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AllTheRooms Analytics Review

Last updated on June 26th, 2023

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Why am I eligible to give an AllTheRooms Review? 

It’s not easy to find a solid investing opportunity. To make a fantastic investment, you’ll need a little luck on your side. Getting a good bargain before data was available was a matter of being in the right location at the right time. Or having the correct knowledge links. However, thanks to technologies like AllTheRooms Analytics, Airbtics, and AirDNA, everyone now has access to the knowledge they need to make a good investment. We’ll undertake an AllTheRooms Analytics Review and feature breakdown in this blog to assess if it’s still worth it in 2021.

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AllTheRooms was founded in 2013 and quickly became a hit. It was one of the data analytics solutions for property investors available on the market at the time. When I was looking for investment properties in the North Laine region in 2015, I tried AllTheRooms. The most crucial things to master in real estate are timing and knowledge. AllTheRooms was one of the first platforms to bring this information to the broader public and empower ordinary investors. AllTheRooms leveled the playing field for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor or just starting out. Following AllTheRooms, everyone has the same access to accurate information and expertise.

But it’s been 9 years since its launch and there have been many competitors in the market providing similar services. So I’ll try my best to show as many reviews of existing customers and their overall thoughts on AllTheRooms. Also, I’ll list down all the features to help you get started. A list of good alternatives will be at the bottom as well that have recently been providing more accurate data and great service. 

What is AllTheRooms?

AllTheRooms is the top provider of short-term rental hosts’ tools and services. Their short-term rental data and analytics packages are their major offers. Vacation rental owners, investors, property managers, tourism boards, hotels, and other businesses benefit from such knowledge.

AllTheRooms ‘ mission is simple: “to gather and catalog every room on Earth and to use those data to provide in-depth insights into the growing vacation rental market.” More people than ever are investing in short-term rental properties or converting spare bedrooms into cash cows, so expanding is the new normal. This market has produced dozens of businesses that claim to be able to assist hosts in achieving their goals.

How does AllTheRooms obtain data?

AllTheRooms provides all of the normal historical and future analytics. Some of their innovative dashboard insights are where they set themselves apart.
Every month, AllTheRooms calculates a Vacation Rental Score. This score compares revenue, ADR, and occupancy from a company’s listing and the market to give a single grade to performance. It’s the ideal solution for exhausted property managers who need a third-party metric to communicate with owners or investors.

AllTheRooms’ recent introduction means that customer feedback data is currently restricted, so there are few available customer reviews. The team at AllTheRooms conducts a lot of data mining and research for marketplaces all around the globe, so their features are robust. However, they do provide some detailed information about properties compared to some of their competitors.

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Existing Customer’s AllTheRooms Review

1. Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, AllTheRooms has a 2.8/5 average rating. Many users have raised their concerns about the website’s performance, payment issues, missing listings and properties, and property misrepresentation. This indicates that there is much room for improvement. 

In our AirDNA Review, we saw the majority of the users had problems related to the pricing and not data that much.

alltherooms analytics review
alltheroomanalytics review
alltherooms analytics review


AllTheRooms’s dashboard has changed significantly over the last 9 years.

Their data and interface are both excellent, making it simple and natural to jump right in without any prior experience.
In the following sections, we’ll go through the tool’s many features and how to make the most of them.
Market Insight
When you initially open a view for a specific market, you’ll get to see a screen shown below.
If you click the Learn More button below, you’ll get a more detailed trend over the last two years. This can be quite useful in determining the market’s direction. You can observe if the overall number of listings is increasing or decreasing beneath it.
Market Revenue: Knowing the whole available supply and its trend, as well as the overall market size, is quite beneficial. To determine the size of the total addressable market, someone considering starting a business often performs this exercise. To put it another way, you want to make sure the market is big enough for you to grow and expand. This is especially important if you’re thinking about smaller cities and want to know what the overall short-term rental demand is like.
Occupancy Rate: The Occupancy Rate is the next piece of information we like to look at. The first thing it shows you are the total occupancy rate for that market for that month. When you click Learn More, you’ll receive a more detailed view of the previous 1-2 years.
Comparison Tools: One of the best things about AllTheRooms is how simple it is to compare different factors.
Imagine comparing the Occupancy Rate with the available supply to see if it drops as the whole supply grows.
In addition to daily rates, occupancy rates, supply, revenues, market prices, booking lead times, and average daily rates, there are several other factors to consider.
While you can only compare up to two items at a time, it’s worth playing around with to get a full picture of the market.
alltherooms analytics review

A deeper look

We had been utilizing AllTheRooms to look at a market from a bird’s eye view to assess the overall patterns up to this point.

Following that, you’ll have to dig deeper and identify the specifics of a certain property. We frequently require a tool like this to better assess how a specific product will fare in the market.

So, let’s suppose we’re looking at a 4-bedroom house that we can rent out as a whole or by individual bedrooms, and we want to see what type of information we can get.

There are a few filters at the top of the page that allow you to slice and dice the data based on the type of listing.

This, in our opinion, is one of the most important advantages of using AllTheRooms. After all, you can only use the information you collect if you can compare apples to apples. Because the performance of a 1-bedroom unit differs from that of a 4-bedroom unit, you must compare similar types.
You can filter the statistics by Private Room or Entire Home with a certain number of bedrooms, and the data will be changed accordingly. If we look at Entire Homes with 4+ bedrooms, for example, we’ll see the following.

Address: 712 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Email: [email protected]


The company offers a range of plans and pricing:

Free– You get  free short-term rental data for the location you’ve chosen. You can check back three months of ADR data and look forward to the data for the current month.
Basic– A member receives short-term rental analytics for the area of choice, including any sub-areas, for $19 per month. Data from the last 12 months can be analyzed, and data from the next month can be examined.
Pro For $49 a month, you can get short-term rental analytics for your chosen area, including any sub-areas. Data from the past four years, as well as six months’ worth of prospective data, can be analyzed and downloaded.

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