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AirDNA vs Rabbu Comparison: Choosing the Best Airbnb Analytics in 2023

Key Takeaways
  • Before investing in the real estate market, it’s important to make sure that the property will generate a high return first. This is where Airbnb data analytics tools like AirDNA and Data Rabbu are bringing the essence to the short-term rental industry. 
  • Discover and compare the Airbnb analytics available in the market to meet your goals. By looking at the features, pricing, and alternatives, you’ll be able to make the wisest investment decisions. 
  • Learn about the reviews from actual users who have tried AirDNA, Data Rabbu, and other short-term rental providers to gauge the best Airbnb analytics for your business.


Starting your investment journey in the real estate market is an exciting step to achieving financial freedom. In fact, it can instantly help you make thousands of dollars by using the right tool to make wise investment decisions.

This is where short-term rental analytics providers like AirDNA and Data Rabbu step in and become essential. They both provide useful data points such as the monthly revenue projection, occupancy rates, and Airbnb listings among others.

But which is the best Airbnb analytics tool for you? 

In this article, we’ll compare AirDNA vs Data Rabbu to help you decide on the best Airbnb analytics tool. We’ll cover their specific features, pricing, and actual user reviews. We also added great Airbnb analytics alternatives just in case you need more options. Continue reading to learn more!

What is AirDNA?

AirDNA is one of the leading sources of short-term rental data in the industry. It helps users to access data by looking at competitive insights, custom reporting, and interactive dashboards. 

AirDNA also offers worldwide data coverage with features including a marketing comparison tool (Market Minder) for investors to compare cities and an ROI calculator. 

On the other hand, if you’re wondering, “Is AirDNA accurate?” – well, AirDNA’s accuracy is a different subject. While there are several users who have tried its services, the tool’s accuracy is often highlighted and several users have unsubscribed due to this problem. It’s also one of the reasons why more people are looking into AirDNA alternatives.

What is Data Rabbu?

Data Rabbu is a property management service that features short-term rental data. This platform focuses on short-term rental & vacation rental properties. Therefore, more real estate investors who want to determine a property’s profitability find it valuable. 

Rabbu’s Marketplace tool is also helpful for those who have no properties yet or would like to create a new investment portfolio. This tool specifically assists investors to have an overview of on and off markets. 

However, its data coverage is limited to the USA markets only. Airbnb Rabbu’s accuracy cannot be guaranteed since there are feedback from users stating that their “75th percentile seems to underestimate the real-world STR performance”.

AirDNA vs Rabbu: Features & Tools

Aside from the fact that both AirDNA and Rabbu differ according to their data coverages, here are their individual features and tools: 

Airdna vs rabbu
1. Airbnb Calculator

The first question that comes to every property investor’s mind is: “How much can I make on Airbnb with my property?”. This is where an Airbnb income calculator becomes essential! 

Both AirDNA and Rabbu Data have Airbnb calculators. They present Airbnb data points such as annual revenue, average daily rate, and occupancy rate among others. Their major difference is that Data Rabbu’s Airbnb calculator is free and you can even go through the market’s seasonality.

Airdna vs rabbu
Airdna vs rabbu

From a brief look at the dashboards from AirDNA vs Rabbu, it’s safe to say that Rabbu’s presentation is a lot more comprehensive. In order to view all the data from AirDNA, you will be required to pay for their subscription first so it’s not completely recommended for beginners.

2. Deal Alerts

Data Rabbu’s deal alerts are built to send notifications via email or text message when there are new properties that match your preferences. You can set your own criteria according to location, property price, and expected return to get sourced!
At present, AirDNA does not have this feature as they are more focused on in-depth Airbnb data insights.

3. Market Minder

AirDNA’s Market Minder feature tracks the daily performance of 10 million short-term properties worldwide from Airbnb and VRBO. It features a fully interactive map dashboard that has various currencies and presents daily travel demands. 

However, they only update their database once a month which makes their data inaccurate as it’s not real-time. 

Data Rabbu also has an interactive map but it only presents existing Airbnbs like AirDNA. How often do they update their database? Unfortunately, it’s not stated on their website. And here’s a feature that they both lack: Dynamic data insights!

Dynamic data insights are important for both beginners and pros in the short-term rental industry as they take into account the fluctuations in market demand. 

For instance, Airbtics’ interactive map dashboard presents existing Airbnbs and dynamic data insights at the same time. Airbtics also updates its database daily, which helps investors to access real-time information to generate profitable investments.

This feature is specifically helpful for property investors to keep up with the pricing strategies in their markets.

4. Property Management

Data Rabbu’s secondary function is a tool for property management. This helps property investors to manage daily rental operations, optimize pricing, and keep track of rental properties among others.
AirDNA does not have this feature, although they offer smart rates that can be connected to the Airbnb host’s account.

5. Enterprise Solutions

AirDNA’s enterprise solutions offer customized insights such as real estate market trends and forecasts. AirDNA users can even download the data so they have a copy of their own. Data Rabbu, on the other hand, does not provide customized insights. 

AirDNA vs Data Rabbu Pricing: Which is Worth it?

Now that you know the features of both AirDNA and Rabbu – let’s talk about the second-most important consideration: Pricing!  

According to Data Rabbu’s website, their pricing for property acquisition software costs $99 per month or $990 per year when paid annually. On the other hand, for a full-service of short-term rental property management, Data Rabbu’s fees vary according to your market & portfolio. 

AirDNA’s pricing costs $499.75 per month or $3,599.75 per year for accessing 5 markets in different regions. Unfortunately, this can be very expensive and they also don’t offer free trials.

Overall, Rabbu and AirDNA’s data depth are both lower compared to Airbtics. Since Rabbu offers property management services and Mashvisor offers basic data services, it makes sense why they can provide these services at such a low cost. 

Let’s face the fact that it is difficult to gauge one city’s profitability by looking at a single market alone. So if you are looking to invest in a market – it’s highly recommended to look at the top 5 markets, make a comparison for each, run the numbers, and make a wise investment decision. 

The good news is that Airbtics is designed to help you with that! As a specialized data company, it provides the most accurate results and is ideal for those who want to base their decisions on high-quality data. 

To sum it up, choosing 2-5 good markets is more than enough. Once you have a preferred area to start an investment, you should consider the major factors including where you reside and work. Compared to other STR Analytics providers in the market, Airbtics provides the most affordable cost to explore 5 markets which is $149.99 per month or $999 per year.

Feedback from AirDNA vs Data Rabbu Users

Before subscribing to a service or purchasing a product, it’s always best to learn from reviews or check the user’s feedback first. Particularly if you’re subscribing to a short-term rental analytics tool! Check out the following reviews from actual users who have tried AirDNA and Data Rabbu:

Airdna vs rabbu

AirDNA & Data Rabbu Alternatives

Knowing the features, pricing, and major comparisons of user feedback between AirDNA and Rabbu may still not convince you. Don’t worry! If you still can’t still decide at this point, the good news is that there are better options. Check out the best AirDNA and Rabbu alternatives:


Summary: What’s the Best Short-Term Rental Analytics for You?

To sum it up, Data Rabbu only offers basic Airbnb data services for real estate investors. While it has an ROI calculator that presents the most important data, it’s also limited to accessing markets within the USA region. 

AirDNA caters to worldwide data coverage, but its accuracy and pricing are of major concern. AirDNA vs Rabbu has its own pros and cons, but the good news is that there are several other Airbnb data analytics providers that can meet your financial goals. 

In comparison to short-term rental analytics tool like Airbtics, it covers worldwide regions with specific markets that fully covers historical performance data, guest demographics, and more.

If you want to look at more detailed and advanced data which includes seasonality and discover specific neighborhoods, then Airbtics might be the best short-term rental provider for you. You can use the most accurate STR revenue calculator and speed up your game in the industry!

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Reviewing Inside Airbnb: Is it Worth it? Features, Pricing, and Reviews

Inside Airbnb data

Key Takeaways
  • Inside Airbnb data is useful for researching particular Airbnb datasets. The majority of users get and download important data such as the number of listings in a target neighborhood, estimated monthly income, number of reviews, and property types among others. 
  • Learn how Inside Airbnb can help you understand public data collected from Airbnb, its scope and limitations, and excellent options for Airbnb third-party vendors.

