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Into The Airbnb Podcast S2 EP 11: Interview with an Airbnb Host from New Mexico & Texas

Welcome back to another episode of into the Airbnb, where we talk with Airbnb hosts about their short-term rental experience.

Let’s listen to our today’s podcast featuring our guest, Andrea Whitson, based in Central Texas, who is an experienced Airbnb host and manages five listings in Texas and New Mexico. In this episode, Andrea will tell us about her experience doing short term rentals and remote hosting. 

Into The Airbnb Podcast S2 EP 11:
5 Successful Airbnb Rentals in Texas & New Mexico
Andrea Cole airbnb host interview

Andrea Whitson is an experienced Airbnb host from Central Texas who manages 5 listings in Texas and New Mexico. In this episode, Andrea will tell us about her short-term rental and remote hosting experiences.

You can also listen to this Into The Airbnb Podcast Episode on Otter.

So can you tell us how did you get started on Airbnb?

We’ve not been doing Airbnb all that long. But in 2018, I really wanted to beach house down on the the Texas coastline. And I found a great deal on a house on Crystal beach. And it’s a beach that’s closest to Houston. So that’s the closest major city. And my husband agreed to make the downpayment as long as I would make the monthly payments. And so I’m no dummy. I didn’t want to pay out of my own pocket for that payment. So we made it to Airbnb, and I’ve never ever had to make a payment once with my own money, because it’s been so well. And since then we did we have that the beach house, we added three ski town properties in New Mexico, just so that we could have more. We could have a summer season with the beach house, we could have a winter season with a ski properties.


Okay, so in the areas you’re hosting in Texas and New Mexico, how is the seasonality like?


Well, I’ll put it this way on the beach house, the bookings that we have from Memorial Day, which is mid May or end of May, through Labour Day, which is the first of September, those bookings pay for the property’s annual expenses. So that’s where we make the bulk of our money that covers all of our expenses for the year. And the same is true for the for the ski properties. And their winter season is December to March. And again, that pays for the rest of the year’s expenses for those properties. And that gives us income as well. But we always try to pay for the property with the seasonality and then anything else was property. I’m sorry, is that profit

and loss. So in the high season versus low season? How is your average occupancy rate like in both of those places?


Well, I don’t know much look at it that way. Because our ski properties we acquired in September of 2020 20. So we don’t have a long history, whatever say is all of our properties together and we just we just added another one, that urban area, right outside of Austin is our first non tourist location home that we added. So that’s the fifth actually the fifth house. So we average right now 67% average occupancy across all properties year round.


I see I see. And do you remote host the one in New the ones in New Mexico?


Yes. Yep. And even the beach house. We do that remotely because it’s a five hour drive. So we do all of those remote and have teams in place. And those tourist locations.


Oh, so four of them are remote hosted? Yes. Okay, great. Can you tell us about your experience with remote hosting?


Actually, that we you know, we’ve done it from the beginning, because we didn’t open with a house that was near us, we now have one. And it’s much easier with it near you. The remote hosting though as long as you have a cleaner and a handyman. And you have a very, very good system. Very good record keeping. The remote hosting is very simple. There’s, there are so many tools and resources available in terms of application to help you with your communications to help you with your pricing to help with all of your bookings. So the remote management to me is just part of part of how it is and we’ve we’ve been able to work it very well.


Good and how did you manage to get a good team to help you in your listings?


A lot of it is really asking around one one thing that we just covered in and I don’t know if it’s if it’s small town It’s probably best to visit small towns, but our properties, aside from the one in the Austin area, they’re in small towns. And so almost all of these towns have a Facebook page, where residents will talk where they share information and share plumbers and painters and things like that.

So we always look for that. And that gives us a great way to find someone in an emergency. And also find out who other people use, a lot of times, it’s hosts, other hosts, that it could be residents as well. So we typically get our, our cleaners that way. Now we’ve been through a couple of cleaners in and the beach house property, and we just start asking around and finding out who does cleaning, and who is able to one thing that we find really critical is that we’d be able to book them digitally. So when a booking comes in, they get noticed right away, what we don’t want to do is be having to send texts and emails and calling them to give them our schedule. But we haven’t had any problems finding cleaners. But we have, we’ve definitely had problems maintaining the right level of cleanliness with our cleaners. And I assume, now in my Austin property, I’ve not had that issue, but it hasn’t been online, all that all that long.

We went live in December. So the cleaners, I think part of it is really trying to get the best real relationship you can get with them get to know them personally, we at Christmas, we send gifts, you know, they’re, they’re our friends, they’re our partners. And so right now our cleaner in the Coast area, they’ve really begun to partner with us. And really treat it like it’s their income as well. And it is literally, but still the day to day, people who are cleaning the house. That’s really where you can run into problems. Because if they’re have a lot of back to back bookings, they’re tired. They’re, you know, the season is, is really busy. When when they stopped sailing, that’s when things get really rocky. So it’s really important on the cleaners to have someone who has a team of cleaners versus one person cleaning everything.

Yeah, I agree with that completely. And about the area, the areas you’re hosting sorry. How is your average occupancy rate, like in the high seasons versus the low seasons?


So I’m trying to think like I said, the majority, I’m in the high season, we’re probably 90%. Now what I will say is, we use Airbnb only, we do not booked through VRBO. And we’ve just had some bad experiences. So that does limit, you know, how the occupancy, you know, potentially that limits it. The other thing is in our properties, we we try to make sure that the reasonable amount of people in the house, we don’t try to get in every every bed that you could possibly get in there to increase occupancy and and the daily rate. But we are we are occupied enough so that we have bookings that pay for the rest of the year. I’ll say that.



Sounds good. Sounds good. And throughout the year, what is your pricing strategy?


Airbnb data


Well, we have actually just moved to dynamic pricing through price labs. So we began that in the fall of last year. So what the difference is so far, right? We don’t we don’t have a lot of history to really look at it. But what we’re finding is the occupancy is less, but the daily rate is much more. So we’re actually making more money and having less wear and tear on the house. We’re definitely getting to a point where we’ll have to decide, okay, now that we’re making the money we wanted to make. And we could choose to increase the occupancy, there’s some value add things we could do to bring up the occupancy, but I will say that once we went to that dynamic pricing, it really changed the game instead of us trying to manually do that, which we had done for a couple of years.



I understand so you will recommend people to use like dynamic pricing solution instead of pricing by yourself.


Yes. Okay. Not only not only is it easier, there’s just things that the They’re aware of that. Depending on how many properties you have, you may not know about local events that drive high occupancy. And that is all part of the dynamic pricing where there’s, there’s visibility to that, and the trends and people booking. So again, depending on how many properties you have, that gets really hard to keep up with the dynamic pricing certainly is a much easier way to go. And the added bonus to the dynamic pricing actually is we’re not questioning if our house is worth that much or not. We’re seeing what other people are charging, we’re seeing what the rates are, and the it’s supporting the rates. So we don’t have a skewed view then about what the house might rent for. So it’s sort of take depersonalised it, which has helped us make more money.


