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Wheelhouse Pricing In-depth Review: A VC-funded vacation rental technology, is it any good?

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Wheelhouse and why am I eligible to give a review

Wheelhouse Pricing was founded in 2014 by Andrew Kitchell, a co-founder of Beyond Pricing, which is another similar Airbnb dynamic pricing tool. As a tech-savvy Airbnb host, I have tried out all the dynamic pricing solutions available in the market.

This short blog will show you some customer reviews of Wheelhouse and my technical review on this pricing tool as well. A list of good alternatives will be at the bottom as well. 

A side note: I tried it out for a couple of months for my rentals in London and Sokcho (Korea). Even though Wheelhouse was built by an ex-CEO of Beyond Pricing, I prefer Wheelhouse slightly more, and I will explain this in the blog.

wheelhouse capterra rating
Wheelhouse Trustpilot reviews rating

Product Features

Dynamic Price: Ease of use?

To get started, you need to set Base Price, and you are given three pre-defined choices, which are powered by the Wheelhouse Pricing algorithm. 

Once you select the pricing strategy choice, you can start pushing the pricing suggestions to your listings.

wheelhouse dynamic pricing product review

Custom Price Settings

It’s a critical feature and usually, it is the deciding factor of choosing the right short-term rental dynamic pricing tool, since every markets and listing have unique demands and customers patterns. 

You can further improve Wheelhouse’s pre-defined pricing strategy within the following parameters 

  1. Minimum and maximum prices based on day of the week and specific range of dates  
  2. Weekend pricing 
  3. Seasonal pricing
  4. Long-term discount 
  5. Last-minute discount 
  6. Far Future premium 

Wheelhouse gives plenty of options for you to customize pricing strategies based on their template. Being able to give a further premium for weekend pricing is a handy feature because many vacation rentals are only filled during the weekend but not during the weekday. You may set your base price relatively low for the weekdays and set more competitive rates for weekends to optimize your pricing.  This exact feature is why I prefer Wheelhouse over Beyond Pricing.

Market Insights

One interesting market data they are showing is their market pricing recommendations. They have three different models 1) Recommended 2) Reactive and 3) Predictive. However, as a non-professional Airbnb host, I barely understand them and know what models will give me more bookings. I don’t want to test out their three different models as I simply want to increase revenue and get more bookings today!

Competitive Sets

It’s an analytics dashboard showing the stats of your competitors. 

The following data is available 

  • Key Metrics, such as average occupancy rate, nightly rate, and booking lead time
  • Competitor’s daily rates over next 365 days  

Booking lead time is a useful data point to know, as well as the ability to edit the pre-made CompSet. However, unlike Bright Pricing, it doesn’t show the breakdown of key metrics. For example, Bright Pricing shows a breakdown of key metrics in more granular form, such as next 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, or in percentile.

wheelhouse competitive set product screenshot


The cost of using Wheelhouse Pricing is 1% of revenue or $20/mo per listing. 

How does it compare with others?

PriceLabs: $20 or $10 / month 

Bright Pricing: 0.5% of revenue

DPGO: 0.5% of revenue 

Beyond Pricing: 1% of revenue

how much can you make on airbnb

Existing Customer’s Wheelhouse Review

1. Trustpilot
Wheelhouse Trustpilot reviews rating
wheelhouse trustpilot user review 01
2. G2
Wheelhouse g2 rating
wheelhouse g2 filter reviews
wheelhouse g2 user review 01
wheelhouse g2 user review 02
3.  Capterra
wheelhouse capterra rating
wheelhouse capterra overall rate
airdna vs alltherooms
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One Embarcadero Center, Unit 26859

San Francisco, CA, USA 94126

Email Address: [email protected]


As someone who managed up to 10 listings at a time as an individual part-time Airbnb host, I liked Wheelhoue’s customized rule options. Their Competitive Sets dashboard stood out amongst their competitors. There market future pricing graphs are interesting but not sure whether a non-professional Airbnb host can leverage it correctly. 