What is Inside Airbnb?

Inside Airbnb is a website that presents datasets collected from Airbnb itself. Launched as an activist project, InsideAirbnb aims to control the role of renting residential homes to tourists. Over the years, it has not only helped local hosts who want to be a part of the Airbnb community but also researchers and scholars. Inside Airbnb’s public data presents the following:

  • Number of available listings
  • Safe neighborhoods for hosting
  • Estimated monthly income
  • Average nights booked
  • Price per night
  • Occupancy rate
  • Number of reviews
Inside Airbnb data

Inside Airbnb also has summarized reports for specific cities such as Airbnb data in Dallas 2022. It’s basically made it easier for researchers and readers to download data in one click.

Inside Airbnb data

While Inside Airbnb’s dataset is mostly used in academic research, there are other people who use it as a primary data source. 

However, the findings from research about Inside Airbnb data analysis declared that there may be systemic errors in Inside Airbnb’s data collection process. This explains why other people look for credible options such as short-term rental analytics providers.

Inside Airbnb’s Scope 

Users can explore and get data from Inside Airbnb in several cities. Most cities available on the website are based in the USA, Europe, Australia, Africa, Canada, and the UK among others. There is also data available on a few Asian countries like Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, Bangkok, and Japan. 

Inside Airbnb’s Limitations

It’s safe to say that while Inside Airbnb’s data is generally free and easy to access, these are its following limitations:

  • It cannot create a customized market on a free version. Let’s face it – it’s difficult to gauge a market’s profitability with one look. You can ask for a data request (archived or new) to target a specific neighborhood for a very pricey cost.
  • For each data request, there are still processes and evaluations to follow. If you are a property investor who wants to access data in one click, this is less likely to happen with Inside Airbnb.

Inside Airbnb’s Pricing

In summary, Inside Airbnb’s pricing for each city or region is relatively expensive. It can be considered as a practical option for those whose major purpose is research. However, it’s different for property investors.

As a first step, deciding where to invest can either make or break the business. 

For instance, if you want to invest in an Airbnb in Barcelona, looking at one or two neighborhoods won’t be the right decision. Especially if you look at the entire Barcelona data, which can be a lot more complex. 

Inside Airbnb data

Source: Get the Data on Inside Airbnb

We always recommend property investors consider looking at 5 markets in different regions and comparing each data. This way, you can properly make an informed decision.

IA’s price for 5 markets costs $1,600, while Airbtics only costs $149.99 per month. As one of the trusted and leading analytics providers, Airbtics provides in-depth data insights and allows you to create custom markets. The possibilities are endless!

This is why most property investors use Airbnb data tools to secure data accuracy – without breaking the bank. 


To sum it up, Inside Airbnb data offers valuable insights that help one understand the general activities and listings in a city. Since there are comments and studies that question its accuracy and data collection method, most professionals opt for short-term rental analytics providers instead.

Aside from the in-depth analysis and worldwide data coverage, they also offer an accurate Airbnb income calculator. In the digital era, it’s always best to think ahead of your competitors.

Start your STR journey now with Airbtics and leverage your game in the industry!

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Complete List of Airbnb Host Expenses You Must Know!

The hype for short-term rentals like Airbnb is reaching a fever pitch with more and more people jumping on the trend and offering their properties to guests worldwide. For most investors, Airbnb is an excellent way to earn money on the side while also keeping themselves connected with guests from different backgrounds. In fact, there are exciting ways to start Airbnb with no money and the initial costs will give you an overview to anticipate Airbnb host expenses.

It isn’t surprising that a lot of people are looking for properties that they can turn to Airbnb and while rental arbitrage is certainly a good investment, there is a lot that could be said about its cost. 

Aside from the Airbnb start-up cost, you also need to factor in your monthly expenses since they will be deducted from your monthly gross income. Preparing for all of these outlays will help you make a better investment decision.  

With that said, we decided to cover the basic expenses you will have in a month as you manage your short-term rental. Stick to the end for tips on how to save on your monthly operating costs, Airbnb accounting suggestions, and a FREE downloadable Airbnb expenses spreadsheet to help you track your expenses and income.

How Much Does It Cost to Operate an Airbnb? 

The overhead cost of operating an Airbnb can go somewhere between $700 to a few thousand dollars depending on what amenities you provide in your rental as well as how big your property is. 

You might ask yourself why and how it managed to cost that much to run an Airbnb. Well, there are plenty of variables that contribute to these expenses. Some of these are electricity, water, gas, insurance, maintenance, and cleaning fees, which we will discuss in greater detail below so buckle up and prepare to have your eyes opened to what it truly costs to run an Airbnb property!

Most Common Airbnb Operating Expenses

Whether you are new or seasoned in the Airbnb industry, accounting for your expenses monthly is one of the tasks you can’t ignore. After all, your operating cost factors into how much revenue you will make. 

In this article, we will guide you through the most common Airbnb host expenses you need to be aware of before you dive right into your short-term rental investment. The pie chart below will give you an overview of your biggest possible expenses: 

1. Mortgage/lease payment 

Mortgage or lease payment takes up the biggest chunk of your monthly expenses and understandably so, after all, it is the payment for the property in which you built your business. 

Based on the data from the US Census Bureau, the National Association of Realtors, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the average lease or mortgage payment for a property in the US is somewhere between $2,062 to $3,059. These can of course change depending on where your property is located and if it is in a popular spot like California, Hawaii, and New York, which has some of the highest monthly rental rates in the country.   

Mortgage or lease payment won’t be a problem if you already own the property, but for people who want to invest in a rental arbitrage, you should be aware of how much your monthly rent would be and if your possible income could cover the amount. 

To check the potential revenue, occupancy rate, and price of the property you are interested in, you can use a free Airbnb calculator from  Airbtics and make the best investment decision. 

2. Homeowners Association Fee (HOA)

If your property is situated within a condo or a subdivision, you are likely required to pay the HOA fee. The HOA fee is a monthly expense that you must pay as part of a particular residential area. 

These collected fees are used to maintain the shared space of the neighborhood. Along with this, HOA fees also help fund the regulations that prohibit a single homeowner from creating adjustments that will lower the real estate value of the community. 

The average monthly HOA fee in the U.S. is $170. The fee can still vary widely depending on where your property is located as well as what amenities are provided within your community so be sure to check in with your HOA board. 

3. Maintenance 

Establishing a beautiful and serene Airbnb space is one thing, but keeping it in a pristine condition is another. As a property owner, it is not enough to beautify your rental and leave it at that once you are already gaining profit. 

To ensure that your property will have the same value or more, you must spare a percentage of your budget on maintenance. 

The rule of thumb in the STR (Short-term Rental) community suggests that you set aside 1% of your property’s annual value to maintenance alone and by maintenance, we mean repairing broken appliances and parts of the house. 

Follow the maintenance checklist below to secure a long lifespan for your property:

These are all the things you need to take note of when maintaining your property. Having all of these things on the checklist doesn’t mean that you will have to spend money on them monthly. The monthly fund that you are setting aside for maintenance is just to ensure you have the budget to handle any sudden repairs or replacements. 

4. Insurance 

When it comes to your short-term rental investment, one of the wisest decisions you can make is getting your property insured. Comprehensive policies for Airbnbs help safeguard every aspect of your short-term rental business and secure you from any loss of income. 

On average, you have to pay $166.67 for your short-term rental insurance, but the price can vary depending on the provider. Below, we have provided you with a list of the top 3 best STR insurance companies in the U.S.:

airbnb host expenses
Best Overall: Proper Insurance 

We consider Proper Insurance as the best overall short-term rental insurance since they tailor their policies based on what your business needs. Additionally, this company specializes in short-term rental insurance so you can rest easy knowing that you are in the right hands. Some of their specs and perks include the following: 

  • Covers all 50 states including Washington D.C.
  • Has a stand-alone policy type
  • Has a coverage amount of $1 million 
  • Easy quote and claim process through phone
  • Specializes in short-term rentals
  • Has a $0 deductible option
  • Has a loss-of-use coverage built into every policy
  • Multiple policy add-ons are available

The only downside of this insurance company is that you cannot fully complete your quotes online and thus, you need to visit their office nearest to your location. 