Okay, good to hear about your experience with that. And can you tell us in these years being an Airbnb host, what have been your top challenges? Well, we’re in Airbnb,


You know, the only what I’ll say is, every unit, when we first take it online, every unit is bumpy. And I can’t tell you why. It’s not one thing, it’s several things. So for about two months, usually, we, we keep our prices, you know, low to get people in there. And we use that as a testing ground to find out what what needs to be fixed, what needs what is not working for guests. So I would say, always anticipate, at least in our experience, that it’s going to be bumpy, the first one or two months. After that every time it smooths out. And then we have almost no problem. The ongoing challenge, I’ll go back to the cleaning, I can overcome most everything else. But what I can’t overcome easily is a cleaner, who I had one time where a cleaner, I don’t know if her child got sick or something. But she left the cleaning job right in the middle of it and didn’t tell anyone. So the guest shows up, and the mop and the you know, the bucket, and all of that is out there. So, again, I’m looking more for cleaning companies at this point. But I think cleaning will still be a challenge because no one’s going to clean it. And it’s not only cleaning it, but it’s also staging it for Airbnb for the guests. So I find that very challenging.

Delia: Oh, so right now, how are you dealing with the cleaning problem? 


I actually take pictures of everything how I want it. And I usually April is a good month when both of our markets are pretty good. And so we try to get down to those units, you know, refresh things. I take pictures of all of the rooms, how I want them to look, I take pictures of my supply closet, how I want them to keep the supply, closet, inventory and all of that. So I’m putting systems in place that help them make it, it’s easier for them to let me know what’s going on. But I still find there just aren’t things they just don’t look at it with the same eyes as a host, an owner does. So I think really that will continue to be a challenge.


Yeah, I understand completely agree with that. So um, any tips that you would like to share for other Airbnb hosts or a future Airbnb host?


What, what I would say is, I might be a little bit different host than the norm. I turned 60 years old last year. So I’m getting to retirement age and I, my personal strategy is to replace my corporate income before I retire. So within the next couple of years, I want to 100% replace my corporate income with Airbnb income, so that I can have the lifestyle I want without having to work the same amount of hours. And with that in mind, where we have bought property, we have been very strategic. And that because we choose places where we want to visit during retirement, we can go to Brazil, for three months, we can go to New Mexico for three months, we can go to the beach house for three months, we can go to the Austin house for three months.

So we’re very strategic and how we choose where we have our properties. And we’ll end up selling our our big primary house and then we’ll just travel to the places we love. But it will all be a business expense. So we’re trying to turn everything into a business expense. And then in terms of my exit strategy, and I think you need I think you need to know what your strategy is.

My exit strategy is to pass away, and then our children will inherit all the property and they can either sell it or continue running a short term rental business, if that’s still a thing at that point. And I always tell them, that the way that I look at short term rental, or any rental real estate really is I stopped and I tell myself, someone, I don’t even know if buying me a house, to give to my kids. And so that is the perspective that keeps me wanting to do better. And knowing that it’s pretty amazing that I have homes and I’m not making payments myself. So that drives me that I’m very passionate about that.


Oh, that’s really sweet. Thanks for sharing that with us. Sure. So that will be it for today. Thank you for your time.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Julie. I appreciate the opportunity.


Thanks for listening to into the Airbnb. We’re looking for hosts and other people in the short term rental industry to interrupt if you have what we need and would like to share your experience in this podcast, please send us an email. All the info is at the end of the description.

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The Top 10 Airbnb Podcasts to listen to in 2022

As a business-minded individual in the Airbnb world, it’s certainly important to take the initiative by continuously learning and optimizing what you can to further improve your business in many aspects. This may include reading particular articles about effective strategies to increase occupancy rates, watching several tutorials from industry experts, or saving your eyes from stress by listening to an Airbnb podcast instead!

Since the idea of podcasts launched in 2004, digital audio listeners have increased annually. This is because they are very helpful in learning about any industry that you are curious about and they come in very handy! Here’s the best part: while podcasts can be easily downloaded & saved offline, they talk about specific topics that will be beneficial according to your needs

podcast listeners

Top-Performing Airbnb Podcasts

In this article, we will discuss the top-performing Airbnb podcasts that you MUST listen to. From the remarkable insights of Airbnb experts around the world to actionable tips, trends & recommendations, you will truly learn more about what it takes to be successful in the industry. So without further ado, let’s jump in and talk about the best Airbnb podcasts that we recommend for you to listen to!

1. Get Paid for your Pad

airbnb podcasts get paid for your pad

This podcast discusses to scale your Airbnb business, how you can promote your short-term rental, & improve your ranking in the search results.
You can listen to this podcast on the following channels:


Get Paid For Your Pad is a definitive show on Airbnb that features hosting tips & it has a total of 468 episodes.
Here is a summary of the podcast:

2. Into The Airbnb

into the airbnb podcast

If you would like to know beyond the experiences and insights of Airbnb hosts, then this might be the podcast that you need to listen to! Discover the magic numbers including revenue, occupancy & daily rates, and everything you need to know about succeeding in the STR business.

You can listen to this podcast on the following channels:


Into The Airbnb is an exquisite podcast that tackles not only the experiences & stories of Airbnb hosts from around the globe, but also reveals the essential STR data that is crucial in maximizing revenue! Here is a summary of the podcast:

3. Thanks for Visiting by Annette & Sarah

thanks for visiting by annette and sarah podcast airbnb

Annette & Sarah shares their secrets in the hospitality industry, along with marketing tips & recommendations. You can listen to this podcast on the following channels:

You can listen to this podcast on the following channels:


Thanks for Visiting podcast features actionable advise and essential fundamentals of the Airbnb business and it has 167 episodes. Here is a summary of the podcast:

4. BiggerPockets

biggerpockets podcast

In this podcast, you will discover how you can grow a rental portfolio, long-distance investing, and generating a passive income stream.

You can listen to this podcast on the following channels:


BiggeerPockets Real Estate podcast features in-depth conversations with real estate investors and entrepreneurs about their strategies and experiences in the business. Here is a summary of the podcast:

5. Shampoo & Booze

shampoo and booze airbnb

You can listen to this podcast on the following channels:


Shampoo & Booze podcast mainly discusses about making a living by home-sharing and they recently added a design consultation service. Here is a summary of the podcast:

Learn from the experts from this podcast as they share strategies for remotely handling a vacation rental, along with tips for renovation and sourcing furniture.

Airbnb data

6. Unlocked by Matt Landau

unlocked airbnb podcast

Do you want to discover how you can automate your vacation rental business? Then this podcast is for you. Learn more about growth hacks and secrets, along with challenges of property management from Matt Landau.

You can listen to this podcast on the following channels:


Unlocked by Matt Landau podcast contains interviews from the world’s most innovative vacation rental professionals. Here is a summary of the podcast:

7. The Hosting Journey 

the hosting journey by evelyn badia

In this podcast, Evelyn Badia talks about the necessary tools and products for Airbnb hosts, tips for renovating, and preparing your Airbnb listings the right way.

