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Airbnb Property Investment: Houses for Sale in Canberra City

airbnb property investment Canberra

The capital city of Australia, Canberra, is surrounded by mountains and farmlands, which offers a captivating sight to visitors and locals. Just with a short walk around the lively streets of the city, it can be easily noted the large green spaces composed of gardens and recreation areas.

Based on CoreLogic index, Canberra house values were down 1.3% compared to last year and the median selling price is A$869,235.

airbnb property investment Canberra

Source: CoreLogic


“The value of Canberra property has inspired many people to invest.
Canberra’s gross annual rental yields, median weekly rent, and total annual investment returns for both houses and units remain amongst the highest of all the capitals.”

St Trinity

Let’s not get carried away by a property’s design or its proximity to major tourist areas because the primary step is to determine profitability. In addition to this, it’s also important to learn more about the Airbnb rules in Canberra so that you can run your listing without breaking any laws.

In this article, we’ll discuss the metrics in order to gauge the best property investment, specifically when buying a property investment in Canberra, Australia. This includes the best website recommendations for property investment, the prices and properties for sale in Canberra, along with each property type’s gross rental yield, cash-on-cash return, and annual revenue.

Top reason for Buying An Airbnb Property in Canberra 

It’s a given fact that Canberra is a popular modern as well as a cultural city that draws a lot of tourists with its impressive green spaces, but what else is there to know? Here are some of the major reasons why you should consider buying a property for Airbnb in the capital city of Australia:

1. Modern city with a peaceful lifestyle

Although Canberra is a big city as well as the capital of Australia, it offers the best of both worlds as you can manage your listing while admiring the beautiful and calm city vibe. While the city has a lot of recreational and green spaces, it also has a lot of accessibility to supermarkets, restaurants, museums, etc. As a plus, the locals are very friendly here!

2. Profitable median rental return

According to Liviti, investors have a better chance to obtain a nice rate of return with Canberra property as the latest rental return for apartments here is 5.7%, which is higher than the rental return that Sydney offers (3.5%).

3. Rising economy

Something that will surely catch investors’ attention is that the economy of ACT is always growing! Thanks to this, Canberra is one of the most liveable cities that enjoys a strong local economy that allows increasing the job market and delivers more investment into the infrastructure.

4. A place that welcomes a great number of visitors

Canberra has much to offer to visitors, from cultural attractions to recreational activities! The city can easily captivate visitors and as a matter of fact, ACT welcomes around 4,6M tourist arrivals annually according to VisitCanberra portal.

airbnb property investment Canberra

Is Property Investment Profitable in Canberra?

Using an Airbnb income calculator, it was discovered that a 2-bedroom property in Canberra can generate an annual revenue of A$87,429 with a steady occupancy rate of 78% and a nightly rate of A$287.

airbnb property investment Canberra

airbnb property investment Canberra

Houses for sale in Canberra Area

Finding the best properties that have the potential to produce high yields and capital growth are certainly some of the preferences of major investors. It’s always best to ask for assistance from real estate agents to access exclusive and unique properties during the development stage. 

At the same time, it’s even better when a property investor like you conducts research about predicted growths and market forecasts. Here are some of the Canberra houses and apartments for sale along with the calculated gross rental yield, cash-on-cash return, and annual revenue:

airbnb property investment Canberra
airbnb property investment Canberra

Swain Street, Gungahlin, ACT 2912

1. Studio-type Property for Sale Canberra
  • 18-minute drive to Canberra CBD 
  • Asking Price: A$376,000
airbnb property investment Canberra
airbnb property investment Canberra

Arthur Street, Crestwood, NSW 2620

2. 1-Bedroom Type Property for Sale Canberra
  • Near Arizona Veterans Hwy
  • Asking Price: A$240,000
airbnb property investment Canberra
2-Bedroom Canberra

