Mashvisor Alternatives

Mashvisor Alternative

Excellent Customer Service. Precise Airbnb Occupancy Rates and Revenue data

We understand the importance of choosing a short-term rental data provider that fits your needs. That’s why we’ve compared what our platform has to offer with that of Mashvisor, our most highly regarded competitor. 

Mashvisor has made it easier for investors to search profitable Airbnb properties. growing short-term rental industry in general. We’re very similar tool with different price points. If you are looking for Mashvisor alternatives, let us help you out!

Features Airbtics Mashvisor
Occupancy Rate, ADR, Revenue
Number of countries available 192 US Only
Pricing Strategy Analysis
5 Star Review Analysis
Price for 1 market data $35 $40

Comparing Airbtics and Mashvisor

We take a closer look at two platforms, and compare their offers. In order to do this, we’ve tried both platforms and had a deeper look on Airbtics and Mashvisor reviews.

Clear pricing model

Mashvisor has various pricing from $19.95 to $99.95, whereas, Airbtics has one clear price, $35, for all regions.

Revenue Simulation

Airbtics has a feature to help due diligence for property investors and managers. It allows you to put a property price and shows ROI, which making your due diligence surprisingly easy. 

Accurate Data

At Airbtics, we update 1 million rental data every week, and this enables Airbtics to provide more accurate information.