You can listen to this podcast on the following channels:


The Hosting Journey by Evelyn Badia covers the latest tips & recommendations and challenges faced by hosts like herself. Here is a summary of the podcast:

8. Airbnb Investment Properties Podcast 

Airbnb Investment Properties Podcast by David Leroux

If you’re looking for methods to improve your cash flow and secrets to finding the best investment properties, this podcast is a must-listen!

You can listen to this podcast on the following channels:


Airbnb Investment Properties podcast by David Leroux aims to provide relevant information about buying or subleasing a property for real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Here is a summary of the podcast:

9. Vacation Rental Machine 

vacation rental machine podcast

This podcast focuses on various available automation technologies in the market and their episodes are usually 4-23 minutes long.

You can listen to this podcast on the following channels:


Vacation Rental Machine is owned by Airbnb superhosts Jon Bell & Julian Sage. They  provide insightful ideas for hosts to create systems for automating their Airbnb business. Here is a summary of the podcast:

10. Hosting Your Home

hosting your home podcast

You can listen to this podcast on the following channels:


Hosting Your Home features a combination of practical tips and host profiles since they truly believe in sparking human connections by Airbnb hosting. Here is a summary of the podcast:

Based on its title, ‘Hosting Your Home – Airbnb Host Stories’, this podcast focuses on sharing the interactions of hosts in creating a personal connection with their guests.

General Conclusion

The top-performing podcasts listed in this article were carefully filtered according to their popularity, informative Airbnb-related content, and the majority of online reviews which helped us rank them accordingly. Since there are numerous Airbnb podcasts available online, you now have a list of the ones that are worth listening to!

On the other hand, if you feel like you need more convincing before you start your own STR business or maybe you need more precise data to support a claim – try utilizing an excellent Airbnb Data Analytics Tool. Designed to showcase accurate short-term rental analytics data, not only does our app help you optimize your listing, but it can also provide VERY useful data for simulating cash returns using the Airbnb Calculator.

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How to Promote your Airbnb Listings the Right Way: 10 Effective Strategies & more!

No matter how long you’ve been in the business industry, it’s a fact that there’s a constant change for improvement in every corner to maximize Airbnb revenue & get the highest occupancy rates. And it’s true – in order to catch up with the fast pace of Airbnb hosts all over the world, one must always aim to rise above the long list of competitors.

Relatively, the best way to showcase the details of your Airbnb listing is through the power of advertisement! The big questions are:

How, when, and where do you start promoting? 

Fortunately, this article will focus on answering all these questions! Perhaps you’ve already done some of the strategies mentioned in this article, and if it didn’t work out — maybe it’s time to strive even better with our helpful tips. Yes, this includes intricate work such as replacing the old outdated photos of your plain room with luxurious amenities and collaborating with local restaurants & artists, but trust me when I say that it’s all worth it in the end!

In the digital era, there are certainly more than 10 ways to advertise your Airbnb listing. So we conducted in-depth research and filtered out the most effective ones in order for you to focus on the essentials! Keep on reading to learn more.


airbnb promoting listings

Prioritize Booking Channels

First and foremost, your listing has to be put up on various channels in order to reach more engagement. To save valuable time, we recommend using a channel manager that can help publish your listings on 5-15 channels in one go!

An Airbnb channel manager refers to a software tool that allows your Airbnb business to sell all the rooms on all your connected online booking sites at the same time. 

Some of Airbnb’s preferred partners are Guesty, Hostify, Lodgify, and Hostaway. Aside from helping you advertise on more channels, this tool can also help your business boost its occupancy by preventing double bookings and increasing revenue. Since all the reservations & messages are all in one place, it will definitely help Airbnb hosts to avoid confusion and improve organizational skills!

FAQs about Airbnb Channel Manager

In order to connect your software to Airbnb, you have to set up an Airbnb host account and select ‘business’.

Once you have successfully created an account, you can connect it by granting your PMS or CM permission to manage your existing Airbnb account and select the listings you want to publish from your PMS or CM.

Yes, you can! By changing your sync settings from Pricing & Availability Sync to Everything Sync, you can manage all of your listing details in your preferred software. Here are the necessary steps that you need to follow for changing your sync settings:

  1. Log in to your Airbnb account.
  2. Go to Listings. For each of the listings that you’d like to edit, select the check box next to the listing name.
  3. Click or tap Edit selected.
  4. Choose Sync settings.
  5. Select Pricing and Availability or Everything and click or tap Save.

Primarily, you have to create listings on your preferred software and they’ll automatically publish on Airbnb. Once completed, you’ll receive an email confirming that your listings have been successfully published.

You can connect your existing listings to keep existing content and reviews which also helps to avoid creating duplicates.

You can merge listings through your software if your PMS or CM supports it. If not, you’ll need to merge and publish directly on Airbnb’s sync page.

In addition to this, you can also leverage channels such as VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owners) and Booking.com.
Here are the necessary steps that you can follow in order to sign up as a host on both platforms:

VRBO  (Vacation Rentals by Owner)

• Register as a host on VRBO
•Starting on 10 properties, you can register as an online travel agency

•Create your ad – you can also get help from the Vrbo team

•Set your nightly rates and rules

•Done: Publish your listing and receive bookings


Visit the sign-up page and click ‘Get started’

•Enter your email address & personal details (first name, last name & phone number) then click Next

•Enter your password, confirm, then click Create account

•Click List your property under your type of property, then follow the steps to set up your listing details

•Follow the steps to set up your property listing details

•Your registration will be reviewed and you’ll receive a confirmation email.

•Whenever you’re ready, you can make your property live on the platform!

Add Aesthetic Photographs
to Promote your Airbnb Listings

We’ll cut the story short: Almost all the articles regarding Airbnb advertisement strategies include adding high-quality photographs! Because let’s face it, who would want to book a listing with blurry, little, or no photos at all? Sketchy!

Let’s take a look at some of the promising listings with aesthetic photos that will make you want to book right away:

airbnb listings with aesthetic photos sample

Relatively, before you come to a conclusion that you are not capable of taking great photos, here are some options that you can consider:

1. Do-it-yourself (DIY) Photography
diy airbnb photography

If you are on a limited budget and have all the free time to take photos of your listings, why not?! Since you already know which amenities you can feature, then DIY photography might be the appropriate choice for you. 

Note: a professional camera is not necessary, as long as your smartphone can take high-resolution photos of your Airbnb listings, then it can definitely be utilized! Here are some tips that can help you take awesome photos of your listings:

1. Clean & declutter
 Primarily, you have to prioritize decluttering your space and make sure that it looks sparkling clean. You can also try putting up minimalist furniture and decorations! 

2. Let the natural light in
 Arrange your curtains and turn the lights on in each room to highlight your property’s cleanliness.

3. Highlight your amenities & special features
 Your guests would want to see all the amenities that you added to your listings, so take photos of them in detail, and don’t forget to add a personalized Airbnb welcome letter!

