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Last updated on October 12th, 2023

Be the very first to experience the NEW Airbtics Freemium. Better Look. Better Data. Better App. Try it today!

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Experience the New Airbtics Freemium

airbtics freemium

Experience the New Airbtics Freemium

Be the very first to experience the NEW Airbtics Freemium. Better Look. Better Data. Better App. Try it today!

Tired of the guessing game if an Airbnb market is profitable? We heard you.

Finding the best market to invest in an Airbnb is a pain in the ass, especially if you don’t know where to start. You want to make sure you are investing your hard-earned money in the right market. Therefore, our team at Airbtics aims to help you lessen the frustration of investing in an Airbnb—whether you are a first-time investor or a pro-investor maximizing your portfolio.

With the Airbtics Freemium, you can access Airbnb’s data performance with more accuracy and ease of use. For free.

Table of Contents:

  • Better App
  • Better Data
  • Better Look
  • Better Investments

Get FREE Airbnb Data in Airbtics!

At Airbtics, transparency is our core value.

We want every customer to get the most accurate data without breaking the bank. You might encounter other Airbnb data tools that say they are giving data for free, but in the end, they will only make you pay a lot more.

We don’t want that to happen when you use Airbtics.

So here are the free data that you will get when you sign up in our dashboard:

  • Previous month’s data of annual revenue, occupancy rate, and nightly rate
  • The last twelve months (LTM) graph
  • YoY and MoM changes
  • Property size and property type supply
  • Top hosts and VRMs
  • Total number of listings
  • Amenities, cancellation policy, and extra pricing
  • Tailored region
  • And our free Airbnb Calculator

If you want to access more granular data and advanced features, you can unlock a market by using your market credits. Subscribe to our plan for only $59/month for 1 market, or enjoy 5 markets per month for only $119. No hidden charges, with a 15-day money-back guarantee!

Stop assuming, Start investing. The right way.

Login to Airbtics App and experience:

  • 97% data accuracy of the trio: revenue, occupancy rate, and average daily rate to help you find out if a market is a good investment even at first glance.
  • Up-to-date LTM data from September 2022 to August 2023. Be the first one to access the last month’s data (Aug 2023) so you can stay ahead of your competitors and prep up your win!
  • 3-year historical trends to get deeper insights into your market. Right investing comes with data granularity, so feel free to access the daily, weekly, and monthly trends.
  • Planning to invest in shared rooms? Check the potential revenue of shared rooms, studios, and other property sizes at a glance! 
  • Make a competitor analysis by checking the Top Property Managers and how they currently perform.
  • Personalize the data according to your preferences by using the advanced filter

Better Projection. Better Investment. Introducing the Most Accurate Airbnb Calculator. 

Do you have a specific property address and you want to calculate its revenue projection? Cross out manual calculations in your to-do list and save time with the most accurate and free Airbnb calculator for investors and hosts—the Airbtics Profit Calculator.

The Airbtics profit calculator goes beyond the basics of most Airbnb calculators out there. With its incomparable features, you capture more insights to make smarter investment decisions: For free.

  • Comps transparency
  • Rental arbitrage section
  • Mortgage calculation
  • Compare and contrast multiple prospective properties

Better Data. Bigger Numbers. High Accuracy.

At Airbtics, we take data accuracy seriously.

Therefore, we pulled in the numbers we have with full transparency, plus facts on how we update our data in our app.

airbtics freemium
Bigger Numbers.
  • Currently, we have 15 million short-term rental listings from Airbnb alone. Although we only track Airbnb’s performance, we still show the data from other biggest STR platforms such as Booking.com with 1.8 million listings, VRBO with 2 million, and TripAdvisor with 440,000 listings. 
  • Aside from that, there are 7.3 million active listings that are updated every week. 5.9 million are Airbnb hosts and 240,000 of them are vacation rental managers (VRMs). 
  • In the Airbtics dashboard, you can search up to 54,000 visible markets globally,  43,000 of which are verified. For instance, if you are located in the US and you want to invest in Europe or Asia, then you can search any city or neighborhood in these regions.
High Accuracy. 
  • The Airbnb performance data you are accessing in our app is updated every week. It is scheduled every Wednesday to ensure that the data you’re getting is always fresh and accurate. 
  • For enterprises, our data is refreshed on a daily basis upon request. In short, our partners are gaining the most accurate and the most granular data that they need to grow their businesses. 
  • Airbtics data is 97% correlated with Airbnb’s financials from our findings last 2020. With this 97% data accuracy, we are confident that our data can be trusted by every Airbnb investor, host, researcher, and vacation rental manager.

👉🏽 Learn more about Airbtics data accuracy

Want to grow your vacation rental business? Tell us your business goals and we’ll give you the solution! The biggest names in the STR industry are trusting Airbtics!

airbtics freemium

Better Look. Better Search in Every Visit.

Do you know that it only takes you 5 seconds to access the data of your chosen market? With the new look of the Airbtics website, all you need to do is to type the first 1-3 letters of your chosen city and press enter for our system to analyze your search.

Fast, free, and effortless–so you can focus more on other important tasks. Try it now!

airbtics freemium

Join the 30,000 Investors, Hosts, and Property Managers who are staying ahead with Airbnb Data.

Find a profitable
investment property
Use powerful analytics to discover lucrative & traditional Airbnb properties within minutes.

Find a profitable
investment property
Use powerful analytics to discover lucrative & traditional Airbnb properties within minutes.

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