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The Complete A-Z Vacation Rental Checklist – Free Printable PDF

Last updated on January 10th, 2024

Ace that 5-star rating guest experience by having the most complete vacation rental checklist in managing your vacation homes. Download and print this PDF for free!

The Complete A-Z Vacation Rental Checklist – Free Printable PDF

vacation rental checklist

The Complete A-Z Vacation Rental Checklist – Free Printable PDF

Ace that 5-star rating guest experience by having the most complete vacation rental checklist in managing your vacation homes. Download and print this PDF for free!

The Complete A-Z Vacation Rental Checklist

Looking for that complete vacation rental checklist on the things you need to prepare to make a great experience for your guests? If yes, then you’re in the right place!

Getting that 5-star rating all year round is a lot of work. As a vacation rental host, you need to ensure several things all at once—from managing your bookings and maintaining your property to creating inventory checks. The list is never-ending.

Meanwhile, if you nail this perfect rating, it absolutely can set you apart from the competition which results in “fully booked” vacation rental homes, higher occupancy rates, and a spike in annual revenue. Who doesn’t like to have that growth in their business, right?

Therefore, we want to help you provide an “excellent experience” to your guests. One of the ways to achieve this is to have a smooth, hassle-free service.

We’ve done the work and spent a lot of hours collecting the list every guest wants you to have in your Airbnb and vacation homes. Therefore, let me present the most complete Airbnb & vacation rental inventory checklist available online. It’s free, downloadable, and printable.

Before sharing the whole list, let’s break down to you first the necessary information to stand out from hundreds of vacation rental homes in your area:

  • what do Airbnb vacation rental guests want the most?
  • the importance of having a vacation rental inventory checklist
  • the must-have and the nice-to-have list
  • get ready to download the PDF version and use it right away!

What do Airbnb vacation rental guests want most?

The “Authentic” Experience.

Research found that travelers are looking for authenticity and diversity in their experience. Booking your Airbnb or vacation home means they want to get away from stress, escape from their reality, bond with their loved ones, and have the nicest vacation ever!

If you’ve made them feel this way, then you are halfway through your goal of making a “great experience” for your guests!

Affordability and Comfortability.

Instead of booking in hotels, guests are booking Airbnb and vacation homes due to the fact that it gives them a much better experience with low-cost nightly rates. For instance, vacation rentals reduce expenses to dine out and hire a laundry service with amenities like kitchens, laundry facilities, hot tubs, etc.

Those “Little Extras”.

Airbnb Superhosts and exemplary vacation rental owners stand out from the rest due to that “little extras. What do I mean? Guests will notice and give you a glowing review if they feel you have gone the extra mile to exceed their expectations. Examples of these are:

  • putting effort into the smallest details such as having complete bathroom supplies
  • extra towels, pillows, and blankets that they can use
  • fully stocked kitchen appliances for cooking gourmet meals to coffee and tea breaks
  • free board games to play, books to read, and a smart TV for their movie nights
  • slippers for swimming and outdoor use

Having a vacation rental checklist can help you smoothly operate with your must-haves and nice-to-haves (those little extras) list. That’s why we’ve come up with this complete vacation rental checklist to systematize this small yet important factor to have the best guest experience!

The importance of having a vacation rental checklist

  • the vacation rental checklist pdf will help you to have a better process on your inventories as your guests come and go, as well as for your bi-annual deep clean management and maintenance inspection
  • the checklist will allow you to easily monitor and manage operations, especially if you’re managing your property remotely. It guides you to track and create reliable documentation which can lessen the overbuying or overlooking of purchases.
  • checklists are very common in vacation rental management due to the never-ending todos! However, these manual tasks add up to ace a 5-star guest reviews, and more bookings, which leads to growing your annual revenues and occupancy rates

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Now that we have tackled the important details, here’s the complete vacation home checklist every guest wants you to have!

➡️ Meanwhile, here’s the PDF version!