 Leahy Close, Narrabundah, ACT 2604

3. 2-Bedroom Type Property for Sale Canberra
  • Within some of Canberra’s best school zones including Telopea Park School, Red Hill Primary, and the popular Narrabundah College.
  • Asking Price: A$250,000
3-Bedroom Canberra
3-Bedroom Canberra

Kambah, ACT 2902

4. 3-Bedroom Type Property for Sale Canberra
  • Near Bullen Range Nature Reserve 
  • Asking Price: A$300,681
4-Bedroom Canberra
4-Bedroom Canberra

Throsby, ACT 2914

5. 4-Bedroom Type Property for Sale Canberra
  • Near Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve
  • Asking Price: A$499,000


Investing in a property is certainly a huge step that one needs to not only think about – but also conduct market research for accuracy. Based on intricate research, property investment in Canberra can generate a good cash flow for property investors as long as the right neighborhood is targeted and potential revenue is calculated using an Airbnb calculator. However, it might not be suitable for those who have a limited budget in hand as the property prices are more expensive than in other capital cities except for Sydney, which is more expensive. It’s definitely worth it to try applying for loans & mortgages because owning a property in Canberra while achieving financial freedom can be a once in a lifetime experience! 

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Airbnb Rental Arbitrage in Canberra

Do you want to have financial freedom through passive income? Here’s a great way to do so: Invest in a property! And no – you don’t need to own a property to start the Airbnb rental arbitrage business.

In this article, we featured the entire process of Airbnb rental arbitrage in Canberra, its profitability, Airbnb key metrics including occupancy & average daily rates, along with the best areas for investment. Continue reading to learn more about short-term regulations and ways to convince landlords to sublet properties for rental arbitrage.

What is Rental Arbitrage? 

Rental Arbitrage is a perfect way to start an Airbnb business with no money. By convincing landlords to lease you a property, you can furnish and sublease it on Airbnb and VRBO. No need for you to buy a property! 

It is perfectly legal and is a proven scalable business model. In my podcast, I have spoken to various entrepreneurs doing Airbnb arbitrage full-time. 

Here’s a proof! In Canberra, Daniel manages 84 listings and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t own all the properties. Overall, he made A$3,792,533 in the last 12 months.  

Canberra airbnb rental arbitrage

Is Rental Arbitrage Profitable in Canberra?

In order to start a rental arbitrage in Australia, particularly in Canberra, it’s primarily important to take note of the overall cost & potential revenue.

For instance, the best neighborhood to invest in is Canberra City Centre, which is the most eclectic neighborhood in Canberra. Using Airbtics’ income generator, you can easily discover that rental arbitrage in Canberra is profitable.

Canberra airbnb rental arbitrage
Profit & Monthly Expense in Canberra

Based on Airbtics’ data, you can earn a whopping A$7,747 per month for a 3-bedroom apartment in Canberra City Centre alone. With the data provided, you can certainly tell that investing in a property in Canberra is profitable.

Average Rent Price Airbnb Monthly Revenue Monthly Expense Monthly Profit
A$4,128 A$7,747 A$1,549 A$2,070

Source: Airbtics dashboard

The monthly profit can be calculated by subtracting the Airbnb monthly revenue, the rental price, and the monthly expenses (A$7,747 – A$4,128 – A$1,549 = A$2,070).

 Startup Cost in Canberra

Now that you have an overview of how much your monthly expense & revenue are, let’s talk about the start-up cost! How long does it take for an investor to get back the startup cost? Let’s take a look at this calculation:

Total Startup Cost (Average startup cost + 2 months rent price) Cash Return Time
A$10,256 5 months

The average estimated startup cost (for furnishing) in Canberra is around A$2,000. To compute the total startup cost, it is necessary to add the 2 months of average rent price (A$8,256). Now that we have a total startup cost of A$10,256, cash return time can be calculated by dividing this by the monthly profit (A$2

Given your monthly revenue of A$2,070, it will take approximately 5 months time to get back the startup cost in Canberra!