In 2022, there are more new dynamic pricing tools out there. I’d like to introduce you to Bright Pricing – it’s built by software engineers and the pricing engine is based on Airbtics’ 2 billion short-term rental nightly rates data. Bright Pricing has some advantages over Wheelhouse. 1) it’s four times cheaper 2) you can adjust your competitors 3) the market dashboard is fantastic 4) and it supports all locations in the world.

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Beyond Pricing In-depth review: Still useful in 2022?

PriceLabs in-depth technical reviews – (From software developer & Airbnb host perspective)

Alternatives & Reviews

AllTheRooms Analytics Review

Table of Contents

Why am I eligible to give an AllTheRooms Review? 

It’s not easy to find a solid investing opportunity. To make a fantastic investment, you’ll need a little luck on your side. Getting a good bargain before data was available was a matter of being in the right location at the right time. Or having the correct knowledge links. However, thanks to technologies like AllTheRooms Analytics, Airbtics, and AirDNA, everyone now has access to the knowledge they need to make a good investment. We’ll undertake an AllTheRooms Analytics Review and feature breakdown in this blog to assess if it’s still worth it in 2021.

Read More: AirDNA Review

AllTheRooms was founded in 2013 and quickly became a hit. It was one of the data analytics solutions for property investors available on the market at the time. When I was looking for investment properties in the North Laine region in 2015, I tried AllTheRooms. The most crucial things to master in real estate are timing and knowledge. AllTheRooms was one of the first platforms to bring this information to the broader public and empower ordinary investors. AllTheRooms leveled the playing field for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor or just starting out. Following AllTheRooms, everyone has the same access to accurate information and expertise.

But it’s been 9 years since its launch and there have been many competitors in the market providing similar services. So I’ll try my best to show as many reviews of existing customers and their overall thoughts on AllTheRooms. Also, I’ll list down all the features to help you get started. A list of good alternatives will be at the bottom as well that have recently been providing more accurate data and great service. 

What is AllTheRooms?

AllTheRooms is the top provider of short-term rental hosts’ tools and services. Their short-term rental data and analytics packages are their major offers. Vacation rental owners, investors, property managers, tourism boards, hotels, and other businesses benefit from such knowledge.

AllTheRooms ‘ mission is simple: “to gather and catalog every room on Earth and to use those data to provide in-depth insights into the growing vacation rental market.” More people than ever are investing in short-term rental properties or converting spare bedrooms into cash cows, so expanding is the new normal. This market has produced dozens of businesses that claim to be able to assist hosts in achieving their goals.

How does AllTheRooms obtain data?

AllTheRooms provides all of the normal historical and future analytics. Some of their innovative dashboard insights are where they set themselves apart.
Every month, AllTheRooms calculates a Vacation Rental Score. This score compares revenue, ADR, and occupancy from a company’s listing and the market to give a single grade to performance. It’s the ideal solution for exhausted property managers who need a third-party metric to communicate with owners or investors.

AllTheRooms’ recent introduction means that customer feedback data is currently restricted, so there are few available customer reviews. The team at AllTheRooms conducts a lot of data mining and research for marketplaces all around the globe, so their features are robust. However, they do provide some detailed information about properties compared to some of their competitors.

how much can you make on airbnb

Existing Customer’s AllTheRooms Review

1. Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, AllTheRooms has a 2.8/5 average rating. Many users have raised their concerns about the website’s performance, payment issues, missing listings and properties, and property misrepresentation. This indicates that there is much room for improvement. 

In our AirDNA Review, we saw the majority of the users had problems related to the pricing and not data that much.

alltherooms analytics review
alltheroomanalytics review
alltherooms analytics review


AllTheRooms’s dashboard has changed significantly over the last 9 years.