To simplify the list, we have come up with the must-haves (or the essentials), and the nice-to-haves (or those extras). In fact, we have made the list customizable where you can also add a few items to the checklist depending on the kind of experience that you are offering your guests.

Let’s take a look!

vacation rental checklist

The Must-Haves or The Essentials for your Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

Living Room Essentials

Modern travelers hold elevated expectations for their vacation rentals. They seek a luxurious escape from the ordinary, yet desire the cozy comforts of home. Make a remarkable first impression by ensuring all living room essentials are in place.

vacation rental checklist
  • [ ] Comfy and cozy couch, sofa, and chairs
  • [ ] Coffee tables to set down their things such as books, gadgets, laptops, and drinks
  • [ ] Smart TV or streaming device for guests to have movie nights and watch their favorite shows
  • [ ] WIFI with high internet speed, complete information on how to use it
  • [ ] Adequate lighting to have a cozy and homey feel in your living room (eg. floor lamps, table lamps, etc)
  • [ ] Welcome package booklet with house rules and check-out instruction
  • [ ] Window coverings such as curtains or blinds for privacy

Kitchen Essentials

One of the top benefits of a vacation rental is a well-equipped kitchen. Travelers relish the freedom to cook, save money, cater to dietary needs, and eat healthily.

As a vacation home manager, it’s crucial to ensure your kitchen has essential items as this is the first thing most guests look into vacation homes. Check out this vacation rental kitchen checklist to meet your guests’ basic cooking needs and expectations.

Kitchen Appliances

  • [ ] Refrigerator
  • [ ] Oven and stove top
  • [ ] Microwave
  • [ ] Toaster
  • [ ] Blender
  • [ ] Rice Cooker
  • [ ] Waffle Iron
  • [ ] Coffee maker
  • [ ] Dishwasher

Tableware & Flatware – make sure you give extras. For instance, if you have a maximum of 4 guests, then provide 8 sets so they don’t run out.

  • [ ] Plates (large & small)
  • [ ] Bowls
  • [ ] Utensils (butter knives, spoon & fork)
  • [ ] Flatware and cutlery (knives & cutting boards)
  • [ ] Water glasses
  • [ ] Wine and cocktail glasses
  • [ ] Mugs for hot beverages
  • [ ] Pitcher
  • [ ] Big serving platter and bowls
  • [ ] Serving platters
  • [ ] Food storage containers and aluminum foils

Condiments & cooking essentials

  • [ ] Salt & pepper, sugar
  • [ ] Cooking oil
  • [ ] Vinegar and soy sauce
  • [ ] Mustard and ketchup
  • [ ] Toothpicks

Other important stuff

  • [ ] Pots, saucepans, spatulas, and baking sheets
  • [ ] Cleaning supplies (dish soap, sponge, and dishwashing detergent)
  • [ ] Kitchen towels, garbage bags, cleaning gloves, and paper towels

Toiletry and Bathroom Essentials

Research indicates that cleanliness ranks as the foremost consideration for guests when choosing from hundreds of vacation home listings. Check out the vacation rental inventory checklist essentials below:

  • [ ] Towels (bath towels, hand towels, face towels, etc)
  • [ ] Shower curtain
  • [ ] Toilet paper with extra rolls
  • [ ] Toiletries such as hand soap, face soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
  • [ ] Toilet cleaning supplies such as toilet brushes and bathroom cleaner
  • [ ] Hair dryer
  • [ ] Small wastebasket

Bedroom Essentials

Who wouldn’t want that comfy and cozy feeling—where you don’t want to get up in the morning when you’re on vacation? Give that feeling to your guests through this vacation rental bedroom checklist:

  • [ ] Thick mattresses and soft bedsheets for comfy sleep
  • [ ] Two pillows
  • [ ] Duvet or comforter
  • [ ] Closet and dressers
  • [ ] Window covers such as curtains and blinds
  • [ ] Hangers and hooks for clothes
  • [ ] Lamps and bedside table
  • [ ] Air conditioner or space heater

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The Nice-to-haves or those Little Extras for your Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

Every vacation rental home is different. Your checklist should be adaptable to your specific vacation rental setting. Whether your property is near a lake, a beach, or in the mountains, customization is key to aligning with the unique experiences your guests seek.

