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Top Tips to Increase AirBnB Bookings During the Pandemic

Any type of business that revolves around travel and staying away from home experiences difficulties during the Covid 19 pandemic. If you own one or more AirBnB rentals, you need to find a way to increase bookings in order to stay profitable. We have interviewed 3 experienced AirBnB hosts to ask how they are dealing with this. The following tips are safe and effective ways to get more attention on your properties and improve rental revenue overall. 

Offer Self-Isolation With a Greater Benefits

Encouraging travel during times of recommended self-isolation is a challenging marketing method. However, when you have an attractive property in an interesting location, it may help get the type of attention you need. People dislike staying at home for long periods of time, so if you can offer them social distancing in a new place, they may just jump at the chance to see a different set of walls around them.

Focus on Deep Cleaning to Improve Comfort and Trust

While getting away from home seems a delightful proposition during this difficult time period, people are naturally reticent to trust other locations when it comes to their health. A large part of your marketing efforts should include assuring people that you use professional cleaners and proper sanitization methods to ensure that your property will not get them sick. Also, it is 100% necessary that you do so as unintentionally spreading Covid 19 to your renters would be disastrous both for their well-being and your business.

Increase Interest With Low Costs and Easy Cancellation

Although you must remain profitable even during the pandemic, drastically cutting rental prices works well to fill in your bookings calendar. Not only do you need to compete with other AirBnB units, but you also have to persuade people to leave their homes and visit someplace else.

Lack of surety about future travel bands or quarantine regulations may work against your rental business, too. Another tip involves making a simpler cancellation policy with absolutely 100% guarantees and transparency. This helps with marketing, but you should push for delayed bookings at a later date instead of canceling them completely.

Smart Marketing Techniques for Repeat Bookings

Think outside the box during this unique time. To market your AirBnB houses, apartments, and rooms to people who are specifically traveling to help out with the pandemic. Many medical professionals, for example, are volunteering their time in different cities and need places to stay. Go on Facebook, other social media platforms, and the usual booking websites and speak directly to these heroes who would be happy to spend their time in a comfortable home rather than an impersonal hotel room.

When it comes to increasing AirBnB bookings, all of the marketing methods in the world will not help you unless you instill the type of trust that people need to feel these days. Focus on low costs, easy cancellation, deep cleaning, and reaching out to new and former renters who just want to get away from it all for a while. You can maintain your profits and set your business up for increased success after these challenging times are gone.

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Story from Teri – Charlotte, NC

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