4. Take photos from different angles
 Make your photos more aesthetic by providing ones that are taken from different angles. Through this, your guests can visualize that your property is to their liking.

5. Upload the appropriate resolution
According to Airbnb, the correct resolution should be 1024px x 683px.

2. Hire a Local Photographer
local airbnb photographer

You’ll be surprised to know that there are various local photographers who are looking forward to having side gigs such as Airbnb photography! The easiest way to hire local photographers is by joining the Airbnb community and filtering them out by searching for your city / country.

Bonus tip: you can also create a hiring post that includes all your terms & conditions and let the photographers reach out to you with their portfolio.

3. Hire a Professional Airbnb Photographer

If you are a remote host with multiple errands and you simply don’t have the time to do the 2 options above, then you can consider hiring an Airbnb professional photographer!

According to Airbnb, the price of professional photography is determined by your listing’s size and location. After requesting a quote, you will receive price information via email within 24 hours of your request. Here are the 4 easy steps in hiring a photographer from Airbnb:

1. Submit request & approve price

Enter your ‘Listing ID’ here and you’ll receive a follow-up email with a price quote.

2. Schedule your photoshoot

Once you have confirmed the price quote, Airbnb will connect you with a local photographer.

3. Preparation & photoshoot

Prepare for the photoshoot by cleaning and styling your listing.

4. Publishing & payment

Payment comes from future bookings and is typically paid off within one or two nights.

Promote your Airbnb Listings by
Ranking  0n Airbnb SEO
(Search Engine Optimization)

You probably haven’t heard of Airbnb SEO, but this is an effective process of increasing your listing’s visibility within Airbnb search results pages! For instance, if you’re aiming to rank first on the search results, there are Airbnb ranking factors to consider such as pricing & quantity of reviews. Another notable remark from Airbnb SEO Algorithm was to avoid rejections & cancellations! 

To do this, you have to primarily make it a habit of keeping your calendar updated from time to time (or sit back, relax, and let the Airbnb channel manager handle it). Here are some useful tips to rank on Airbnb SEO:

1. Improve your Listing’s Overall Format – Your efforts of taking aesthetic photos or hiring a photographer will pay off here! It’s time to feature those high-quality photos, add specific details of your property, and offer the top Airbnb amenities to encourage more guests to check out your listing.

2. Level up your pricing! Airbnb states that setting a competitive price can help improve your ranking. In order to appear in the top-most part of the search results, it is suggested to offer the best value within your area. Relatively, you can set your price appropriately by comparing your competitor’s price range with the help of a data analytics tool.

3. Availability & Responsiveness – Some of the factors that can increase your Airbnb SEO ranking include your response time to inquiries, availability of listings, and frequent acceptance of bookings. It is highly recommended to add more open dates to your listings & avoid cancellations in order for guests to instantly view your property on the first page of the search results.

Collaborations with Influencers,
Journalists, and Local Restaurants

This particular collaboration advertisement strategy is ideal if you’re thinking of prioritizing long-term growth in the business. There are plenty of local journalists, artists, and restaurant owners who might also be looking for an exchange promotion to increase brand awareness. Check out the following ideas that can spark your inspiration for initiating collaborations:

1. Influencer Marketing – A benchmark report about influencer marketing recently declared the consistent growth of the industry up to $16.4 billion this year – which gives us the conclusion that it’s an effective marketing strategy. But amidst the thousands of influencers out there, how do you determine the right person that you should hire for your property? Here are some of our takeaways:

  • Engagement rates
    If you were expecting to see the number of followers written on top of our list, then you need to look at the bigger picture because engagement rates are the primary metrics to look out for. This refers to the level of engagement between an influencer and its subscribers, which has the potential to attract more sales to your business. You can manually calculate engagement rates or try out some influencer marketing software like Heepsy and Cision.
  • Payment: Non-monetary & monetary
    It’s important to consider what you can offer to influencers in exchange for their services. If you get to agree on providing a non-monetary incentive, you can either let your influencer stay at your property for free in exchange for their collaboration. In relation to this, you can also read more on how to incentivize your influencers!
  • Discuss terms & conditions
    Once you have finalized your decision on choosing the right influencer to promote your property, it’s time to discuss certain terms & conditions during their professional relationship tenure. Some of the essential terms in an influencer agreement include the duration of the agreement, content rights, payment terms, and the like.
  • Total number of followers & subscribers
    Last but definitely not least, the total number of subscribers is also an important factor that you have to consider. You would want to target the appropriate followers such as travel bloggers, celebrities, or credible Airbnb professionals in order to attain more bookings & sales.

    Bonus tip: there are ways in authenticating if an influencer has fake followers!

2. Associating with Local Journalists – Working with local journalists nearby will not only help you advertise your listings properly but can also bring intense publicity!

However, if you feel like hiring one isn’t necessary or that you can only provide a minimum fee, you can always look for individuals who are up for an unpaid journalist internship. In addition to this, you can also reach out to nearby universities to check if they allow students from their writing community to collaborate on certain projects. Perhaps they can help in improving the write-ups for your listings, too!

3. Teaming up with Restaurant Owners – Add more life to your Airbnb by supporting local restaurants and exchanging brand awareness! If you haven’t heard of Airbnb & Resy’s collaboration in 2014, their main goal was to fill in empty tables by giving Airbnb guests the access to book an in-app reservation at local restaurants.

Imagine being a traveler in a foreign country with very little knowledge about the best restaurants in town, wouldn’t you want to try some of your host’s food recommendations?! You can start this by visiting local restaurants nearby or contacting them on their social media platforms and discussing some of your ideas for collaborations.

Consider Investing in High-End Amenities

Guests with particular expectations on amenities are definitely willing to pay more – especially if the photos in your listing show just how enticing & luxurious they are! While more and more people in the business are investing in high-quality amenities these days, it’s also important to have an Airbnb amenities checklist prepared to make sure that you have everything you need for success.

Let’s set an example to visualize a traveler’s point of view. You are looking forward to renting a vacation home in California with your family. Since you are traveling as a group, their certain demands on vacation home rental amenities include a fully equipped kitchen, a pool, or perhaps a veranda by the beach.

Upon checking the photos of the Airbnb listings with your preferred amenities, some of the amenities are not indicated — until you saw a great offer that has it all! It may cost a little more, but wouldn’t you want to book it?

It’s important to recognize that your target market depends on your current city or state. If you live in a busy city near universities or various business companies, then you have to consider adding the right amenities and stick to the appropriate advertisements.

For instance, you would want to include amenities in your Airbnb listing such as a dedicated workspace, free coffee, or an excellent internet connection because your location can cater to most students & entrepreneurs.

In addition to this, you might also be able to attract other travelers who are looking for similar listings in the area which is why it’s always best to understand your target market in the Airbnb business.