Best for Online Processing: Safely 

Safely offers one of the best online experiences for investors who want to get their properties insured without going to physical locations. The website of Safely has a completely intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easier for you to process your insurance quotations and claims. Their unique quest-screening service also helped land them on our second most recommended STR property insurance provider in the U.S. 

Check out the list below for an overview of Safely’s perks: 

  • Covers 50 states and Washington D.C. 
  • Has a stand-alone policy type
  • Covers up to $1 million 
  • Can process quotes and claims online and on the phone
  • Specializes in short-term rental and guest-screening
  • Has a $0 deductible option
  • User-friendly online portal for quotes and claim process 
  • Provides an option to conduct guest background checks upon confirmation of booking. 

Safely has a set of pretty convenient specs; the downside, however, is that their short-term rental insurance may not be available on every ZIP code within their service area. They also don’t cover weather-related damage. 

Best Claim Process: Allstate 

Allstate is known for having one of the easiest and fastest claim processes among insurance companies. Additionally, they also have a convenient app that you can use to manage different aspects of your STR policy which includes filing and tracking insurance claims. Check out the list below to see its complete list of perks: 

  • Has an indorsement policy type
  • Covers $10,000 per rental period 
  • Has multiple options for quote and claim process including online, app, phone, and agent
  • Convenient claim process
  • Has the potential to avoid a rate increase following a claim

As one of the biggest insurance policy providers in the U.S. Allstate offers an attractive set of benefits. However, since short-term rental insurance is not their main focus, this service might not be available in all states serviced by Allstate. 

5. Electricity bill

This one is a no-brainer. Once your guests stay on your rental, they will use your appliances and consume electricity in one way or another. The difference in your electricity bill can be affected by the season, how many appliances you have in your rental along with how often the guests will use them. 

Be sure that your guests will not abuse their stay by setting up rules on how they will use the appliances. This will save you not just from the overwhelmingly high bill but from a nasty headache as well. With that said, here’s a list of common appliances that guests might be looking for in your Airbnb: 

These are all the basics. You can add more to the list if you want to go the extra mile to impress your guests. The screenshot below shows the average electricity bill you would have to pay in the U.S. depending on your place of residence.

average monthly bill US
Additional Airbnb Host Expenses

*Screenshot from the United States of America Energy Information Administration (EIA) 2021 Average Monthly Bill – Residential. 

6. Water bill 

The water bill is one of the most basic expenses you need to settle when you have a short-term rental. On average, this could cost you around $45.44 a month. When you think about it, this price isn’t so bad and you’d be right. Water bills rarely leave any drastic effect on your budget, but having a pool as one of your STR amenities is a completely different story.

If your Airbnb has a pool or jacuzzi, your water bill might increase by 10x or more of the average cost so this is something you need to be prepared for if you want to offer the pool as part of your amenities.

7. Internet 

We are living in a world where people can’t survive without wifi. If you want to satisfy your guests, getting an internet subscription is a must. The good thing is that it doesn’t cost as much as your other monthly expenses. 

On average, the monthly internet bill could amount to only $45, which isn’t so bad considering that it will bring in more bookings. If you haven’t had an internet provider yet, here are some of our recommended options:

airbnb host expenses

Screenshot from USNews.com

8. Heating 

If you are using electric heating for your home, you can just chalk this up in your electricity bill, but if you are using natural gas, you should account for heating in your monthly expenditures. 

On average, you can spend $61.69 on heating in the U.S., but that might also depend on where you are living as well as the season. 

Naturally, if you are in the Northern side of the U.S. your heating expense might be higher than the rentals in the South since the South has generally humid weather. Additionally, you can also expect higher heating costs during winter months, but outside of that, heating will barely leave a dent in your monthly expense budget.

Additional Airbnb Host Expenses

airbnb host expenses

Aside from what was mentioned above, there are expenses that you can consider adding to your monthly expenditures. Some of these are mentioned below:


You might find it odd that we included cleaning in the additional expenses section instead of the most common monthly expense list. The reason for this is that there are some hosts who prefer to handle cleaning on their own. And while others might rely on cleaning services, as a host you are allowed to charge cleaning fees to the guest and thus, cleaning costs will hardly affect your monthly budget. 

Monthly entertainment subscriptions

If you are one of those hosts who want to go the extra mile to give your guests the best service, then you might consider subscribing to entertainment channels like Disney +, Netflix, HBO Go, and more. If this is the case, then you might want to consider adding these subscriptions to your Airbnb expense tracker.

Management service 

Some hosts are content with managing their Airbnb personally, while some need a little hand from experts. If you are one of the latter, you might want to set aside a budget for management costs. 

One thing you might want to know about management services is that they can typically cost somewhere between 10% to 40% of your rental income, which is a pretty big deal. 

You, of course, have the option to manage your business yourself and save a huge percentage of your profit, but if you want someone to handle your guests, communicate and manage bookings, coordinate maintenance services, and provide customer service while you sit back and earn, then you might want to add management cost on your monthly expense. 


Just like cleaning, you might find it weird that we included supplies here, but a lot of Airbnb hosts actually don’t provide guests with toiletries and other common supplies for their stay. Instead, they opt to ask guests to bring their own stocks. If you are a generous host who wants to give your guests the best experience, here are some supplies you can include in your inventory: 

Additional Expenses Checklist

Airbnb Accounting: Tracking your expenses and income

Having a hard time keeping track of your expenses and income? We have just the right set of tools for you. Below are some of the most recommended apps and tools to help you keep track of your STR investment. 

Stessa (Free)

Stessa is a finance tool that is created to help property investors like you to manage and monitor the performance of your short-term rentals. It has the perfect visual dashboard to help you view your key metrics in real time. With their new Airbnb file importer, keeping track of your income and expenses has never been easier. Check out how we do it below: 

Step 1: Download your Airbnb transaction history in CSV format and upload the file to your Stessa account. 

Set the necessary date range and click “Download CSV” along the “Paid out” tab. After that, select the “Import” button on the transactions page to upload the file without making any changes to the document. Once uploaded, Stessa will automatically categorize your Airbnb file. 

Step 2: Switch the rent roll to “Short-term rental” through the Leases & tenants page then input your occupancy percentage for the calendar year along with your expected average nightly rate. 

Step 3: Enter your expected Airbnb monthly expenses under the “Pro Forma” column in the “Monthly Expenses” card. Use this as a baseline to compare with your actual monthly expenses. 

Step 4: Connect your bank account where you receive payments from Airbnb. Doing this will enable you to automatically capture your transaction and income data. 

As you can see, Stessa has everything you need to record your expenses and income. What’s wonderful about this software is that it is simple to understand and keep up with. The best part is that it is absolutely free! 

Quickbooks (Paid)

Quickbooks is the perfect software for a small business that doesn’t want to spend too much on managing and accounting costs. It gives you the option to handle your invoices, taxation, payroll, expense tracking and income tracking all in one place. To keep up with your income and expenses, here’s a step-by-step guide on using Quickbooks: 

Recording expenses

Step 1: Go to New (+) and click Expense

Step 2: Select the name of the payee

Step 3: Select the account you use to pay for the expense. If your account is connected to Quickbooks, your expense will automatically be recorded on the expense report. 

Step 4: Select the payment date and payment method. Then choose the appropriate category for what you bought and enter its description. 

Step 5: State the amount you paid. You can also add receipts as an attachment to your expense report. 

Recording income

Quickbook only records income coming from accounts that are connected to it. Make sure to connect your bank to where your Airbnb income is coming from and track your revenue through Quickbooks’ Income Tracker. 

While Quickbooks is certainly a helpful tool for small businesses, it requires a bit of accounting experience on your end. Once you are familiar with the function of the app and your necessary business accounts are connected to Quickbooks, it would be easy to keep track of your expenses and income, especially since it automatically records the activities of the accounts you connected it to.  