In such a short period of time, you can already expect profit and consider starting your second unit for rental arbitrage. If this sounds promising to you, then go ahead and look at the other best areas for rental arbitrage in Canberra.

Best Areas for Rental Arbitrage in Canberra

Before investing in a particular area in Canberra, you have to take a look at the top markets and number of listings to set your expectations towards success. Check out the top 3 suburbs in Canberra ranked by their annual revenue, along with their occupancy & daily rates:

1. Braddon

This neighborhood in Canberra is best known for its artisan coffee roasters, creative arts centres, and chic restaurants. Check out the Airbnb data such as the average revenue, occupancy rates, and more in Braddon:

Type of Bedrooms Average Rent Price Average Airbnb Revenue Occupancy Rates Average Daily Rate
1-bedroom A$2,173 A$3,860 83% A$177
2-bedrooms A$2,737 A$4,600 80% A$233
3-bedrooms A$3,650 A$5,907 77% A$390

According to our Airbtics Dashboard, there are more than 71 Airbnb listings with 5 condo properties and 39 one-bedroom properties in this area. The monthly revenue for most properties in Braddon is more than A$4,084 per month with occupancy being more than 72%.

2. Canberra City Centre

Situated within the heart of Canberra, the city centre is the city’s primary destination for ultimate entertainment and dynamic retail. Check out the Airbnb data such as the average revenue, occupancy rates, and more in  Canberra City Centre:

Type of Bedrooms Average Rent Price Average Airbnb Revenue Occupancy Rates Average Daily Rate
1-bedroom A$2,303 A$3,455 89% A$203
2-bedrooms A$2,933 A$5,703 78% A$333
3-bedrooms A$4,128 A$7,747 61% A$442

This area has a total of 117 Airbnb listings with 12 private room properties and 57 one-bedroom property. The monthly revenue for most properties in Canberra City Centre is more than A$4,081 per month with occupancy being more than 65%.

3. Kingston

Kingston is known as one of the capital’s most old yet popular suburbs in Canberra. Check out the Airbnb data such as the average revenue, occupancy rates, and more in Kingston:

Type of Bedrooms Average Rent Price Average Airbnb Revenue Occupancy Rates Average Daily Rate
1-bedroom A$2,281 A$4,237 88% A$196
2-bedrooms A$2,650 A$4,285 89% A$245
3-bedrooms A$3,172 A$5,527 78% A$623

This area has a total of 73 Airbnb listings with 5 private room properties and 45 one-bedroom properties in this area. The monthly revenue for most properties in Kingston is more than A$4,315 per month with occupancy being more than 73%.

how much can you make on airbnb

Short-term rental regulations in Canberra

To begin with, it’s certainly important to be familiar with the Airbnb rules in Canberra to make sure that your business will run smoothly. Here are some of the short-term rental regulations and laws to take note of:

  • Currently, the Australian Capital Territory Government has no particular regulations in short-term rentals.
  • For those who want to sublet the property, a landlord’s written consent is required as stated on the Standard Residential Tenancy Terms and the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (‘the Act’).

Rental Properties in Canberra

To run an Airbnb rental arbitrage in Australia, you can look at property websites and get a grasp of the ranging prices in Canberra:

1. Real Estate
sublet in Canberra
2. Zango
sublet in Canberra

How to Find Landlords for Airbnb Rental Arbitrage

Airbnb investment through rental arbitrage is one of the best strategies to have passive income. However, it could be a challenge to find a landlord that allows their property for subletting on Airbnb. You can also convince a landlord by following the rental arbitrage email template & be extra creative! 

