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Best Suburbs in Toowoomba to Invest in Short-Term Rentals [2023]

Last updated on October 30th, 2023

Looking to target Toowoomba rental market? If so, here we’ll provide you with a list of the best suburbs in Toowoomba to invest in Airbnb!

Best Suburbs in Toowoomba to Invest in Short-Term Rentals [2023]

best suburbs in toowoomba to invest

Best Suburbs in Toowoomba to Invest in Short-Term Rentals [2023]

Looking to target Toowoomba rental market? If so, here we’ll provide you with a list of the best suburbs in Toowoomba to invest in Airbnb!

Best Suburbs in Toowoomba to Invest in Short-Term Rentals [2023]

Key Takeaways

  • Many property investors can benefit from a nice revenue stream from their Airbnb properties thanks to Toowoomba’s booming economy, affordable cost of living, and attractive rental yields.
  • Explore the most profitable suburban areas for real estate investments in Toowoomba, along with essential Airbnb statistics for each location.
  • In Toowoomba, Airbnb hosts have the potential to earn an annual income of A$35,083 with a 69% occupancy rate for a 2-bedroom property.

Unveiling Toowoomba’s Top Suburbs for Investment: Your Guide to the Best Rental Opportunities

Nestled on the crest of the Great Dividing Range in Queensland, Toowoomba features breathtaking scenery, a pleasant climate and a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to these factors, the region attracts people from all over the country while providing them with a wide variety of entertainment and activities all year round.

As one of the most profitable areas to invest in vacation rentals in Australia, Toowoomba has become quite the catch to property investors looking to earn a nice income stream. The region has been experiencing steady growth in recent years and features a stable real estate market, creating an investor-friendly environment.

Interested in identifying the most promising suburbs in Toowoomba that offer excellent investment prospects for rental properties? In this article, we feature the best suburbs in Toowoomba to invest in Airbnb and also provide insights into what you can expect when contemplating real estate investments in this region. Keep reading to learn more!

Main Reasons to Invest in Short-Term Rentals in Toowoomba

Toowoomba suburban areas present an attractive rental market for property investors, offering numerous advantages worth considering. Moreover, it also features some best Airbnb property management companies in Australia that you can team up with! 

Explore some of the key advantages that make rental properties in Toowoomba a potentially lucrative opportunity:


There has been a steady increase in demand for property in Toowoomba due to the region’s population and economic growth. As a result, this creates a favorable environment for investors because it can increase asset values and yield solid returns.

Moreover, unlike larger Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, Toowoomba has proven to be a more stable and predictable property market. Property prices tend to be more affordable and are not so influenced by extreme market fluctuations, which provides investors with greater confidence and security as well as the opportunity to earn solid long-term returns. Currently, the median house price in Toowoomba is A$631,876 and the average unit value is A$386,000 as confirmed by realestate.com.au.


Toowoomba has experienced an ongoing demographic increase in recent years, with a rise in the local population and also through the arrival of new residents. This as well as the strong education sector has driven demand for housing, both to buy and to rent, which can be beneficial to property investors.

Considering the reasonable real estate market prices and the solid rental demand, landlords can certainly expect a high return on investment.


In Darling Downs, Toowoomba plays an important economic role as a major contributor to the region’s GRP. Overall, Toowoomba has experienced a consistent economic expansion in recent years. The region has a variety of booming industries, such as agriculture, business services, education, health and manufacturing. 

Additionally, Toowoomba has been solidifying its role as a prominent regional hub for business services. Some sectors that have seen remarkable growth and added value to the region are financial and insurance, professional, scientific, and technical services.


An enjoyable lifestyle with an affordable living cost, subtropical climate, green spaces, parks and a welcoming community is what Toowoomba offers. The region is popular for its gardens, festivals and cultural events, making it an attractive place to live and visit. Toowoomba also has a variety of high-quality schools and academic facilities like the University of Southern Queensland, opening the doors to great educational and research opportunities. 

Moreover, the Toowoomba region is constantly upgrading its infrastructure, including road expansion projects, public transport improvements and urban development. These improvements enhance the attractiveness of the region and can have a positive impact on long-term property values.


Toowoomba is full of exciting leisure options for all ages, so whether you’re up for outdoor activities or cultural attractions, you’ll absolutely find something for you here! 

One of the highlights of the region is its many gardens and green areas. It’s renowned for its numerous parks and beautiful botanical gardens, such as the Ju Raku En Japanese Garden and the Queens Park Botanical Garden. These places offer a peaceful haven where residents and visitors can relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

In addition to its scenic beauty, Toowoomba is also popular for its vibrant cultural and arts scene. The region hosts several festivals and events throughout the year, such as the Toowoomba Flower Festival and the Carnival of the Arts!

Is Airbnb Profitable in Toowoomba?

With the help of Airbtics, we can confirm that an Airbnb property investment in Toowoomba certainly is a great idea as investors can enjoy a rewarding financial experience! 

Let’s dive deeper into Toowoomba’s Airbnb market – Based on Airbtics’ free Airbnb calculator data, an Airbnb host can obtain annual revenue of A$35,083 with a steady occupancy rate of 69% for operating a 1-bedroom apartment in Toowoomba City. 