Spreadsheet (Free)
airbnb host expenses

If the available softwares didn’t stand out to you, a spreadsheet might be just the answer you are looking for. 

This spreadsheet template by Deborah Ho is one of the most comprehensive income and expense trackers for Google Sheet users. It offers customizable categories with a pie chart to show you where most of your expenses go. It also has a yearly breakdown so you can track which expenses you spend on the most for each month of the year. 

What makes it even better is that it is FREE and you can create a copy of it using THIS link. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use this sheet: 

Step 1: First, you must create a copy of the sheet on your own drive. 

Step 2: Change the category into the name of your specific expense. For example, change Category 1 to Electricity and so on. 

Step 3: Go to the Income Dashboard then change the name from “Workplace” to the name of your property. 

Step 4: Input your income from your properties on the Income Dashboard. The sheet will automatically compute the total of your income for the month and it will reflect on the Main Dashboard.  

Step 5: Go back to the Main Dashboard then type in the cost of your monthly expenses per category. The total amount of your expenses will reflect under the Total Expenditures. This total expenditure will be deducted from your total income to give you your gross savings.  

You can customize the spreadsheet once you have made a copy, but make sure to check the formula if you are adding another category on the sheet since it might affect the overall data reading. 

Airbnb Saving Tips for Hosts

Did the list of expenses sound overwhelming? Don’t worry, we got your back. Read the tips below and save on your monthly expenditures: 

Tip 1: Use energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs

Electricity is one of your major Airbnb expenses so you want to save on it as much as possible. Fortunately, there are energy-efficient appliances like LED light bulbs. Although these bulbs have a higher initial cost, they can help you lower your energy use boasting durability that your regular bulbs don’t have. 

Additionally, you can also opt for motion-sensing lights for outdoor lighting to save on energy. Even better if it is solar-powered! 

Tip 2: Buy in bulk 

If you are thinking of adding supplies to your Airbnb, we recommend purchasing in bulk since it is usually cheaper. Try taking the time to look into good markets where you can purchase items for a lower price. 

Tip 3: Keep your tax deductibles in mind

You might not have to worry about tax on a monthly basis since it is automatically deducted by Airbnb after every confirmed listing, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there and it isn’t affecting your profit. 

To make sure that it wouldn’t leave you with too little income to enjoy, make sure to meet all the tax deduction requirements and record all your expenses associated with running your Airbnb and be sure to fill out the tax form provided by Airbnb to avoid any legal negligence. 

Tip 4: Be proactive in maintenance 

Maintenance is one of your biggest expenses as an Airbnb host, but there is a way to reduce its cost and that is through proactive maintenance. What we mean by this is fixing things before it becomes irreparable. Keep track of every small issue on your Airbnb and jump into action before it could get worse. 

Tip 5: Do your own cleaning 

We know a lot of us hate cleaning but if you want to save on the cleaning expense, you better gear up with your cleaning gloves and start doing the chores on your Airbnb. What’s fun about this is that you can charge the guest for the cleaning expense even if you are the one to handle your own cleaning. The average cost that you can charge per reservation is $150. 

Tip 6: Reduce marketing expense 

Marketing is an important part of your business, but that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with it. Instead of throwing money left and right to market your Airbnb, you can opt for low-cost marketing strategies using social media.

Get professionally taken shots of your property and post them on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. We also recommend being consistent with producing high-quality content to attract the audience that you want. 

The bottom line

Before investing in an Airbnb property, you must identify the ongoing expense you will have to keep your short-term rental running. Your expenses shouldn’t surpass your income and thus, you need to make the best investment decision when selecting your property. 

To do this, you need reliable STR software like Airbtics to guide you in finding the most profitable locations for your Airbnb business. You can use the Airbtics Estimator to list down your expenses and calculate your revenue potential. 

The cost to run your Airbnb might be high but once you find the right property through Airbtics’ accurate market data and actionable analytics, you can generate an income that will make all your expenses worth it!

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Guía de Airbnb: Cómo convertirse en un anfitrión de Airbnb

Desde el lanzamiento de Airbnb en 2008, más y más anfitriones de Airbnb de todo el mundo continuaron inscribiéndose debido a su rentabilidad. Hasta la fecha, Airbnb tiene en general un total de más de 4 millones de anfitriones. Ya sea que utilicen Airbnb como su principal fuente de ingresos o para obtener ingresos pasivos, verdaderamente vale la pena descubrir cómo convertirse en uno y así comenzar a obtener ganancias! Si simplemente quieres intentar hacer Airbnb con un mínimo presupuesto, definitivamente puedes hacerlo al poner una habitación libre de tu casa o subarrendando una propiedad a través del subarrendamiento de alquileres. En este artículo, te proporcionaremos una guía paso a paso sobre cómo convertirse en un anfitrión de Airbnb exitoso. Continua leyendo para aprender más.

Consejos para nuevos anfitriones de Airbnb

Antes que nada, comencemos por comprender qué debes esperar al convertirte en un anfitrión de Airbnb. Si esto es algo a lo que te gustaría dedicarte en los próximos años, entonces es importante asegurarte de que lo estás haciendo bien.

Aquí hay algunos consejos que puedes considerar antes de comenzar tu viaje en Airbnb:

1. ¿Dónde iniciar un Airbnb?

Al decidir iniciar un negocio de Airbnb, debes pensar en los ingresos potenciales y en el mercado objetivo de la propiedad. Si prefieres establecer un Airbnb cerca de una atracción turística o un centro de negocios, debes averiguar las preferencias de tus huéspedes.

Por ejemplo, si tu ubicación de preferencia para iniciar un Airbnb se encuentra cerca de atracciones turísticas, entonces es más probable que tus huéspedes prefieran una casa completa o un apartamento de 2 habitaciones. Para asegurarse de que esto es lo que la mayoría de los huéspedes de Airbnb prefieren reservar durante su visita, puedes realizar una investigación de mercado manualmente o utilizar una herramienta de investigación de mercado de Airbnb como Airbtics.

convertirse en un anfitrión airbnb
2. ¿Cómo se están desempeñando tus competidores de Airbnb?

Como anfitrión de Airbnb, es crucial ofrecer otra propiedad que no tenga un factor de venta único ni ninguna característica emocionante que anime a los huéspedes a reservar. Por esta razón, es imprescindible verificar el desempeño de tus competidores (ingresos mensuales, tasas de ocupación, etc.) y qué tipo de servicios de Airbnb ofrecen.

convertirse en un anfitrión airbnb
Tablero Airbtics

Creación de un listado de Airbnb

Una vez que hayas decidido finalmente crear tu listado en Airbnb, aquí viene la parte emocionante! Definitivamente se necesita tiempo y esfuerzo para crear una lista de Airbnb exitosa, pero puedes darte cuenta de que vale la pena cuando comienzas a obtener ganancias.

Antes de comenzar, no olvides verificar tu perfil de Airbnb y completar todos los detalles necesarios para los anfitriones. Siguiendo con el tema, estos son los pasos necesarios que debes seguir:

  • Toma fotos que destaquen tu propiedad y servicios de Airbnb
    Al tomar fotos de tu Airbnb, es importante tener en cuenta que siempre puedes usar tu teléfono celular siempre que tome fotos nítidas de tu propiedad. Los requisitos de Airbnb para las fotos es que estas deben cumplir con un tamaño de resolución mínimo de 480 x 720 px a 72 dpi. Además de esto, cada foto debe tener al menos 1024 px x 683 px sin filtros muy cargados ni logotipos.
  • Escribe un título atractivo y una descripción detallada de tu propiedad
    Al escribir un pie de foto detallado para cada fotografía de tu listado, tus huéspedes no necesitarán ni imaginar lo que tu propiedad realmente ofrece.
  • Ponle precio a tu propiedad de Airbnb
    Establecer una estrategia de precios de Airbnb ayudará a los nuevos anfitriones como tú a fijar precios justos. Después de todo, no querrás cobrar de más y terminar sin recibir reservas por ser estas demasiado caras o ganar un euro porque tus precios son demasiado bajos!
  • Establece los detalles de tu check-in y check-out, así como la política de cancelación
    Para que tu negocio de Airbnb funcione sin problemas, es necesario establecer las reglas de tu casa, incluido el horario de check-in y check-out. Esto también te ayudará a asegurarte de que tu propiedad esté preparada para recibir nuevos huéspedes.