Their data and interface are both excellent, making it simple and natural to jump right in without any prior experience.
In the following sections, we’ll go through the tool’s many features and how to make the most of them.
Market Insight
When you initially open a view for a specific market, you’ll get to see a screen shown below.
If you click the Learn More button below, you’ll get a more detailed trend over the last two years. This can be quite useful in determining the market’s direction. You can observe if the overall number of listings is increasing or decreasing beneath it.
Market Revenue: Knowing the whole available supply and its trend, as well as the overall market size, is quite beneficial. To determine the size of the total addressable market, someone considering starting a business often performs this exercise. To put it another way, you want to make sure the market is big enough for you to grow and expand. This is especially important if you’re thinking about smaller cities and want to know what the overall short-term rental demand is like.
Occupancy Rate: The Occupancy Rate is the next piece of information we like to look at. The first thing it shows you are the total occupancy rate for that market for that month. When you click Learn More, you’ll receive a more detailed view of the previous 1-2 years.
Comparison Tools: One of the best things about AllTheRooms is how simple it is to compare different factors.
Imagine comparing the Occupancy Rate with the available supply to see if it drops as the whole supply grows.
In addition to daily rates, occupancy rates, supply, revenues, market prices, booking lead times, and average daily rates, there are several other factors to consider.
While you can only compare up to two items at a time, it’s worth playing around with to get a full picture of the market.
alltherooms analytics review

A deeper look

We had been utilizing AllTheRooms to look at a market from a bird’s eye view to assess the overall patterns up to this point.

Following that, you’ll have to dig deeper and identify the specifics of a certain property. We frequently require a tool like this to better assess how a specific product will fare in the market.

So, let’s suppose we’re looking at a 4-bedroom house that we can rent out as a whole or by individual bedrooms, and we want to see what type of information we can get.

There are a few filters at the top of the page that allow you to slice and dice the data based on the type of listing.

This, in our opinion, is one of the most important advantages of using AllTheRooms. After all, you can only use the information you collect if you can compare apples to apples. Because the performance of a 1-bedroom unit differs from that of a 4-bedroom unit, you must compare similar types.
You can filter the statistics by Private Room or Entire Home with a certain number of bedrooms, and the data will be changed accordingly. If we look at Entire Homes with 4+ bedrooms, for example, we’ll see the following.

Address: 712 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Email: [email protected]


The company offers a range of plans and pricing:

Free– You get  free short-term rental data for the location you’ve chosen. You can check back three months of ADR data and look forward to the data for the current month.
Basic– A member receives short-term rental analytics for the area of choice, including any sub-areas, for $19 per month. Data from the last 12 months can be analyzed, and data from the next month can be examined.
Pro For $49 a month, you can get short-term rental analytics for your chosen area, including any sub-areas. Data from the past four years, as well as six months’ worth of prospective data, can be analyzed and downloaded.

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AirDNA Alternatives
AirDNA vs Mashvisor (What’s Best for you?)

Alternatives & Reviews

8 Best AirDNA alternatives for 2024 (Free and Paid)

8 Best AirDNA alternatives for 2023 (Free and Paid): Did you know that there are AirDNA alternatives in the market? Check out the indirect competitors of AirDNA and learn how you can innovate!

8 Best AirDNA alternatives for 2024 (Free and Paid)

airdna alternatives

8 Best AirDNA alternatives for 2024 (Free and Paid)

Did you know that there are AirDNA alternatives in the market? Check out the indirect competitors of AirDNA and learn how you can innovate!

Fueled by the rise of Airbnb, AirDNA has become known to many Airbnb hosts as a short-term rental analytics tool. This tool allows you to see short-term rental data from any market worldwide. 

Most Airbnb hosts need to learn that there are many AirDNA alternatives in 2024! Choosing the right short-term rental analytics application is a hard task. It is probably your first time hearing about the other options or considering subscribing to one. 

We have tried our best to list out all the AirDNA alternatives to help you find what’s best for you. Before that, here’s a quick rundown. 


Top 3 alternatives

AllTheRooms: Cheapest alternative.

Mashvisor: Alternative for US investment search.

Airbtics: Best alternative for worldwide market research.


Other alternatives

Rabbu: For realtors.

InsideAirbnb: For academia and activists.

BeyondPricing & PriceLabs: For property managers.


We also included one free AirDNA alternative at the end of the article!

What is the use of Short-term Rental Analytics?


People who are thinking of buying a vacation home need to figure out how much they will make if they buy a certain property. It’s especially important for short-term rental investments because depending upon the location and demand for the property, the net rental yield can vary from 1% to 25% annually. The right data points should allow you to differentiate high-yield properties from low ones.


