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Best Areas for Buy to Let Properties in York, UK: Most Profitable Rental Markets

Investors can have a rewarding investment journey by targetting the best areas for buy to let properties in York, UK. Read this blog to learn more!

Best Areas for Buy to Let Properties in York, UK: Most Profitable Rental Markets

buy to let in york

Best Areas for Buy to Let Properties in York, UK: Most Profitable Rental Markets

Investors can have a rewarding investment journey by targetting the best areas for buy to let properties in York, UK. Read this blog to learn more!

Key Takeaways

  • York offers interesting investment opportunities with its strong rental market, high influx of tourists and great student population. This allows property investors to earn a nice passive income by operating Airbnb listings.
  • Using the Airbtics analytics tool, we were able to identify York’s top locations for buy-to-let properties. You will also find out their suggested property types, annual revenue potential, gross rental yields, and additional Airbnb data.


The historical city of York is located in North Yorkshire, England, nestled where the rivers Ouse and Foss meet. With a rich history that dates back to Roman and Viking times, York is known for its well-preserved historic buildings and immaculate medieval architecture. 

Along with its charming atmosphere and impressive architectural heritage, York also owns a strong real estate market that offers a wealth of opportunities to property investors. In fact, we must highlight that York is one of the top cities for Airbnb investments in the UK.

If you’re considering investing in rental properties in York, UK, then you should know the best areas to set up an Airbnb listing. Moreover, to ensure your investment success, you should also establish clear and specific goals at the outset.

In this article, we feature the best areas for buy to let properties in York as well as some of the main reasons why you should consider buying an investment property in this city. If you’re eager to learn more about this market, keep reading!

Top reasons to invest in York’s rental market

Although owning an investment property in York may seem like a great way to get a good cash-on-cash return on your investment, it’s important to conduct thorough market research beforehand. As such, knowing what benefits the rental market in your target city can provide to real estate investors like you is essential.

Check out some of the reasons why a real estate investment in York can be a profitable idea:

  • York offers a strong rental market

Considering that York is a popular tourist destination and home to renowned universities that attract a great influx of students, investors can foresee that there’s a consistent demand for rental properties. This coupled with the affordability of the housing market, property investors can achieve good rental yields. 

Moreover, York is one of the best locations to start an Airbnb in the UK. As a result, real estate investment in the city can lead to a rewarding and successful experience for investors.

  • Flourishing economy

York owns a prosperous economy where sectors like education, finance, tourism, manufacturing and healthcare make important contributions to the city’s situation. There’s a solid job market that attracts many professionals to the city and several major companies are settling here as well. This also helped the city to enjoy economic growth in recent years as well as a steady demographic increase, which makes the rental and housing demand strong.

  • Enjoy the good living conditions

York is renowned for its two esteemed universities that open the doors to a variety of academic opportunities. Moreover, it also has a well-developed road network and transportation system, making the city easily accessible. There’s also no lack of high-quality amenities and facilities as well as plenty of green spaces and parks that allow locals and visitors the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

Furthermore, York also has a relatively affordable cost of living compared to other major cities like London or Oxford. Currently, the average house price in York is at £344k.

  • Explore this historic city!

York is home to numerous historical and tourist attractions and visitors are more than welcome to indulge themselves in the many leisure activities offered by this cathedral city.  The city is famous for its lively culture and nightlife, with a variety of museums, theaters and concert venues as well as great festivals throughout the year.

This is a dreamy destination and you can easily discover more about the city’s history while taking a stroll on its cobbled streets where you can admire the medieval structures. Along with your tour around the city, you will be able to see well-preserved landmarks such as York Castle, York Minster and the Roman walls.

Is Airbnb profitable in York, UK?

Wondering if Airbnb is profitable in the UK, particularly in York? Then let us give you the great news – York is indeed a city that can provide investors with a nice level of profitability.

If we delve more into this rental market with the help of an Airbnb profit calculator, we can find that Airbnb hosts can earn an estimated revenue of £44,799 with a median occupancy rate of 86% for operating a 2-bedroom apartment in York.

On the other hand, if you aim to become a host in York, you must also be aware of the Airbnb regulations in York, so that you can operate your listing efficiently and legally. But if you’re still hesitant about purchasing a property, you can first test the waters by doing rental arbitrage in York, so that you can get a better grasp of this rental market.

Source: Airbtics Dashboard

Top locations for buy to let properties in York, UK

Aside from considering Airbnb host expenses, it’s equally important to think about which specific area of York you will target. The reason for this is that each neighborhood generates a different level of profitability and their occupancy rates will also differ. While this can be quite a time-consuming task, you can rely on advanced analytics tools like Airbtics to make things easier. 

We want to lend you a helping hand in this tedious task! Thus, you should check out the top Airbnb locations in York to invest in short-term lets:

Best Area Number of Airbnb Listings Best Number of Bedrooms Median Property Price Airbnb Annual Revenue GRY
City Centre West 381 2 bedrooms £325,000 (2 BR) £37,776 11.62%
Clifton 179 2 bedrooms £260,000 (2 BR) £35,564 13.68%