Cómo hacer Airbnb sin tener una propiedad

Se puede ganar dinero con Airbnb sin tener una propiedad? La respuesta es muy simple: sí, si puedes! A través del subarrendamiento de alquileres en Airbnb, ciertamente puede obtener ganancias y es legal siempre y cuando cumplas con las reglas y regulaciones locales vigentes en tu área.

El subarrendamiento de propiedades se refiere a la práctica de alquilar una o más propiedades con el único propósito de subarrendarlas en Airbnb y otras plataformas similares de alquiler a corto plazo. Si bien hay muchos anfitriones que prefieren comprar y encontrar propiedades para realizar subarrendamiento, no todos son financieramente capaces de hacerlo. Puedes encontrar propietarios para el subarrendamiento de propiedades de Airbnb y proponer tu idea!

Con una calculadora de subarrendamiento de propiedades, será más fácil para los anfitriones de Airbnb tener una visión general de sus ingresos potenciales y ver los mercados emergentes dentro de su área de preferencia.

convertirse en un anfitrión airbnb

Creating an Airbnb Listing

Once you have decided to finally create your listing on Airbnb, here comes the exciting part! It definitely takes effort and time to create a successful Airbnb listing, but you can tell that it’s worth it when you start earning profit. 

Before you begin, don’t forget to verify your Airbnb profile and complete all the necessary details for hosts. Moving forward, here are the necessary steps that you should take: 

  • Take photos that highlight your Airbnb property & amenities
    When taking Airbnb photos, it’s important to take note that you can always use a smartphone as long as it takes clear photos of your property. Airbnb’s requirements for photos should meet the minimum resolution size of 480 x 720 px at 72dpi. In addition to this, each photo should be at least 1024px x 683px with no heavy filters or logos.
  • Write a catchy title & detailed description of your property
    By writing a detailed caption for each photo on your listing, your guests won’t need to imagine what your property actually offers.
  • Price your Airbnb property
    Setting an Airbnb pricing strategy will help new Airbnb hosts like you to price fairly. After all, you won’t want to overcharge and not receive bookings for being too expensive or earn a cent for pricing too cheaply!
  • Set up your check-in and check-out details and cancellation policy
    In order for your Airbnb business to run smoothly, setting up your house rules including check-in and check-out time is necessary. This will also help you make sure that your property is prepared to welcome new guests.

How to Do Airbnb without Owning a Property

Can you make money from Airbnb without owning a property? The answer is simple: yes, you can! Through Airbnb rental arbitrage, you can certainly make a profit and it’s legal as long as you adhere to local rules and regulations within your area. 

Rental arbitrage refers to the practice of renting one or more properties for the sole purpose of subletting them on Airbnb & other similar short-term rental platforms. While there are many hosts who prefer to purchase and find rental arbitrage properties, not everyone is financially capable of doing so. You can find landlords for Airbnb rental arbitrage and propose your idea – with charm!Using a rental arbitrage calculator, it will be easier for Airbnb hosts to have an overview of their potential revenue and check out emerging markets within their preferred area.


Cómo ser un excelente anfitrión de Airbnb

Ser un excelente anfitrión de Airbnb es esencial para mantener el negocio en buen funcionamiento cuando obtengas más reservas en el futuro. Aquí hay algunos puntos a tomar en cuenta:

  • Manténgase receptivo
    Como anfitrión de Airbnb, mantener una alta tasa de respuesta es crucial para mejorar tu clasificación y eventualmente te ayudará a obtener más reservas en Airbnb. Si tienes más de una propiedad para administrar, el uso de una herramienta de mensajería automatizada te ayudará a organizarte mejor, a responder las consultas de los huéspedes y evitar reservas dobles.
  • Proporciona un servicio de calidad y solicita a los huéspedes que dejen reseñas
    No lo olvides: las reseñas de los huéspedes son muy importantes! Si puedes brindar constantemente un servicio de buena calidad, dar una cálida bienvenida a los huéspedes y satisfacer sus necesidades, las reseñas eventualmente hablarán por sí mismas. También puedes pedirles a tus huéspedes que dejen sus comentarios si aún no tienes reseñas.
  • Nunca dejes de mejorar tus listados
    Las tendencias de Airbnb cambian constantemente y es importante mantenerte actualizado para destacar entre tus competidores. Al tomar nuevas fotos, redecorar tus habitaciones y agregar las mejores comodidades en tu Airbnb, tu listado no se desvanecerá ni tampoco estará en la última página de los resultados de búsqueda de Airbnb.
  • Conviértete en un superanfitrión de Airbnb
    Si deseas tener huéspedes repetidos y permanecer completamente reservado durante un mes completo, conseguir el estado de superanfitrión es sin duda la mejor manera de hacerlo! Algunos de los requisitos incluyen mantener una tasa de cancelación de al menos el 1% o menos, lograr una tasa de hospedaje promedio de 4,8-5% y tener al menos 10 viajes en un año.


Ahora que ya tienes una guía para convertirte en un destacado anfitrión de Airbnb, no pierdas más oportunidades en el mercado. Aprender más a través de la investigación de mercado y obtener los datos más precisos disponibles utilizando una herramienta de análisis de alquileres a corto plazo precisa como Airbtics sin duda ayudará a que tu negocio de Airbnb crezca y tenga una rentabilidad a largo plazo.

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Guía completa para anfitriones: Cómo comprar una propiedad para Airbnb

Alguna vez has intentado reservar un Airbnb en el pasado y te preguntaste que pasaría si te convirtieras en anfitrión? Indudablemente es una grata recompensa dar la bienvenida a los huéspedes, decorar las habitaciones, tomar fotos geniales, promocionarlos en las redes sociales y, por supuesto, obtener ingresos!

Es un hecho que invertir en una propiedad para Airbnb requiere una gran cantidad de esfuerzo, tiempo y dinero. Por lo tanto, a fin de asegurar de que cada moneda que gastes valga la pena, este artículo the proporcionará información y te servirá como guía que te orientará paso a paso sobre cómo comprar una propiedad de Airbnb. Continua leyendo para obtener más información sobre cómo comprar una propiedad de Airbnb.

Qué hay que considerar al comprar una propiedad para Airbnb?

Desglosemos el procedimiento para comprar una propiedad de alquiler para Airbnb y discutamos los factores principales a tener en cuenta.

1. Presupuesto y finanzas

Antes de comenzar, es importante asegurar tu fuente monetaria para financiar tu inversión en una propiedad para Airbnb y así asegurarte de que no te ahogarás en deudas a largo plazo.

En el caso de algunos anfitriones que prueban Airbnb por primera vez, estos generalmente alquilan las habitaciones disponibles de su casa o incluso hacen subarrendamiento de propiedades con el fin de ahorrar dinero al no comprar propiedades. Algunas de las opciones que tienes para financiar tu propiedad para Airbnb son ahorros personales, préstamos bancarios/hipotecas o compañías de préstamos privadas.

2. Ubicación del listado Airbnb

Similar a la inversión inmobiliaria, la regla general es encontrar la ubicación adecuada para tu listado de Airbnb. Aquí se debe considerar situaciones tales como la proximidad de la propiedad a los destinos turísticos, la popularidad entre los turistas o viajeros de negocios, la accesibilidad al transporte público y la estacionalidad.

Si estas apuntando a un suburbio o vecindario en específico, o incluso a una ciudad importante, una calculadora de Airbnb sin duda puede proporcionarte información precisa, como tus ingresos potenciales, lo que puede considerarse sumamente ventajoso para un anfitrión como tú.

Con esto, puedes determinar fácilmente si tu localización deseada te traerá ganancias o no, además esto te ahorrará tiempo antes de que pases a los siguientes pasos.