Join Local Online Forums in your Areas

Nowadays, there are certain groups similar to vacation rental owners’ online forums where rental owners have a safe space to brainstorm ideas and even promote each of their respective listings! Local online forums will definitely open up new doors of learning opportunities.

online forums

For instance, if there is a university nearby in your area, you might want to consider joining a student group on Facebook because they always need short-term accommodations. You can share your photos & posts on your most preferred groups, too! 

The world is your oyster, check out the top forums for Airbnb hosts & managers:

1: The Hosts of Airbnb Automated

This is a community for Airbnb hosts & entrepreneurs that are aiming to collaborate, learn how to effectively manage the business, provide Airbnb courses & coaching programs, and the like. 

2: Airbnb Professional Hosts

Airbnb Professional Hosts is an active online community with over 43k members dedicated to connecting with various Airbnb hosts from all over the world. According to their description, it is a one-stop resource for Airbnb, short-term rentals, VRBO, vacation rentals, corporate rentals, and rental arbitrage.

3: AirBnB / HomeAway / Vacation Rental MasterMind Group

This is another popular online community where the members are proactively focused on self-promotion & generating more revenue.

4: Airbnb Community

Airbnb Community has more than 1.2 million active members who share the same sentiments on various topics in the Airbnb industry. In order to get involved in this community forum, all you have to do is sign in with your Airbnb account.

5: AirHostsForum

In contrary to Airbnb Community, this forum is not officially affiliated with Airbnb but has the same purpose of associating hosts from all over the world. This forum also contains the latest updates and news for Airbnb hosts.

Coordinate with your Local Tourism Council

Airbnb properties are also registered and listed in your area’s tourism council or websites. Similar to hotels and resorts, listing your Airbnb business with your local tourism council will certainly boost your bookings since they are the most trusted resources. 

Pay a visit to the local tourism office nearby or speak to them on the phone to make sure that they can support you in promoting your business! 

For your reference, here is a list of the official tourism offices that you can reach out to:

1. United States of America’s Tourism Offices

2. European Tourist Information Offices

3. South African Tourism Office

4. Asian Tourism Offices

5. Australia’s Tourism Centers

6. UK Tourism Information Centers

Print out Promotional Cards & Flyers

Print is NOT dead! For some people who refuse to stay active on social media, promotional cards and flyers can truly help increase promotion, particularly in local restaurants or nearby souvenir shops. Present your Airbnb business card with local collaborations and make sure to indicate what your property offers!

For easy access, you can also check out some of the free Airbnb promotional card templates that are ready to be edited & printed! Some of our recommended user-friendly + FREE photo editing apps include Canva, Pixlr, VSCO, and Adobe Photoshop Express.

Provide Seasonal Discounts & Promotions

Though discounts and promotions are not necessary, posting these on social media every once in a while creates excitement and can increase your chances of high occupancy rates! It is important to know that Airbnb promotions & discount strategies such as last-minute booking discounts are also important to learn in the business to avoid losing money.

Check out some of the seasonal discounts that you can provide to your guests:

  1. Longer stays discounts – providing this discount to a guest who prefers to extend for a longer period of time is a guaranteed income. You will obviously earn less per night, but as long as it can be planned strategically – it could still be a win-win situation!
  2. New listing promotion – if you are new to the business and would like to get bookings immediately, this promotion is definitely ideal! According to Airbnb, the new listing promotion allows hosts to implement a 20% discount on eligible listings for the first three bookings. Check out Airbnb’s video tutorial on the new hosting promotion.
  3. Seasonal pricing – by creating different types of Airbnb rule sets to your listing, you can easily adjust the following:
  • Nightly price increase/decrease
  • Length-of Stay discounts
  • Last-minute discounts
  • Early bird discounts
  • Availability setting (min/max stay)

Similarly, there are also various discussions and strategies on how you can successfully implement discounts & offers on Airbnb – without losing so much money!

Keep your Lines Open & Customize Saved Replies

If you are either a remote host or an entrepreneur who makes money from this business as a part-time professional, it’s important to create saved replies and keep your lines open for transactions! Through this, your guests will feel like they can reach out for inquiries – if not, then we recommend including two active mobile / phone numbers (if applicable) in the saved replies.

If you have guests who are confused or have certain concerns, make sure to get back to them instantly.

FAQs about Airbnb Saved Replies

By going to your hosting inbox, you can open the folder menu, select quick replies and tap ‘new reply’.

Once you have indicated your customized message, set the language accordingly and save.

Some of the common shortcodes include guest’s first & last names, check-in dates & time, directions, and the like. You can select the shortcodes that you’d like to use from the drop-down menu.

Ask your Recent Guests to Leave Feedback

Finally, last but not the least – FEEDBACK! Nothing beats the positive feedback of happy guests who were treated right and truly had a wonderful experience during their stay. Before your guests leave, don’t forget to mention that you would appreciate it if they can leave a review on Airbnb or your official social media business page.

On the other hand, you can also send them a personalized email that contains a thank you note and insert your light statement of asking for a review (don’t wanna sound too desperate!). Here’s a sample format of asking your guests for a review:

“ Hey (name of guest), thank you for choosing to stay in (property name)! We really hope you had an excellent time. If you have a few minutes, I would really appreciate it if you could leave a review about your stay with us! 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you again in the future,

(Airbnb host’s name) ” 

General Conclusion

Now that you have an overview of the 10 effective ways of promoting your Airbnb listing, take the next step by applying them with a happy heart! As you strive to reach your path to success, there will still be uncertainties along the way such as a decrease in occupancy rates or lower monthly revenue. Fortunately, with the help of an accurate Airbnb Data Analytics Tool, you no longer have to worry about any of that! 

Designed to showcase accurate data, not only does the app help you optimize your listing, but it can also provide VERY useful data for simulating cash returns using the Airbnb Calculator. Choose to stand out among your competitors & try Airbtics!

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The Best Airbnb Welcome Letter: Tips, Templates & Free Printables!

If you have read articles on how you can be the best hospitable host in town, then you’d definitely know that creating an Airbnb welcome letter is the primary step towards that! As we discussed the importance of investing in high-end Airbnb amenities, we also mentioned how crucial it is to put yourself in the traveler’s shoes in order to think of their needs & desires – in this case, creating a welcome letter.

Now if you were the guest, what kind of message are you looking forward to reading?

In this article, we’ll give you some of the finest tips and aesthetic sample templates so you can spark the hospitable excitement for your guests to have a memorable experience in your business! After all, isn’t it always about exchanging positive energy in return for money and excellent reviews? Continue reading to learn more and stand out like a pro against your competitors!

Table of Contents

Free Printable Airbnb Welcome Templates

We understand how frustrating it could get for hosts to do all the work in such a short time, which is why we've added 3 different Airbnb welcome templates where the texts can be easily edited & personalized! Check out these awesome Airbnb welcome templates

free airbnb welcome template pdf print

Airbnb Welcome Letter Basic FAQs

WHAT is an Airbnb Welcome Letter?