Here are ways how you can find landlords that allow Airbnb rental arbitrage:

  1. Real Estate Websites

Renters in the digital world who are looking for properties online can easily connect with landlords. Some of the most recommended online real estate websites which allow you to filter by city, state, or ZIP code are:

However, you can also find apartment & condominium properties online in the following websites:

  1. Search Engines & Marketplaces

There are numerous property owners who are leasing their properties and you can easily find them on Google & online marketplaces. Check out some of the most recommended marketplaces:

  1. Communicate with Landlords

If you are currently renting a space or know someone who is, then it’s also recommended to speak with them. Start by asking if there are vacant rooms or properties and let them know about your intentions of putting them up for rental arbitrage. They might also be able to recommend neighbors or local friends who are also interested in this idea!

Airbnb Rules Blog posts

Airbnb Rules in Canberra

If you are looking to invest in an Airbnb property in Australia, particularly in Canberra, this article is for you! By considering the primary key metrics for a successful investment including average daily rates, monthly revenue, and occupancy rates in Australia, this beautiful city will definitely be a great source of passive income. 

Continue reading to learn more about Airbnb rules in Canberra and check out the profitability in this city!

Is Airbnb legal in Canberra? 

Let’s spill the beans: Yes, Airbnb is certainly legal in Canberra! With a rough number of 2.9 million international visitors annually, this mesmerizing city has a thriving tourism industry with an economy worth over $1.6 billion every year.

Canberra is mostly visited because of its many fun attractions including Quizzic Alley, Australian National Botanic Gardens, Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports, and other tourist attractions. 

Here is a little proof! As of July 2022, there are 14,376 nights available in Canberra from Airbnb alone. Daniel manages 84 listings, while MadeComfy and Dana operate 21 and 15 respectively. 

How much can I make by running an Airbnb in Canberra?

Currently, there are 713 Airbnb listings in Canberra, with 67% of entire houses earning up to A$3,890 a month. The Average Occupancy Rate in Canberra is 68% and the average daily rate is A$155. According to vacation rental market data source Airbtics, a 2-bedroom apartment in Canberra can make up to A$51,823 each year. Check out our Short-Term Rental Profit Calculator to discover how much you can make on Airbnb!

Canberra airbnb rules
What Are The Short-term Rental Accommodation Policies in Canberra?
  • Currently, the Australian Capital Territory Government has no particular regulations in short-term rentals.
  • For those who want to sublet the property, a landlord’s written consent is required as stated on the Standard Residential Tenancy Terms and the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (‘the Act’).
how much can you make on airbnb

Is Canberra A Profitable Area to Invest In?

If you’re worried about spending thousands of bucks to purchase a property, the good news is you don’t need to! Property investors and hosts prefer to do rental arbitrage in Australia since this does not require owning a property. 

Based on statistical data for Canberra, it remains to have one of the most remarkable property markets in Australia. The weekly asking prices for houses are currently above $1 million and there’s still a shortage for both sales and rental markets.

By using an accurate short-term rental calculator, you’ll be able to confirm if Canberra is a good place for investment! It’s important to know your estimated annual revenue and high-return investment opportunities in Canberra – and with Airbtics, it shouldn’t be a difficult task at all!

Canberra airbnb rules

Source: Property Investment in Canberra

Canberra’s Property Market 2022

According to Canberra’s property market in 2022, it has the most expensive capital city. Despite the increased prices, the house rents in Canberra still increases in double numbers!

In addition to this, due to the tightening rental market in Canberra, landlords usually pass other taxes on to their tenants.

Canberra airbnb rules

Source: Canberra Rental Market

Here are some of the most recommended neighborhoods that you can look into & consider purchasing based on Airbtics estimator:

Suburbs Price of 2bd Apartments Average Rent Price Average Airbnb Revenue
Braddon A$635,000 A$2,737 A$4,600
Canberra City Centre A$709,000 A$2,933 A$5,703
Kingston A$682,000 A$2,650 A$4,285

Source for Property Price:  Properties in Canberra


In general, considering the Airbnb rules & regulations in Canberra will help your Airbnb business to run smoothly! Aside from the fact that this is a passive income for various hosts, starting an Airbnb business is also a way to enjoy life and connect with new people from all over the world. Try Airbtics now and make the wisest investment decisions!

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