3. Normas y reglamentos de Airbnb

Una vez que hayas decidido cuál es tu ubicación de preferencia para iniciar tu negocio de Airbnb, es momento de que continúes con la investigación! Aunque la mayoría de las políticas y regulaciones de alquileres a corto plazo se pueden encontrar en los sitios web del gobierno, también puedes visitar el ayuntamiento local más cercano y consultar los requisitos para operar un Airbnb.

Al conocer las leyes de Airbnb de tu área, podrás asegurarte de que no incumplirás ninguna de ellas y así podrás operar tu listado de Airbnb sin problemas.

4. Impuestos, honorarios legales y otros costos

Los impuestos y otros costos iniciales varían según el área en donde prefieras establecer tu listado de Airbnb. Por lo tanto, es importante tener conocimiento de los costos continuos, incluyendo las hipotecas y los honorarios legales, para que así puedas tener una idea de tus gastos generales.

comprar propiedad para airbnb
5. Competidores locales de Airbnb

Al observar cómo se desempeñan los competidores en tu área, podrás tener una imagen general de sus experiencias en Airbnb, también podrás saber si tienen problemas con las tasas de ocupación o los servicios/comodidades que ofrecen. Esto te ayudará en tu proceso de compra de comodidades, así también podrás priorizar las necesidades de tus futuros huéspedes.

comprar propiedad para airbnb
comprar propiedad para airbnb

¿Cuál es el tipo de propiedad ideal para Airbnb?

En pocas palabras, el tipo de propiedad ideal para Airbnb depende de tu ubicación de preferencia. Por ejemplo, si deseas comprar una propiedad para Airbnb en el centro de la ciudad, los condominios o un apartamento tipo estudio pueden ser una opción ideal porque la mayoría de tus huéspedes probablemente sean viajeros de negocios o empresarios.

Sin embargo, si deseas invertir en un vecindario más amigable con espacios verdes o con vista a la playa, una casa completa o una propiedad de 2 dormitorios podría ser una opción más adecuada para huéspedes con familias o recién casados.

Pero aquí está el resultado final para los anfitriones de Airbnb: el mejor tipo de propiedad para Airbnb es el que tiene más ganancias! Por lo tanto, es importante calcular el retorno potencial de la inversión antes de decidirse a comprar un tipo de propiedad en particular.

Airbnb income calculator


Ahora que tienes una idea general de las principales consideraciones a tener en cuenta antes de comprar una propiedad para Airbnb, es importante que tengas la seguridad de que el dinero que tanto te costó ganar será rentable. Al utilizar datos analíticos precisos de Airbnb, podrás asegurar este aspecto. Elige el camino seguro a la rentabilidad a largo plazo y destaca entre tus competidores con Airbtics!

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Promoción de Airbnb: Maneras efectivas para conseguir mas reservas en Airbnb

Comenzar un negocio de Airbnb es ciertamente emocionante cuando ya tienes una visión general de los ingresos potenciales de tu propiedad y ya estás más que listo para recibir huéspedes. Podría ser un verdadero desafío para los anfitriones el promocionar los listados de Airbnb y aún así no ver resultados después de esforzarse tanto.Si bien se necesita tiempo, paciencia y perseverancia para que la propiedad se reserve, hay ciertas razones por las que hay un retraso, aquí te damos las mejores formas de superarlas! Si has incluido con éxito tu propiedad en Airbnb pero solo recibes pocas reservas, no te preocupes. En este artículo, te explicaremos algunas formas efectivas y comprobadas de conseguir mas reservas en Airbnb y también como mejorar la clasificación de tu anuncio.

¿Cómo obtener tu primera reserva en Airbnb?

Es importante tener en cuenta que Airbnb utiliza un algoritmo similar al de Google y otros motores de búsqueda para que los listados se clasifiquen en su plataforma.

Por lo tanto, cuanto más alto sea su rango, ¡más reservas obtendrá! Estos son algunos de los factores que debe considerar mejorar para obtener su primera reserva en Airbnb:

1. Título y descripción de Airbnb

Si tuvieras que reservar una propiedad en Airbnb, seguramente no reservarías un listado que solo dice “un dormitorio con vista a la playa” y sin otras descripciones detalladas. Como anfitrión, es importante ser lo más preciso y detallado posible tomando las mejores fotos, escribiendo los mejores títulos y destacando tus servicios de Airbnb. Este es el momento perfecto para comercializar tu propiedad!

Por ejemplo, el título y la descripción de este listado están bien escritos porque presentan lo siguiente:

  • El número de dormitorios
  • Atracciones turísticas cercanas
  • Diseño arquitectónico
  • Servicios ofrecidos
  • Capacidad de la propiedad
  • Cargos extra por persona
  • Muebles y otros equipos
como conseguir mas reservas airbnb
listado en barcelona
2. Establece una tarifa diaria competitiva

Al fijar precios de manera inteligente, podrás destacarte entre los otros listados disponibles dentro de tu área. Si eres nuevo en Airbnb, es importante que establezcas tu tarifa diaria a un precio poco más bajo que el promedio según el tipo de propiedad que poseas. También puedes usar una herramienta de precios dinámicos para así tener una estrategia de precios más precisa. 

3. Habilita la reserva instantánea

La reserva instantánea de Airbnb a menudo se habilita automáticamente para que los huéspedes puedan reservar sin problemas, sin embargo, es importante verificar si está habilitada para tu listado. Mientras que otros anfitriones prefieren, antes que nada, inspeccionar el perfil de Airbnb de cada huésped, el algoritmo de Airbnb prefiere clasificar los anuncios que tienen la opción de reserva instantánea activada.

4. Configura los mensajes automáticos

Airbnb reconoce a los anfitriones que responden de inmediato a las consultas e inquietudes de los huéspedes, y por ello, los los anuncios de esos anfitriones tienden a aparecer en la búsqueda principal. También es importante considerar el envío de plantillas de mensajes de Airbnb y el uso de herramientas para anfitriones de Airbnb, como Host Tools o Hostify, para automatizar los mensajes.

4. Promociona tu listado en anuncios de Facebook y Google

Según pude verificar, la mayoría de los anfitriones de Airbnb también promocionan sus propiedades de alquiler vacacional en las redes sociales. Esto destaca su credibilidad como anfitriones e incluso aumenta sus reservas a través de anuncios pagados.

Sin embargo, la mejor parte es que si no deseas gastar mucho dinero en anuncios en este momento, puedes ajustar el cronograma de la promoción por día de acuerdo con tu presupuesto.

Temporada baja: Sin reservas en Airbnb

Aunque las temporadas bajas sean inevitables, es esencial saber cuándo se dan estas épocas para así esperarlas y poder ofrecer descuentos de temporada. Por ejemplo, si tu propiedad está situada junto a la playa y se acercan los días de lluvia, puedes promocionar un descuento de temporada de lluvias 2 semanas antes.

Además de esto, también puedes eliminar los cargos adicionales cuando haya poca demanda y calcular tu beneficio potencial utilizando una calculadora de Airbnb.

como conseguir mas reservas airbnb
como conseguir mas reservas airbnb

Fuente: Tablero Airbtics

No tienes suficientes reservas en Airbnb?

Si ya has aplicado todos los consejos y técnicas mencionados anteriormente pero aún así no obtienes suficientes reservas en Airbnb, deberías considerar listar tu propiedad en otra plataforma.

Esto maximizará la exposición de tu listado a otras plataformas en línea similares, como Booking.com, TripAdvisor, VRBO, etc. Es posible que tu listado tenga potencial para estar completamente reservado en una plataforma diferente, y Airbtics está diseñado para ayudarte a descubrirlo utilizando la función de integración de canales.

como conseguir mas reservas airbnb


Obtener más reservas de Airbnb ya no es una tarea difícil en la era digital actual. Con tantas herramientas para anfitriones de Airbnb disponibles, estos pueden buscar fácilmente alternativas y estrategias para maximizar la exposición de sus listados en diferentes plataformas fuera de Airbnb.

Ahora que tienes una perspectiva general de las 10 formas efectivas de obtener más reservas en Airbnb, da el siguiente paso y aplícalas alegremente! Mientras te esfuerces por alcanzar el éxito, aún te encontrarás con incertidumbres en tu camino, como una disminución en las tasas de ocupación o menores ingresos mensuales.