An Airbnb welcome letter is one of the essential parts of Airbnb message flow wherein a host directly communicates to the guests. By creating and sending one, it will instantly give them the comfort and impression of how thoughtful a host is! As long as you have the right words and provide all the necessary details, it will truly be appreciated by the majority of your guests.

WHEN do you send out an Airbnb Welcome Letter?

Primarily, you would want to send out an Airbnb welcome letter 1-2 days prior to your guest’s arrival. Sending a personalized welcome letter will give them the reassurance that their travel is near and that you’re stoked to welcome them in your place  — a little boost of excitement, please! (+10 points for the hospitality).


Steps in Creating an Airbnb Welcome Letter

One of the main goals of having a personalized welcome letter prepared beforehand is for your guest to feel that their host is expecting their arrival. We’ll leave it here: You don’t have to be a writer to know the right words to say! As long as you have the devotion for providing them the best experience, you’re already on a good start. We also prepared a free downloadable sample letter that you can use as a guide. By simply following these steps, you will meet your guest’s overall expectations — or maybe even exceed them!


To begin with, we want to make sure that your guests know why we’re writing in the first place. You can start by introducing yourself as the host from the Airbnb where they booked (using your official business email address to avoid looking spammy) and express your excitement of hosting them in your place. Remember, you can also avoid using formal or robotic terms such as ‘Dear sir / maam’ or ‘View booking details here‘ — sounds like a chat bot! Feel free to start the email as if you’re writing to a friend. For instance:

Hey, Anna! I hope you’re doing well. My name is Robyn from Airbtics – your personal host! Since we’re so excited to see you tomorrow, we prepared a checklist with a few reminders of our check-in details and other relevant info that you might find useful.” 

airbnb welcome guest letter sample

airbnb welcome letter sample 2022


Let’s face it – yes, we’re trying to create a personalized letter, but nobody would want to read a long message that seems to be sugar-coated just for the sake of sending one. Keeping your email short and direct to the point will provide your guests with exactly what they need. Take the following example as your guide:

“Here are some of the important things to keep in mind

Exact address & nearest landmark: 024 West Avenue, San Juan City (in front of 711) + Waze link if applicable

Check-in & check-out time: 12NN check-in & 2PM check-out (for early check-ins, please let us know!)

Parking instructions: 1 parking spot will be reserved for guests exclusively in the garden area

House Rules: We are a pet-friendly space. Please smoke in our designated smoking areas.

Wi-Fi Password: ABC123″

airbnb guests welcome


By providing your contact details as their host, you’re making it easier for your guests to reach out regarding various inquiries such as restaurant recommendations or anything that would make their trip remarkable. It’s also a great takeaway to keep in mind that as a host, you’re building connections with people so make sure it’s an experience that they’ll never forget — hello, repeat customers!

Something as simple as this sentence is a perfect example: 

“Please don’t hesitate to reach out for any concerns or inquiries! Here’s my active phone number: 4137583”



Going back to our previous discussion of putting yourself in your guest’s shoes, wouldn’t it be sweet to receive at least 3-5 tips of getting around the place for a tourist like you? Provide a short list of the nearest grocery store or pharmacy, along with some of the top tourist destinations in the area to make your guests feel extra welcome!

“Oh and by the way, here are some of the interesting things you can do around town:

1. Visit the famous Squareville Park across the lake! It’s a 2 mins drive & accessible transportation is available

2. A convenience store & pharmacy are located on the right side of the street

3. Have a taste of our culture – a 24/7 restaurant across the road is ready to serve you!”




Ending your welcome letter with sincerity and gratitude is such an instant happy booster to the majority of guests. Through this, they would instantly feel that they can recommend the same experience of bliss to their relatives and friends. A simple line such as:

“Thank you so much for choosing Airbtics during your trip here in London. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!”

General Conclusion

Now that you have a perfect vision of your preferred Airbnb welcome letter template, it’s also best to know how you can further improve your STR business by looking at how your competitors perform in your area. Specifically speaking, if you are a remote host or are planning to be one — you don’t have to worry about being left out of the current trends (amenities & services offered in similar listings) with the help of an accurate Airbnb Data Analytics Tool

Not only does this help you optimize your listing, but it can also provide VERY useful data for simulating cash returns using the Airbnb Calculator. Choose to stand out among your competitors & try Airbtics!

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Real Estate Industry Trends That Will Shape 2022

Table of Contents
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    Mortgage Rates

    real estate mortgage trend2021 was the lowest housing inventory year in recorded history, but 2022 has shown growth in sellers listing homes. This year, mortgage rates are expected to hover at an average of 3.3 percent, with a projection of 3.6 percent by the end of the year. While a good amount of homes are popping up on the market and rates are rising, it can make for a good or bad scenario, depending on income. 



    The location of where you live used to be of high importance when it came to renting or buying. Properties that were close to work, loved ones, or grocery stores were a must when settling on a home. Sometimes, buyers would make certain compromises if their home wasn’t close to their preferred locations. However, this doesn’t look to be the case anymore. With the flexibility to work from home becoming the new norm, moving somewhere close to your job isn’t as big of a priority for many. real estate industry locationAccording to Realtor.com, as of 2021, many buyers preferred remote work and considered it when purchasing their new home. The increase of convenient services, such as delivery or entertainment, has made the choice of location easier. You will more than likely see a spike in homes purchased in less densely populated areas where congested traffic is thinner and better tax rates are a possibility.

    Virtual Tours

    When a tenant or homebuyer had to see a property in the past, it would’ve had to be done physically. Ever since the pandemic, certain adjustments were made in order to make home viewings possible. While the outbreak of COVID-19 became more severe, in-person meetings couldn’t happen,  but instead of removing properties from the housing market, many realtors began to utilize technology for remote tours. A study has shown that looking for homes or apartments online is far more practical than taking an in-person tour. While this doesn’t have to be the norm moving forward, it possesses a lot of perks for realtors and buyers.virtual tour real estate industry trend Scheduling times don’t have to be as tight, as room for more viewings can be done virtually. It’s helpful for anyone living outside the city or town they’re planning on moving to, as they’ll be able to see the home from a virtual tour on their computer screen. Realtors can expand their showings through virtual tours, as it can reach a wide selection of potential buyers.

    how much can you make on airbnb

    Newer Generations

    Now that millennial generations will be looking for their first homes, the industry will have to prepare for their new values. Properties that feature tech integrations and modern updates tend to be more attractive to younger homebuyers. new generation industryWhether the home or apartment is for rent or purchase, accessibility to Wi-Fi and other technological advancements, such as motion sensor lights, remote access lights, and smart thermostats, is important. Our friends at Globe Property Management in Winnipeg recommend making upgrades to ensure efficiency and maximum comfort. 

    You can expect more properties will have these added amenities, as they’re more appealing to younger buyers and could lower the cost of specific utilities. 


    Mental Health Spaces

    The stress that the pandemic has caused individuals was prominent, to say the least. Highlighting homes designed with health and wellness in mind will appeal to those looking for a calming environment after the last two years.

    mental health space real estate trendAccording to Zillow, spaces for meditation or reflection, reading nooks, spa-inspired bathrooms, earth tones, and natural lighting will be among many Zen-like features that home buyers will be looking for in 2022. 