If you already own rentals, pricing is one of the most important aspects if you’d like to increase your revenue. The correct pricing helps you to get more bookings at better prices, attract the right guests, and keep running a profitable short-term rental business! The right short-term rental analytics should provide actionable insights into the prices you should set for your property. 


The saying goes, “If you can’t measure, you can’t improve”. If you’d like to improve your short-term rental business, you need to compare your property against the market’s top performers and average performers. What is your property’s performance (occupancy rate, daily rate, booking lead time) when measured against your market? The right short-term rental analytics should allow you to benchmark your property against competitors. 

There are two points to mention in our coverage of short-term rental analytics options. 

Data quality is important and we measured data quality by the type of metrics shown and the granularity of the data.

Data coverage is another essential factor, and we measured data coverage by geographic coverage and data update frequency. Now, let’s get to the tools we looked at for this article.

Review of Top 8 AirDNA alternatives & competitors

1. Airbtics

Airdna alternatives

Airbtics provides all the short-term rental data for investing in and managing your Airbnb business smarter. Apparently, their data is trusted by the biggest names in the STR industry such as Awning, Vacasa, PropR, TechVestor, and many more!

We gave five stars for data coverage since they cover global markets and update data every day or every week, depending on which plan you choose. For data quality, we would give it five stars because it provide individual booking and pricing projections, guest origin, detailed revenue breakdown, and individual property performance data. Furthermore, they have the best Airbnb Calculator.

The only downside is that their pricing isn’t as cheap as other providers. (Updated as of Aug 2023: Their pricing is now lower, $59/starter plan) Unlike AirDNA, this STR analytics tool provides a 15-day money-back guarantee, which means if you aren’t happy with their service, you can cancel your subscription. Nevertheless, Airbtics customers seem to be pretty happy with the value they’re getting.

Alongside this, you can book a free consultation call with their customer support if you want more guidance in finding the best places to invest.

Another great thing about Airbtics is, that they also provide custom data and API for vacation rental managers and in-depth STR reports for property investors who would like to make faster and smarter decisions. 

2. AllTheRooms Analytics

AllTheRooms review

AllTheRooms Analytics helps you to analyze short-term rental markets and monitor your short-term rental competition.

First, we gave four stars for data coverage since they cover global markets, but they don’t clearly state how frequently they update their data. What our analysts found is that their market data seems to be updated every month.

Secondly, we gave three stars for data quality because AllTheRooms provides supply, booking lead time, and future booking data at the market level. Unlike Airbtics, the platform doesn’t have guest origin or individual property performance data. All The Rooms have basic and pro plans which cost $19 and $49 per month. Their filter allows you to get insights into the market performance of various types of properties and has a few more options than AirDNA.

3. Mashvisor

Airdna alternatives

Mashvisor helps property investors immediately find out what kind of returns a property will provide and what you need to outperform the rental market. We gave one star for data coverage since Mashvisor only has U.S. market data.

Next, we gave two stars for data quality because Mashvisor doesn’t provide details for important metrics like booking lead time, property level future pricing data, extra guest fees, and the like.

Even though they don’t provide detailed short-term rental metrics, their pricing seems to be attractive for U.S. property investors.

You can now explore market data of a few U.S. neighborhoods at $60/quarter. 

4. Data Rabbu

rabbu review

Data Rabbu is an online platform that tracks the performance of Airbnb properties in the USA. Particularly assisting real estate investors and property managers to determine profitability and optimize business, Data Rabbu offers end-to-end property management services. Although it has a feature that presents insights into Average Daily Rates, Occupancy Rates, and Monthly Revenue, one of the downsides of using Data Rabbu is it could be difficult for new users to navigate data. It’s also limited to accessing data only within the USA, therefore, property investors who want to invest in other places outside America will need to use the right software that focuses on short-term rental analytics with the option to analyze data from other countries in the world.

Data Rabbu is free to use! 

5. STR Insights

STR Insights is a new option that features the US market for your short-term rental property. Similar to other short-term rental tools, STR insights presents comprehensive data for revenue potential and property values. According to their website, a monthly subscription with STR insights costs $390/mo. On a personal note, it’s a little difficult to gauge this software’s reliability as there aren’t a lot of user reviews yet.