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Consejos para anfitriones de Airbnb: Cómo evitar huecos en el calendario de Airbnb

Administrar listados y establecer la disponibilidad de su propiedad usando un calendario de Airbnb puede llegar a ser una tarea fácil una vez que te acostumbras a ello. Sin embargo, uno de los desafíos que a menudo pasan por alto los anfitriones es el de tener huecos en su calendario de Airbnb. Sin duda es emocionante ver tu calendario lleno de reservas durante los primeros meses de iniciar un negocio de Airbnb.

Pero, qué sucede si es que posees un espacio en blanco a mitad de semana? Por ejemplo, si su propiedad se encuentra reservada por un huésped de domingo a martes, y otro huésped reservó de jueves a sábado, entonces el miércoles queda atrapado en el medio y sin posibilidad de ser reservado.

Es realmente importante maximizar tus ingresos de Airbnb y hay formas de evitar este tipo de huecos en un calendario de Airbnb. Continua leyendo para aprender más!

Calendario de Airbnb

Con el fin de obtener las reservas para llenar tu calendario de Airbnb, es imprescindible que mantengas los ajustes de tu calendario actualizado. Sincronizar tu calendario de Airbnb también es importante para evitar cancelaciones, reservas dobles y penalizaciones. Siempre y cuando el calendario que estés sincronizando manualmente admita el formato iCalendar (iCalendar), se sincronizará automáticamente.

Evite los huecos: consejos para establecer el calendario de Airbnb

Estas son algunas estrategias efectivas para ajustar la configuración de tu registro de reservas y así establecer un programa que coincida con la disponibilidad que posees para los huéspedes:

1. Cambiar precios según la demanda

Si hay próximos festivales o eventos importantes en la zona en donde se encuentra tu propiedad de Airbnb, podría ser una buena opción que actualices tus precios. Puedes ver fácilmente la demanda y temporada alta de tu propiedad si usas una calculadora de Airbnb. Esta información basada en datos ayudará a los anfitriones de Airbnb como usted a establecer precios de manera inteligente utilizando una herramienta de precios dinámicos.

evitar huecos calendario airbnb

Fuente: Tablero Airbtics

2. Establece una duración mínima y máxima de estadía

Avoiding short stays is a preventative pricing strategy for having gaps in your Airbnb calendar. During peak season, it’s advisable to set a week or longer length of stay to maximize your property’s profitability. 

Evitar las estancias cortas es una estrategia de precios preventiva para las huecos en tu calendario de Airbnb. Durante la temporada alta, es recomendable establecer una estancia de una semana de duración o más para maximizar la rentabilidad de tu propiedad.

evitar huecos calendario airbnb
3. Descuentos en calendario abierto

Como anfitrión de Airbnb, puede ser estresante tener un calendario abierto y sentirte presionado por no recibir ninguna reserva entre fechas. Es por eso que ofrecer un descuento del 50% es una estrategia práctica. Por ejemplo, si tienes la primera y la segunda semana reservadas completamente en tu calendario de Airbnb, puedes optar por ofrecer un 50% de descuento un día antes de la fecha de apertura. A través de esta estrategia de precios proactiva, más personas podrán ver tu listado y se sentirán tentados a reservar.


Ahora que tienes un breve resumen de cómo evitar huecos en el calendario de Airbnb, no te pierdas de mayores oportunidades, establece tus precios de Airbnb de manera razonable usando Airbtics. Es importante tener la seguridad de que el dinero que tanto te costó ganar será rentable y para ello debes utilizar datos analíticos precisos de Airbnb. Da un paso adelante hacia la rentabilidad a largo plazo y destaca entre tus competidores con Airbtics!

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Airbnb Hosting Tips: How to Prevent Gaps in Airbnb Calendar

Managing listings and setting up your property’s availability using an Airbnb calendar could be an easy task once you get used to it. However, one of the challenges that are often overlooked by hosts is getting gaps in your Airbnb calendar. During the first few months of starting an Airbnb business, it’s certainly exciting to see your calendar full of reservations. 

But what happens to the actual date with a gap in the midweek? For instance, if your property is booked by a guest from Sunday – Tuesday, and another guest booked from Thursday to Saturday, then Wednesday is caught in the middle with no chance of getting booked. 

It’s truly important to maximize your Airbnb revenue and there are ways to prevent these kinds of gaps in an Airbnb calendar. Continue reading to learn more!

Airbnb Calendar

In order to get the bookings that you want to be filled in your Airbnb calendar, it’s a must to keep your calendar settings updated from time to time. Syncing your Airbnb calendar is also important to avoid cancellations, double bookings, and penalties. As long as the calendar that you’re manually syncing supports the iCalendar (iCalendar) format, it will automatically sync.

Prevent Gaps: Tips on Setting up Airbnb Calendar 

To set a schedule that matches your availability for guests, here are some of the effective strategies to set up your booking settings:

1. Change Pricing Based on Demand

If there are upcoming festivals or major events within your Airbnb property’s area, it might be an ideal option to update your pricing. Using an Airbnb calculator, you can easily look at your property’s demand and peak season. This data-driven insight will help Airbnb hosts like you to price smartly using a dynamic pricing tool.

avoid gaps airbnb calendar

Source: Airbtics Dashboard

2. Set a Minimum and Maximum Length of Stay

Avoiding short stays is a preventative pricing strategy for having gaps in your Airbnb calendar. During peak season, it’s advisable to set a week or longer length of stay to maximize your property’s profitability.

avoid gaps airbnb calendar
3. Discounts on Open Calendar

As an Airbnb host, it could be stressful to have an open calendar and feel the pressure of not getting any bookings in between dates. This is why providing a 50% discount is a practical strategy. For instance, if you have the entire first and second week booked in your Airbnb calendar, you can provide a 50% discount a day before the open date. Through this proactive pricing strategy, more people will be able to see your listing and be enticed to book.


Now that you have a brief summary of preventing gaps in the Airbnb calendar, don’t miss out on greater opportunities and set your Airbnb price fairly using Airbtics. It’s important to have the assurance that your hard-earned money will be profitable by utilizing accurate Airbnb analytics data. Step forward to long-term profitability and stand out among your competitors with Airbtics!

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Airbnb Hosting Guide: How to Become an Airbnb Host

Since Airbnb’s launch in 2008, more and more Airbnb hosts from all over the world continued to sign up because of its profitability. To date, Airbnb has an overall total of over 4 million hosts. Whether they are doing Airbnb for their main source of living or passive income, it’s certainly worth it to discover how to become one and start earning profit yourself!

If you simply want to try doing Airbnb with a minimal budget, you can definitely do so by putting up a spare room at home or subletting a property via rental arbitrage. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to become a successful Airbnb host. Continue reading to learn more.

Tips for New Airbnb Hosts

Before anything else, let’s start by understanding what to expect when becoming an Airbnb host. If this is something that you’d like to pursue in the next few years, then it’s important to make sure that you’re doing it right. 

Here are a few tips to consider before starting your Airbnb journey:

1. Where to start an Airbnb?

When deciding to start an Airbnb business, you have to think of the property’s potential revenue and target market. If you prefer to do Airbnb near a tourist attraction or a business center, then you have to figure out your guests’ preferences. 

For instance, it is more likely that if your preferred location for starting an Airbnb is nearby the tourist attractions, then an entire home or a 2-bedroom apartment is an ideal preference for your guests. In order to make sure that this is what most Airbnb guests prefer to book during their visit, you can either conduct market research manually or use an Airbnb market research tool like Airbtics.

how to become an airbnb host
2. How are your Airbnb competitors performing?

As an Airbnb host, it’s crucial to offer another property that has no unique selling point or any exciting feature that encourages guests to book. For this reason, it’s a must to check how your competitors are performing (monthly revenue, occupancy rates, etc.) and what kind of Airbnb amenities they offer. 

how to become an airbnb host
how to become an airbnb host
3. Who are your potential Airbnb guests?