    ESG Focus

    ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices have been something sorely lacking in the real estate industry, until now. You can expect attention to form around ESG-focused developments, like materials that offer carbon emission savings compared to concrete or steel.

    esg real estate industry trendThis is an appealing factor for buyers that are environmentally and socially conscious, and it’s becoming the new strategy in residential and commercial projects.

    With so many housing opportunities on the rise, now is as perfect a time as ever to buy, or to rent out properties. Airbnb is a great way to utilize any extra property, or newly purchased spaces. Knowing the inner workings of renting out your property can be tricky. Knowing the inner workings, like average utility prices or differences between authorized vs. unauthorized basement suites, can save you a lot of trouble when designing a smart investment plan. Choose wisely when looking for a property and go with the best.

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    Maximize Your Profit This 2022: Top Airbnb Amenities

    As the Airbnb Industry rapidly evolves and competitors are rising in the market, it’s certainly important to properly strategize your rank in the business. In this article, we will discuss how you can focus on maximizing your return on investment, worry less about dominant competitors, and aim to have the best Airbnb amenities this 2022.

    If you really want to know more successful ways that can help boost your Airbnb business’s overall performance in the market by investing in the top trending amenities, continue reading!

    Table of Contents
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      Why Invest in the Best Airbnb Amenities?

      top airbnb amenitiesTry to think about this: before you started your Airbnb business, what kind of amenities did you prefer to serve your guests? Even if you were on a limited budget, you probably thought that it would be ideal to offer quality amenities that match your financial capability. 

      Similarly, if you are about to introduce & launch your business in the entire world, don’t you want to kick off by being recognized as one of the bests? According to Airbnb News, despite the fact that we are currently amidst a pandemic, Airbnb is still leading the travel revolution for a variety of reasons. 

      This means that while more travelers are working remotely and are slowly transitioning to the new normal, their chances of traveling & booking in an Airbnb is scaling up. In this case, we expect that travelers won’t just book “any” kind of accommodation that they see online. 

      When we refer to the ‘best’ amenities for your Airbnb, this does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a hundred bucks for one item that will go to waste. You’ll be surprised to know that there are a handful of affordable options for high-end Airbnb amenities that will suit your budget and please every guest that walks right through your doorstep.

      Best Airbnb Amenities for Families with Kids

      As an Airbnb host, it’s extremely essential to anticipate different kinds of travelers from all over the world with various sets of needs. Expect excellent feedback once you offer the following amenities for families with kids:children airbnb amenities

      • Child-friendly furniture

      If your Airbnb is a 3-bedroom house that is used for family trips, you might want to consider adding child-friendly furniture such as cribs, a table & chair, a high chair, or a dollhouse. The best way to figure this out is by communicating with your guests! kids furniture amenities

      • Complimentary Sweet Treats

      Turn up your game by giving all guests a sweet time, including their kids! Aside from milk & cookies, you can also add chocolate macaroons, cupcakes, fruits, or gummy bears.complimentary sweets for kids

      • Fun Activities

      Keep your guest’s children entertained and boost their creativity by providing sufficient paper & coloring materials.kids airbnb activities

      • Childproofing

      Help your guests feel worry-free about hard edges or electrical sockets and provide them with childproofing amenities along with other safety gear for their children.childproofing amenities

      Best Airbnb Amenities for Remote Workers

      If you try to look from a traveler’s point of view, you can easily identify their needs and wants during their stay in your Airbnb. For instance, if a remote worker would like to book a room for a week or two, they would surely look for the following listings in your business:

      • Add a monitor & a comfortable chair as a package in the dedicated workspaceairbnb workspace amenities
      •  Upgrade your internet plan & add WiFi expanderswifi expanders airbnb amenities
      • USB ports in outlets & end tablesaddport1
      • No power interruptions (with power generator available)no power interruptions airbnb

      Best Airbnb Amenities for Pet Owners

      According to the data research team from Airbtics, making your listing “pet-friendly” is one way to instantly boost occupancy and daily rate in most areas in the world. Although this will increase your cleaning costs and could damage your furniture or floor, it’s worth it to take a look at how much you can make more by making your listing pet-friendly. Check out the following amenities:pet owners amenities

      • Pet-friendly furniture coverspet furniture
      • Towels & rug to wipe off pawspet rugs and towels
      • Extra cleaning supplies

        Consider providing some cleaning supplies such as pet litter spray, paper towels & garbage bags. These will be very useful for pet owners!pet cleaning supplies

      • Pet bowls for food & water
        pet bowl amenities

      Best Airbnb Amenities for Mid-term & Long-term Stay Guests

      long-term and short-term airbnb stayAside from your daily guests and walk-ins, you might also want to consider the desired amenities of guests who have booked a mid-term & long-term stay in your Airbnb. Here are some of the best amenities that you can provide for them:

      • Washing Facilities

      Guests who plan on staying a little longer than usual would most likely prefer to do their own laundry. If you often get mid-term or long-term bookings, you can purchase an affordable washer/dryer without breaking your bank. This can give a high ROI in some markets!washing utilities

      • Kitchen Facilities

      You can equip your kitchen by purchasing low-cost facilities such as a mini-refrigerator, a coffee maker, a mini-microwave, and some basic utensils. This small investment will leverage your listings when guests look for a place with a kitchen.kitchen amenities

      • Increase Entertainment Options

      Aside from having television & streaming services, you can increase your guest’s entertainment options by adding a foosball table or board games.entertainment utilities

      • Boost the outdoor experience of your guests by adding a hot tub!hot tub
      how much can you make on airbnb

      Methods to Discover the Highest ROI Amenities for your Market

      increase airbnb ROISpeak to your Guests

      Maintain your connections with guests & get their insights! In comparison to hotels & other accommodations, the edge for Airbnb hosts like you is immense because of one thing: a sense of personal connection.connection with airbnb guests

      Try the Top-performing Nearby Airbnbs or Hotels 

      One way to gain techniques for selecting the best amenities for your business is to visit the most popular Airbnb or hotel in your area & observe their strategies. Through this, you can learn more and have insights on how you can further improve your Airbnb.top-performing airbnb

      Check Reviews from Other Listings

      By checking the reviews from other listings on the internet, you can have ideas on the most popular amenities that are in demand. For instance, reviews left by guests regarding the amenities that helped them enjoy their stay more or disappointed them will convince Airbnb hosts like you to make proper decisions.airbnb reviews

      Use A Data Tool

      Although you can always research for numerous articles that talk about listing recommendations, the answers will definitely vary from one place to another. If you want to access accurate data, Airbtics is designed to present exactly that!airbnb analytics

      This is the data portrayed from the dashboard of Airbtics – an Airbnb analytics platform. As seen in the photo, the market overview of Miami has a total number of 7,907 listings. Based on the accurate data presented, this suggests that adding a pool amenity has increased RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) by 44%, which is equivalent to a $19,000 increase in annual revenue!

      market overviewOn the other hand, if you are thinking of adding a hot tub instead of a pool, you can see that this will increase your RevPAR by 42%, which is equivalent to $18,500. In that case, if adding a pool amenity costs MORE (at least $30,000) and will only reciprocate a small amount of ROI, then you can definitely think about purchasing a luxury hot tub (for as low as $2,000) instead.