In this case, we’ll share a general nice-to-have list, and feel free to add up according to the kind of experience you’re offering!

Living Room Extras

  • [ ] Paintings, photographs, and other designs hanging on the wall
  • [ ] Smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home to play their favorite music (although we recommend this as an extra, make sure that your vacation home won’t disturb neighbors if your guests play loud music)
  • [ ] Fireplace accessories for cold areas such as vacation homes in the mountains
  • [ ] Local recommendations on what to do outdoors. This is a huge plus for tourist places. You may want to offer good recommendations to your guests on the top things to do in the area: the must-try foods, places to visit, and adventures to try out!

Kitchen Extras

  • [ ] Kid-friendly items such as high chairs for kids and sippy cups!
  • [ ] Other cooking tools such as pancake spatula, cheese grater, potato masher, peeler, and pizza cutter

Bedroom Extras

  • [ ] Extra pillows and blankets
  • [ ] Alarm clock on the bedside table
  • [ ] Thick rugs in the bedroom
  • [ ] A chair and a study table for those who want to work/study
  • [ ] Iron and ironing board
  • [ ] Decor and accessories
  • [ ] Laundry basket
  • [ ] Full-length mirror
  • [ ] Bathrobe and extra towels (face towels, foot towels, etc)
  • [ ] Cleaning supplies such as vacuum cleaners, dustpans, waste baskets, and brooms

Bathroom Extras

  • [ ] Body and hand lotion
  • [ ] Toothpaste and a new toothbrush
  • [ ] Mouthwash
  • [ ] Shower caps
  • [ ] Cotton pads and swabs
  • [ ] Shaving cream and razors
  • [ ] Assorted mini travel toiletries
  • [ ] No-slip mat for inside the shower
  • [ ] No-slip mat for outside the shower

Outdoor Space – if you have one!

vacation rental checklist
  • [ ] Patio furniture such as tables and chairs
  • [ ] Umbrella or shade options
  • [ ] Outdoor lighting such as lanterns
  • [ ] Outdoor games such as volleyball, badminton, basketball, etc
  • [ ] Outdoor cooking and dining: grill brush, grilling equipment, metal utensils, lighters, and plastic tableware
  • [ ] Laundry facilities include a washer, dryer, laundry detergent
  • [ ] Bug repellent, candles, and waste baskets

Safety Checklist

As part of the vacation rental checklist, you may also want to add safety measures to keep the guests safe:

  • [ ] First-aid kit
  • [ ] Emergency contact details in your area
  • [ ] Booklet on safety measures
  • [ ] Instruction manual for appliances and devices
  • [ ] Smoke detector
  • [ ] Flashlight
  • [ ] Fire Extinguisher
  • [ ] Extra phone and gadget chargers

Bonus Tip: Make your vacation homes environment-friendly 🍀

Make it a plus factor for guests who care about the environment that you are supporting this social cause. By doing so, you can increase credibility as a vacation rental host. How can you share this with them?

  • Together with your house rules, you can put a small piece of information on how you are supporting the environment. For instance, you can explain how you conserve and protect the environment through the washing and cleaning process, restocking toiletries, etc.
  • You can also put little notes in the bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms on how they can support this social cause. For example, remind them to turn off the lights and air conditioner when they are going outside. Gently remind them to conserve toilet paper and water, etc.

Smooth and Seamless Operations with Free Vacation Rental Checklist PDF!

Congrats! Kudos for being one of the exemplary Airbnb and vacation rental hosts! If you’ve read the whole article by heart, then I say you are halfway done to succeed in your vacation rental business journey. Being a host isn’t an easy job. It requires dedication, patience, and hard work.

As a gift, here’s a free, downloadable, and printable vacation rental inventory & cleaning checklist PDF. Enjoy! 💚

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