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Airbnb Rules in Merseyside

Last updated on June 22nd, 2023

If you are looking to buy investment properties in the UK, knowing the Airbnb rules in your preferred city is the first step! In this article, we featured Airbnb regulations in Merseyside along with short-term let policies, properties for sale, things to consider in property investment, and more. Continue reading and learn more about the Airbnb rules in Merseyside!

Is Airbnb legal in Merseyside, Liverpool? 

Don’t worry, Airbnb is legal in Merseyside! This metropolitan county in North West England offers many unique leisure activities. Merseyside is mainly known for music, shopping centers and lively nightlife. Other than that, people can also find green landscapes & beautiful beaches along with other fascinating places to visit.

Here is a little proof! As of May 2022, there are 24,579 nights available in Merseyside from Airbnb alone. Katy, Joe & Team manages 72 listings, Dream Apartments and iStay operates 49 and 44 respectively. 

How much can I make by running an Airbnb in Merseyside?

Currently, there are 1328 Airbnb listings in Merseyside, with 51% of entire houses earning up to £2,580 a month. The Average Occupancy Rate in Merseyside is 47% and the average daily rate is £152. According to vacation rental properties data source Airbtics, a 2-bedroom apartment in Merseyside can make up to £43,521 each year. Check out our Airbnb Estimator and find out how much can you make with short-term rentals.

Merseyside airbnb rules
Short-term rental policy in Merseyside
  • No restriction on the number of days. It can be for as long as 6 months.
  • It is required to pay a Council tax in Merseyside.
  • Any property with five or more people who form unrelated households, and share amenities such as a kitchen or bathroom, must have an HMO licence. Learn more about an HMO licence in Merseyside.
how much can you make on airbnb

Property For Sale in Liverpool

If you are looking to start an Airbnb business in the UK, this is your go signal to do so! Buying a property in Merseyside with an impressive rental yield is an excellent way to have a passive income. Although the property prices in Merseyside neighbourhoods are rapidly rising, the tourism figures also continue to climb. By looking at the following property investment websites such as Zoopla and Reeds & Rains, you can get a grasp of the various prices and properties for sale on Merseyside.

Merseyside airbnb rules

Merseyside Property Investment

Before investing in a property in Merseyside, you have to consider the major determinators for success. This includes average price, population, nearby landmarks or attractions, and rental yields to expect – among the rest. Here are some of the most recommended areas in Liverpool that you can look into & consider purchasing:

Area Population Average House Price Average Rent Price (pcm) Average Airbnb Revenue Yields
City Centre (L7) 33,000 £136,904 £364 - £975 £2,805 Yields here range between 9.33% in L1 and 6.8% in L2
South Liverpool (L18-L20) 63,000 £136,651 £966 - £1,842 £2,938 9.79% yields
223,000 North Liverpool (L37-38) £98,000 - £130,000 £676 - £1,599 £1,776 In the L6 postcode, 7.85% yields are possible. Yields elsewhere, based on the L20 (Bootle) area, should still be a healthy 5%


In my personal opinion, the biggest advantage of running a short-term rental is high return! I’ve talked to hundreds of Airbnb hosts over the past years and frequently met hosts making 15 – 30% gross rental yields, and 10-20% net. It’s also fun to do! 



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