      Nowadays, using this kind of market-specific data is essential. Why spend your time manually looking into your competitor’s listings when you can use a powerful data tool like Airbtics?

      Check Guest’s Reviews & Suggestions

      guest reviewsJust like in any other business, reviews are crucial – whether they are categorized as the best or the worst. This is why if you really want to speed up your game in the Airbnb business, maintaining your guests’ positive feedback (online or through word of mouth) is VERY important. 

      Relatively, you can also upgrade your listings based on your guests’ ratings and reviews. 

      For instance, if you launched your Airbnb business with limited lights in the area and one of your guests left feedback saying: “This place is nice overall, however, I found it a little sad because there were only a few lights along the hallway”, then you might want to address that by adding more lights in your Airbnb.

      Upgrade your Listing After Adding New Amenities 

      Once you have gathered all your resources and crafted innovative ideas for adding new amenities, don’t forget to upgrade your listing! Through this, people can easily browse all the available amenities in your business.

      Available Listings

      By going through the available listings on your Airbnb, your guests can primarily determine whether your listing matches exactly what they need. Therefore, it’s important to invest in the best amenities that target all kinds of travelers – just to be sure that you’re offering close-to-perfect amenities!upgraded listings


      In a nutshell, if you want to smell the sweet scent of success in the Airbnb business & be acknowledged as one of the bests, you have to upgrade your listings accordingly.

      We know that success isn’t something that can happen overnight. But if you will base it on the listings that are performing well in the market & apply the mentioned methods, you can guarantee success in a matter of seconds.

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      The Perfect Amenities for Vacation Rental Homes

      Is the view from your vacation rental home already set to greet your guests a warm welcome when they arrive? Exceed their expectations by providing outstanding amenities!

      As a vacation rental homeowner, you should also take note that these amenities are investments that add immense value to your guests’ overall experience. You might also want to consider investing in high-end amenities that you can include in your rental home!

      In order to make sure that your guests have everything they need during their stay, continue reading and be guided by the following checklist of perfect amenities!

      airbnb amenities list 2022
      Table of Contents
        Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

        Feels Like Home: A Memorable Vacation

        vacation home amenities

        For various reasons, the majority of people traveling as a group nowadays prefer to rent a vacation home. It is a great deal to spend quality time with family and friends! They’re willing to pay to have the place for themselves and freely explore the area with minimal limitations.

        While most rental owners like you aim to attract more potential guests through advertisements, one of the best ways to do this is by spreading positive feedback through word of mouth.

        Additionally, knowing how to set your price better and having an insight into how much profit you can make are important factors that you have to consider in the long run. 

        If you want to consistently make your guests feel like your vacation rental is a home away from home, here’s what you need for starters!

        A Sweet Welcome Package

        vacation amenities welcome package

        Nothing excites guests more than entering your home with a sweet welcome package! 

        While other hosts provide a welcome basket full of essentials or complimentary chocolates, you can always try to innovate and add appropriate items.

        For instance, if your home rental is located by the seaside, then your guests will definitely appreciate beach essentials and refreshers. You can also try adding a personalized welcome letter to make your guests feel extra special!

        Local Guide or Guidebook

        vacation amenities travel brochure

        It’s undeniable that guests, particularly foreigners, will appreciate a local map or guidebook to have an option of adventure around the area. You can also have this personalized and it may serve as their souvenir!

        how much can you make on airbnb

        Necessary Amenities for Vacation Home Rental

        Since the home rental business has quite a number of competitors, it’s best to stock and purchase the necessary supplies in bulk. In addition to this, you also have to consider the best amenities for guests who intend to stay for a longer amount of time.

        According to the categorized amenities, here’s a list of the necessary supplies that you should consider:

        Clean & Green Amenities

        One of the most impactful feedback from your guests will depend on the overall cleanliness of your rental home. Therefore, it’s important to have the following on your list:vacation home cleaning

        1. Toilet paper
        2. Bathroom cleaning chemicals
        3. Paper towels & disinfectant wipes
        4. Brooms and dustpans
        5. Vacuum cleaner
        6. Humidifier
        7. Dish soap, scrubbers, and sponges
        8. Garbage bin with plastic bags
        9. Washing machine & dryer

        Cozy Bedroom Amenities

        Giving careful attention to the details of each bedroom will truly make a difference and increase your chances of consistent positive feedback. Make sure you have the following vacation home amenities:bedroom amenities

        1. Premium beddings
        2. Matching color of high-quality bed sheets, linens, and blankets
        3. Reading lamps
        4. Sufficient hangers in the closet
        5. Blackout curtains

        Fruitful Cooking Amenities

        kitchen airbnb amenities

        According to Webstaurant, the kitchen area is a great place to add personality to your rental property. Here are some amenities that you can consider adding:

        1. Cookware sets (pots & pans)
        2. Additional kitchen appliances (toasters, blenders & hot water kettles)
        3. Dining utensils 
        4. Knives and cutting boards
        5. Herbs and spices
        6. High chairs (for guests with children)

        Dreamy Bathroom Amenities

        Believe it or not, your bathroom amenities will give an impression of just how incredibly satisfying your vacation home rental is. It’s easy to score big wins with the following amenities:bathroom amenities

        1. Toiletries (bath soap, shampoo, conditioner, and bath bombs)
        2. High-quality towels
        3. Hair Dryer
        4. First-aid kit
        5. Bathrobe & slippers

        Modern Entertainment Amenities

        In the current digital world, you have to anticipate that majority of the guests will have standard expectations on modern amenities including:modern entertainment amenities

        1. Fast and reliable internet connection
        2. A smart TV
        3. Cable TV or streaming services
        4. Game console
        5. Landline phone
        6. DVD’s & surround sound system
        7. Universal adaptors & chargers
        8. Carbon monoxide detectors
        9. Pingpong table & board games

        Bonus: adjustable tripod for taking group photos!

        Outdoor Amenities

        Provide your guests their well-deserved relaxation by equipping your outdoor area with the following amenities that are suitable for wherever your rental home is located:

        1. A hardwood table with chairs & sun lounges 
        2. A bonfire pit 
        3. Sun umbrellas or foldable gazebo tent
        4. Barbeque griller
        5. Sufficient outdoor lights


        You can base all the amenities that you desire to add to your rental home by imagining if you were to travel with family members or a couple of friends. Aside from having access to the basic essentials, how else would you describe a perfect vacation home?

        The best way to exceed your guests’ expectations is by going the extra mile on the mentioned amenities and making them feel like your place is worth every penny.

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        The Essential PDF Checklist of Airbnb Amenities 2022