Toowoomba is a fantastic place to invest in rental properties, but there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, the number of bedrooms in the property and your location can determine the amount of money you can generate.

Toowoomba Rental Markets: The Best Suburbs to Invest in 2023

Prior to making any hasty decisions, it’s essential to conduct a thorough analysis of Airbnb data to identify the most suitable locations to set up a short-term rental to ensure its success. This is due to the fact that the return on vacation rentals will vary depending on the location, as they’ll generate varying levels of revenue.

Feel free to explore the prime suburban areas in Toowoomba for property investments and are highly recommended for Airbnb listings:

Location Airbnb Listings Best Number of Bedrooms Median Property Price Airbnb Annual Revenue GRY
Middle Ridge 13 3 bedrooms A$770,000 (3 BR) A$76,181 9.89%
East Toowoomba 57 3 bedrooms A$680,000 (3 BR) A$68,637 10.01%
Mount Lofty 13 3 bedrooms A$598,000 (3 BR) A$62,227 10.41%
Rangeville 15 3 bedrooms A$549,000 (3 BR) A$55,834 10.17%
South Toowoomba 13 2 bedrooms A$390,000 (2 BR) A$41,382 10.61%
Newtown 20 2 bedrooms A$388,000 (2 BR) A$45,839 11.81%


Airbnb Dataset

  • Total Airbnb Listings: 13
  • Best Number of Bedrooms: 3 bedrooms
  • Median Property Price (3 bedrooms): A$770,000
  • Airbnb Annual Revenue: A$76,181
  • Gross Rental Yield: 9.89%
  • Total Airbnb Listings: 57
  • Best Number of Bedrooms: 3 bedrooms
  • Median Property Price (3 bedrooms): A$680,000
  • Airbnb Annual Revenue: A$68,637
  • Gross Rental Yield: 10.01%
  • Total Airbnb Listings: 13
  • Best Number of Bedrooms: 3 bedrooms
  • Median Property Price (3 bedrooms): A$598,000
  • Airbnb Annual Revenue: A$62,227
  • Gross Rental Yield: 10.41%
  • Total Airbnb Listings: 15
  • Best Number of Bedrooms: 3 bedrooms
  • Median Property Price (3 bedrooms): A$549,000
  • Airbnb Annual Revenue: A$55,834
  • Gross Rental Yield: 10.17%
  • Total Airbnb Listings: 13
  • Best Number of Bedrooms: 2 bedrooms
  • Median Property Price (2 bedrooms): A$390,000
  • Airbnb Annual Revenue: A$41,382
  • Gross Rental Yield: 10.61%
  • Total Airbnb Listings: 20
  • Best Number of Bedrooms: 2 bedrooms
  • Median Property Price (2 bedrooms): A$388,000
  • Airbnb Annual Revenue: A$45,839
  • Gross Rental Yield: 11.81%
Explore More Profitable Locations in Toowoomba!

A Guide on How to Find Rental Markets with Advanced Tools and Insights

Identifying promising rental markets can be a time-consuming endeavor. That’s why it’s wise to leverage advanced resources available to property investors to hasten this process.

Additionally, you should consider delving into real estate forums and conducting thorough research on search engines to discover which locations are piquing significant interest among investors. This approach will allow you to sort your list and gain a clear understanding of the cities that are worthy of your focus. Plus, we encourage investors like you to utilize analytical tools to identify lucrative Airbnb markets, especially those that can provide dynamic data.

Airbtics Dashboard and its data accuracy allow users to explore a city and gain valuable insights to simplify their investment research. This dashboard provides users with precise data sets that showcase metrics such as average revenue, occupancy, nightly rates, seasonality, and more.

But don’t take just our word for it, go ahead and take a look at Simon, a satisfied Airbtics customer, who ventured into a new Airbnb market, ultimately achieving higher profitability than his previous one!

Australia Airbnb

Sometimes, your desired location might not show up in the search results, but there’s no need to fret! You can easily create your own custom market.

Now that you have a clearer perspective of your target market, feel free to experiment with the filters to identify the results that fit your needs. You can use filters to find out what type of property offers the most appealing profit in your chosen area. 

One of the greatest advantages of dynamic data is the fact that by moving and zooming in and out of your map, the data will also change accordingly.

You can repeat this process as often as you need to figure out which type of property makes a sound investment choice in your target area. By comparing data across various property types, you can pinpoint the option that aligns best with your preferences and goals.

Seizing Toowoomba’s Real Estate Potential: A Roadmap to Smart Investment in the Airbnb Market

Toowoomba’s property market presents a myriad of investment prospects for real estate investors & enthusiasts thanks to its stable economic and demographic growth rate as well as booming rental market and affordable living costs. However, in the midst of numerous promising areas where one can generate high rental returns and yearly income, it’s strongly advised to explore all available options thoroughly. This comprehensive approach will ensure you don’t miss out on better opportunities.

To start your journey into the rental market in Toowoomba, identifying the best and most suitable suburbs to invest in holiday properties stands as a crucial first step. Now, it’s the perfect time to continue your research by making use of analytics tools like Airbtics. Taking advantage of reliable tools will empower you to make informed investment decisions driven by data while also helping you to optimize your return on investment.

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