8. WheelHouse, PriceLabs, DPGO and others

Before we sum up, we’d also like to mention the above dynamic pricing solution providers in this post since AirDNA also offers future pricing data to properly set a price for your rentals. But did you know that these dynamic pricing tools also show some basic market insights and advanced pricing data for your markets? If you already manage properties and you are looking for a tool for pricing, these 3 tools are for you. 

Still, many tech-savvy revenue managers (or Airbnb hosts) are not happy with dynamic pricing solutions because they constantly have to override the suggestions. If this sounds reasonable to you, you may want to check out Airbtics CompSet page, which allows you to build your own Competitor Sets and track their next 365 days’ rates and booking situations.

To learn more, here is a youtube video that explains more about the CompSet feature

What are the best AirDNA alternatives?

To sum up, Airbtics, AllTheRooms, and SeeTransparent are AirDNA’s direct competitors. On the other hand, Mashvisor, WheelHouse Pricing, and Beyond Pricing are AirDNA’s indirect competitors.

After our analysts compared all the tools, they concluded that Airbtics is the best AirDNA alternative based on our criteria (data volume, data coverage, pricing). Here are the things we liked best about Airbtics:

  • Covers markets globally and has daily updated data 
  • Has 12 months of projected pricing data at the property level
  • Features historical individual listing performance data
  • Has advanced filtering options  

A growing number of people are choosing Airbtics over AirDNA in 2024, but as you can see, choosing the right short-term rental analytics tool for your property investment or Airbnb management business requires you to evaluate quite a few things! Not a simple task. Hope our post guided you a little better. 

Are there any free AirDNA alternatives? 

InsideAirbnb: It’s a free website launched by Murray Cox in 2016 to debunk illegal Airbnb listings in NYC. It only has coverage in a few cities. Therefore, if you are looking for data points for investing or managing Airbnb, this might not be the best tool.

Notable Mentions

Awning is a property management company that provides free short-term rental insights for the US nationwide. Their data is powered by Airbtics! Although their data is mainly from 2022, this can give you a quick insight into your market. 

SeeTransparent is another company providing short-term rental data. They mainly focused on the European region. They were acquired by OTA Insight in 2022. Now, they renamed their product as “Lighthouse“. 


In summary, there is a wide variety of best short-term rental analytics in the market that are extremely reliable and accurate. Airbnb investors should certainly not make impulsive decisions without conducting thorough market research.

It’s 2024 – and you shouldn’t settle for less! Basing your investment decisions on guesses and intuitions are no longer applicable in the digital era. The AirDNA alternatives mentioned in this article will open doors to even greater opportunities to leverage your business.

Whether you are a property investor, manager, or an Airbnb host running a short-term property business, it’s highly recommended to check on several alternatives to find the best fit for you. With the help of comprehensive and updated STR software like Airbtics, you can stand out from vast competitors within your area and make the wisest investment decisions based on accurate data.

Alternatives & Reviews

Mashvisor Review: Is It Still useful in 2023?

Mashvisor is one of the data analytics tool software in the market which was launched in 2014. Its major purpose is to help real estate investors to strategize their businesses based on accurate data. 

But the real question is this: Is Mashvisor still useful in 2023?

In this article, we’ll find the answer to this question and feature Mashvisor’s products, pricing, and reviews. We also added a list of great Mashvisor alternatives in the last part – continue reading to learn more!

What is Mashvisor?

Mashvisor is a property analytics data tool. It is designed to help real estate investors to acquire good investment properties. Its process is finding potential good deals and using the data to predict their performance on long and short-term leasing.

How does Mashvisor obtain data?

Mashvisor has multiple channels from which it obtains its data. It exports the same data from various channels to verify the accuracy of data by comparing it to multiple sources. Some of their sources are Realtor.com, Zillow, MLS, Airbnb, Auciton.com, and Roofstock among others.

Each source has its own agenda and the type of data it provides. Websites like Realtor.com, Zillow, and MLS provide publically available property data. This includes physical description, past owner history, price, and size. 