Although Airbnb hosts have the option to enable Instant Booking or review their guests’ profiles before approving their booking, it’s important for Airbnb hosts to know whether their potential market is domestic or international travelers. This will give you an insight into how you can best serve them and market your Airbnb property accordingly.

potential market

Creating an Airbnb Listing

Once you have decided to finally create your listing on Airbnb, here comes the exciting part! It definitely takes effort and time to create a successful Airbnb listing, but you can tell that it’s worth it when you start earning profit. 

Before you begin, don’t forget to verify your Airbnb profile and complete all the necessary details for hosts. Moving forward, here are the necessary steps that you should take: 

  • Take photos that highlight your Airbnb property & amenities
    When taking Airbnb photos, it’s important to take note that you can always use a smartphone as long as it takes clear photos of your property. Airbnb’s requirements for photos should meet the minimum resolution size of 480 x 720 px at 72dpi. In addition to this, each photo should be at least 1024px x 683px with no heavy filters or logos.
  • Write a catchy title & detailed description of your property
    By writing a detailed caption for each photo on your listing, your guests won’t need to imagine what your property actually offers.
  • Price your Airbnb property
    Setting an Airbnb pricing strategy will help new Airbnb hosts like you to price fairly. After all, you won’t want to overcharge and not receive bookings for being too expensive or earn a cent for pricing too cheaply!
  • Set up your check-in and check-out details and cancellation policy
    In order for your Airbnb business to run smoothly, setting up your house rules including check-in and check-out time is necessary. This will also help you make sure that your property is prepared to welcome new guests.

How to Do Airbnb without Owning a Property

Can you make money from Airbnb without owning a property? The answer is simple: yes, you can! Through Airbnb rental arbitrage, you can certainly make a profit and it’s legal as long as you adhere to local rules and regulations within your area. 

Rental arbitrage refers to the practice of renting one or more properties for the sole purpose of subletting them on Airbnb & other similar short-term rental platforms. While there are many hosts who prefer to purchase and find rental arbitrage properties, not everyone is financially capable of doing so. You can find landlords for Airbnb rental arbitrage and propose your idea – with charm!Using a rental arbitrage calculator, it will be easier for Airbnb hosts to have an overview of their potential revenue and check out emerging markets within their preferred area.


How to Be an Excellent Airbnb Host

Being an excellent Airbnb host is essential to keep the business running when you get more bookings and reservations in the future. Here are a few takeaways to take note of:

  • Stay responsive
    As an Airbnb host, maintaining a high response rate is crucial to improve your rankings and will eventually help you get more Airbnb bookings. If you have more than one property to manage, using an automated messaging tool will help you become more organized, respond to guests’ inquiries, and avoid double bookings.
  • Provide quality service & ask guests to leave reviews
    Don’t forget: guests’ feedback matters! If you can consistently provide excellent quality service, warmly welcome guests, and provide their needs – reviews will eventually speak for themselves. You can also ask your guests to leave feedback if you don’t have any reviews yet.
  • Never stop improving your listings
    Airbnb’s trends are consistently changing and it’s important to stay updated to stand out from your competitors. By taking new photos, redecorating your rooms, and adding the best Airbnb amenities, your listing will not fade & be on the last page of Airbnb’s search results.
  • Become an Airbnb Superhost
    If you want to have repeat guests and stay fully booked for an entire month, then achieving a superhost status is certainly the best way to do so! Some of the requirements include maintaining a cancellation rate of at least 1% or lower, achieving an average hosting rate of 4.8-5%, and having at least 10 trips in a year.


Now that you have a step-by-step guide to becoming an outstanding Airbnb host, don’t miss out on greater opportunities in the market. Learning more through market research and getting the most accurate data available using a precise STR analytics tool like Airbtics will certainly help your Airbnb business grow and have long-term profitability.

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Airbnb Promotion: Effective Ways to Get More Airbnb Bookings

Starting an Airbnb business is certainly exciting when you have an overview of your property’s potential revenue and are more than ready to welcome guests. It could be a real challenge for Airbnb hosts to promote Airbnb listings and still see no results after doing all the hard work. 

While it takes time, patience, and perseverance for your property to get booked, there are certain reasons why there’s a delay – and the best ways to overcome them!

If you have successfully listed your property on Airbnb and are only getting a few bookings than expected, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll explain some reasons for getting a few bookings, along with proven-effective ways to get more bookings on Airbnb and improve your listing’s ranking.

How to Get your First Airbnb Booking?

It’s important to note that Airbnb uses a similar algorithm as Google and other search engines in order for listings to rank on its platform. 

Therefore, the higher you rank, the more bookings you will get! Here are some of the factors that you have to consider improving to get your first booking on Airbnb:

1. Airbnb Title & Description

If you were to book an Airbnb property, you certainly wouldn’t book a place that only says ‘one-bedroom beachfront’ with no other detailed descriptions. As a host, it’s important to be as accurate and detailed as possible by taking the best Airbnb photos and highlighting your Airbnb amenities. This is the perfect time to market your property!

For instance, this listing’s title & description are well-written because it features the following:

  • The number of bedrooms
  • Nearby tourist attractions & views
  • Architectural design
  • Amenities offered
  • Property’s capacity
  • Extra charges per person
  • Furniture & other equipment
how to get more airbnb bookings
how to get more airbnb bookings
2. Set a Competitive Daily Rate Price

By pricing smartly, you’ll be able to stand out among the other available listings within your area. If you are new to Airbnb, it’s important to set your daily rate a little lower than the average price depending on your property type or use a dynamic pricing tool for a more accurate pricing strategy.

3. Activate Instant Book

Airbnb’s Instant Book is often automatically enabled for guests to have a smooth booking experience, however, it’s important to check if it’s enabled on your end. While other hosts prefer to inspect every guest’s Airbnb profile before anything else, Airbnb’s algorithm prefers to rank listings with an activated instant book.

4. Set up Automated Messages

By immediately responding to guests’ inquiries and concerns, Airbnb recognizes you as a responsible host and your listing tends to appear on the top search. It’s also important to consider sending Airbnb message templates and using Airbnb hosting tools such as Host Tools or Hostify to automate your messages.

5. Promote your Listing on Facebook & Google ads

Based on my observation, the majority of Airbnb hosts are also promoting their properties for rent on social media. This highlights their credibility as hosts and even boosts their bookings through paid ads. 

The best part though is that if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on advertisements at the moment, you can always adjust the timeline of promotion per day according to your budget.

how much can you make on airbnb

Off Season: No Airbnb Bookings

Although low seasons are unavoidable, it’s essential to know when these days are so that you can expect them and be able to provide seasonal discounts. For instance, if your property is situated by the beach and the rainy days are approaching, you can always promote a rainy season discount 2 weeks prior.

In addition to this, you can also expect to eliminate extra charges when there is low demand and calculate your potential profit using an Airbnb calculator.

how to get more airbnb bookings
airbtics dashboard

Source: Airbtics Dashboard

Not Getting Enough Bookings on Airbnb?

If you have applied all the necessary tips and techniques mentioned above but are still not getting enough bookings on Airbnb, then you should definitely consider listing your property on another platform. 

This will maximize your listing’s exposure to other similar online platforms such as Booking.com, Trip Advisor, VRBO, and the like. It’s possible that your current listing has a greater potential to be fully booked in a different platform, and Airbtics is designed to help you figure that out using the channel integration feature.

airbtics dashboard


Getting more Airbnb bookings is no longer a difficult task in the current digital era. With so many Airbnb hosting tools available, hosts can easily look for alternatives and strategies to maximize their listings’ exposure to different online platforms aside from Airbnb. 

Now that you have an overview of the 10 effective ways to get more Airbnb bookings, take the next step by applying them with a happy heart! As you strive to reach your path to success, there will still be uncertainties along the way such as a decrease in occupancy rates or lower monthly revenue. 

Fortunately, with the help of an accurate Airbnb Data Analytics Tool, you no longer have to worry about any of that! Designed to showcase accurate data, not only does the app help you optimize your listing, but it can also provide useful data for simulating cash returns using the Airbnb Calculator.

Airbnb Data
Airbnb Data

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