really thoughtful of you to offer them, guests will love it! Since these are items that get easily damaged, make sure to get the best quality but cheapest possible ones and replace them every 5-8 months on average.

    ideal furnishing for your airbnb - kitchen
    Toilet & Bathroom



    Often people forget to put the same effort into decorating and setting up the bathroom as in other rooms. Bathrooms are an important part of your listing: if it doesn’t look nice and clean, guests surely won’t like your listing at all and won’t come back.

    Offer the essentials on a reasonable amount, let’s say 2 towels per guest and 3 toilet paper per stay, depending on the length of stay.

    Getting a new mirror, toilet seat and shower head is optional but would be best if you can replace the already existing ones with new ones if these have +2 years of use already.

    ideal furnishing for your airbnb - bathroom




    For the bedroom, the type of bed depends on the number of bedrooms you have in your listing. For the master bedroom, hosts usually select the biggest size bed possible, a king-size bed. For the second and third bedrooms, they usually select a queen size; this also depends on what you’re doing for the other bedrooms, a normal bedroom or kids bedroom.

    The dresser doesn’t need to be big but you’ll be good with a medium size, they won’t be used often but it gives more life to the bedroom as decor and in long-term stays, guests may get to use it.

    TV is also optional, usually they’re more common in the master bedroom only.

    The decor is super important, a bedroom is a place to rest and the atmosphere should be light and easy to be in for a long time. Think about the colors you’re going for and the amount and theme of items you’re getting for decor.

    ideal furnishing for your airbnb - bedroom

    Studio Apartment

    Since the space in a studio apartment is much more reduced, I’ll be making a checklist separately where we can list everything it can fit.

    Living room furniture and appliances

    A single armchair should be enough in order to not take so much space and provide another place to rest aside from the bed, the coffee table is not necessary.

    Dining Room / Kitchen furniture & appliances
    Tableware & Kitchenware

    Looks like a lot but you can accommodate all of this in a single kitchen space, 4 of each tableware item and 2 of each kitchenware item will work fantastically. 

    Office furniture & appliances

    As we mentioned before, make sure to have a multi-outlet extension and the WiFi router very close to this area, guests will appreciate it.

    Bedroom furniture & appliances

    If the bed takes a lot of space then you should consider a Murphy bed, some of them can have a sofa underneath or a built-in closet on the sides.

    Bathroom Essentials


    Tip: there’s no need to overload this place with decor, there are smaller options or you can still go for the regular size items but put very few of them.

    Where can I get Inspiration from?

    A great way to start planning and to keep you in line while you’re in the task of furnishing your Airbnb is looking for inspiration, something you can see and say “oh, I really like this arrangement/style” and start projecting how your place will look like. No interior design is trademarked so if you want to take complete inspiration from a room design, go for it!

    We’ll list some of the most well-known inspiration resources for you:

    1. Interior Design Magazines

    This is a very old-fashioned way but still works, it is least convenient because if you like any item from the magazine it may be hard to find online. Up to date magazines may come with better references on where to find the furniture pieces they use for staging.

    Inspo resources to furnish your Airbnb - Magazines

    2. YouTube

    The number of helpful videos you’ll be able to find on YouTube is incredible. Any particular style or theme you’re interested in, you’ll find something related to it here. This is one of the most convenient and entertaining ways, the content creator will often leave useful tips and buy lists that can be extra helpful.

    Inspo resources to furnish your Airbnb - YouTube

    3. Pinterest

    From luxurious to rustic and minimalistic designs, anything you can think of, you’ll be able to find it here. Interior Designers also use Pinterest to create their image boards where they save inspiration ideas or past work results.

    Inspo resources to furnish your Airbnb - Pinterest

    3. Interior Design Sites

    Thank God there are online web pages dedicated to sharing Interior Design ideas and making our work easier! One of them is Havenly, which is an online interior design service, but they also offer a website with entire decorated room ideas and you can also see and shop for every single item the designer selected for that stage.

    Inspo resources to furnish your Airbnb - Havenly

    4. Airbnb Hosts Communities

    On certain Airbnb Hosts Communities, especially on Facebook, hosts share the struggle they have furnishing their listing, tips for furnishing and also share their finished listing for other hosts to judge. Here are some examples of hosts’ post:

    Furnishing Facebook post 002


    As you can see along with this blog, furnishing your Airbnb is a task that takes a lot of time and effort but you can always have fun and enjoy it! After all, once you have the experience, when you have to do it again it’ll be a piece of cake.

    Once you’re all done and ready to go live, don’t forget to take high-quality pics and if possible hire a professional photographer, it’ll be worth it.

    We hope all the resources we provided you will make your listing’s furnishing journey the easiest and best possible, happy furnishing!


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