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Airbnb Success in the UK: Simon Saintly found a 10x more profitable Airbnb market with Airbtics

Last updated on September 19th, 2023

How Simon Was Led to A New Airbnb Market Over 10% More Profitable than His Original One

Did Airbtics data help you in making that decision, in what way?

“Yes! The yield % was better according to your system.”

Simon Saintly

Embarking on an Airbnb venture can be daunting for investors, both new and experienced. The challenge lies in pinpointing the right market for success. Yet, many investors, like Simon Saintly from the UK, often find themselves second-guessing their initial market choice. This makes them seek a more profitable path.

There is certainly a huge risk when you venture into this business. However, there’s also a high return on investments. So, how can an Airbnb investor be assured that he’s on the right path to success in the short-term rental business industry? 

This is where Airbtics comes in!

Enter Airbtics, the data-driven compass for Airbnb success used by many investors like Simon. Each step he took with Airbtics brought him closer to an investment choice that resonated with both logic and intuition. Let’s delve into how he found a new market 10x more profitable than his original one!

How Simon found a new market 10x more profitable than his original choice

Did Airbtics data help you in making that decision, and in what way? “Yes! The yield % was better according to your system.” – Simon Saintly, Airbnb Investor

Simon’s First Market Research

Just like you, Simon started his journey by searching for a profitable market. There are a handful of data analytics tools for short-term rental investors, and his top choice is Airbtics due to its data accuracy, custom market feature, and data granularity.

In the Airbtics dashboard, he delved into the revenue potential of various markets. Gloucester emerged as an early contender, promising an enticing £34,714 in annual revenue for a 2-bedroom property. 

Source: Airbtics.com, 2-bedroom property in Gloucester

On average, all Airbnb listings in Gloucester had a month-on-month (MoM) change in revenue of +25% and a yearly revenue potential of £24,844. A strong start for the search for a profitable Airbnb market, indeed.

Source: Airbtics.com, Gloucester market
Which one is better? Bristol vs Gloucester

Simon kept searching for a profitable market in the UK until he found the right one. With the Airbtics 5 market plan, you can search up to 5 custom markets every month for only $119/mo. 

Simon could still search for 4 more, and he searched for Bristol as his second one. The numbers spoke volumes: £14,517 annual revenue in Bristol paled in comparison to Gloucester’s potential. The power of data became glaringly evident.

Source: Airbtics.com, Bristol market
Mapping out other Airbnb Markets

After checking 2 markets, Simon then ventured into Airbtics’ Custom Market, tailoring his search around Blackpool. While revenue showed promise, a negative MoM change (-13%) cast doubt.

Source: Airbtics.com, Simon’s Custom Market (Blackpool)

Next, he mapped another one. It was Newcastle upon Tyne and neighboring areas this time. The 1,184 active listings in his custom market had another negative MoM change and an average revenue potential of £15,145.

Source: Airbtics.com, Simon’s Custom Market (Newcastle)
Calculating Returns with Airbnb Income Calculator

Seeking validation, Simon turned to the Free Airbnb Income Calculator. A revelation awaited him: Cheltenham £44,180 and Bristol £49,427, both flaunting enticing annual revenues. But the growth factor held the key to his ultimate choice.

Cheltenham won with staggering +95% MoM Growth!

But wait, revenue isn’t the sole king. It’s actually the growth factor. Bristol’s potential dazzled, yet its MoM growth was a mere flicker. Cheltenham stole the spotlight with a staggering +95% MoM growth. Suddenly, the choice wasn’t just about numbers; it was about seizing momentum and driving success.
Source: Airbtics.com, Cheltenham market

After a long search, Simon found his profitable Airbnb market

Today, Simon stands as a beneficiary of the potential that awaits those armed with data-driven insights. With a property secured in Cheltenham, he’s poised to embark on this exciting new chapter of Airbnb hosting! His journey started with doubt, but Simon turned to Airbtics as a companion to set his short-term rental success!

In each of these stages, Simon’s journey with Airbtics was filled with the use of both data and intuition. His transformation from an uncertain investor to a confident decision-maker underscores the power of informed choices and their ability to shape a future brimming with huge potential.

“Whether first-time or seasoned, Airbnb investors like me already have a specific market in mind. However, not all of them end up entering their initial prospective market. Some may opt for a much better one especially if they see better short-term rental metrics.”

Ready to embark on your own journey to Airbnb success? Start your search today. Don’t leave your investment decisions to chance. Join the ranks of savvy investors like Simon and harness the power of data-driven insights with Airbtics by discovering more profitable areas to buy Airbnb property in the UK.


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