Whereas, Airbnb provides data on the short-term rental market, using which Mashvisor predicts the STR rental income of properties. Similarly, Roofstock helps in acquiring single-family houses that have a guarantee of a minimum rent. But, this is only on properties that have been not occupied or vacant for more than 45 days.

The last source, Auction,  helps in gathering data on bank foreclosures. Residential properties that are for sale through offline or online auctions are monitored and their data is updated on Mashvisor using Auction.com API.

Mashvisor Review

Mashvisor has an average review score of 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot. This shows people somewhat like this tool but there is a lot of room for improvement still. In our AirDNA Review, it was discovered that the  majority of users had problems with pricing and inaccuracy

According to users’ feedback on Mashvisor, it seems that most of the negative reviews and comments are related to the data quality. Some people are complaining about missing listings and properties and incomplete data. Having incomplete data can be a huge con as it can give wrong results when analyzing an area to make a wise investment decision.

Mashvisor Review
mashvisor review
mashvisor review
mashvisor review

Mashvisor Dashboard

In the last 9 years, Mashvisor has made significant improvements in its UI and data. The dashboard is very user-friendly and easy to use. For someone new, it shouldn’t be hard to get hang of the dashboard quickly.

The color-coded “Heatmap” of the search function is especially useful. Users can sort the database for a specific variable such as listing price, cap rate, or cash on cash return with results displayed for neighborhoods in hues of “red” for low and “green” for high. 

A prospective buyer, for example, would theoretically look for properties that are green for cash on cash return and red for market price. A user with unique search criteria can modify the search metrics at will. For example, an investor can quickly move from a cash purchase to a mortgage (and vice versa) with unique down payments, terms, and interest rates to see the impact on rates of return.


Mashvisor Property Finder

The properties identified through Mashvisor’s Property Finder should be further analyzed to ensure they meet an individual investor’s threshold for minimum returns. The process typically requires developing a spreadsheet of probable profits, expenses, and cash flows.

Building a unique spreadsheet or a fill-in-the-blank model can be a daunting task for those who do not regularly work with spreadsheets. 

Mashvisor’s Property Analysis tool is a mathematical model designed solely for residential real estate investors. Its format identifies the major categories of revenues and expenses which are necessary to calculate net operating income. Subsequently, it’s also related to rates of return and cap rates.

Errors in the calculations arise because investors typically overestimate revenues and underestimate expenses. The model minimizes the chance of gross errors by populating revenue figures from data collected with the Property Search function. It also estimates costs(initial and ongoing costs) based on averages for comparable properties in the database. The software allows users to override each element to create a unique worksheet based on their experience that more accurately represents future results.

Mashvisor’s analysis modeling also helps investors determine the best usage of a potential property. It compares returns for short-term Airbnb renting versus long-term leasing. In some markets, short-term rentals don’t make ideal investments!

The Property Analysis model, in my opinion, successfully transforms a usually messy project into an elegant, easily understandable, and auditable result to make the right investment decision.

mashvisor review

Mashvisor Pricing 

Mashvisor offers various plans and pricing. Each subscription  is billed quarterly with a free 7-day trial period:

  • Lite: Investors can focus on one or two city markets for $22.99 /month. The fee includes traditional rental and Airbnb income and ROI analysis based on actual rental comps.
  • Standard: For $69.99 monthly, a subscriber can discover profitable properties and markets, export 20 searches to Excel (every month), and compare various properties. 
  • Professional: For $99.99, investors can filter their property searches  to find multifamily and foreclosure properties, export 60 searches to Excel and property PDFs, and analyze property listings. 

Mashvisor Alternatives

Not satisfied with Mashvisor’s features and pricing? It’s certainly risky to spend efforts – and of course, money, if the software doesn’t provide everything you need.

In fact, Mashvisor vs AirDNA are consistently compared, but none of them have proven accuracy according to reviews. AirDNA vs Mashvisor Let’s not forget the fact that Mashvisor’s data coverage is limited within the USA.

The good news is that there are Mashvisor alternatives that are affordable, accurate and top-of-the-line in the market. Check out the comparison table below to identify the best Airbnb data tool software for you:



Mashvisor is considered one of the leading real estate investor software in the market. It has its own pros and cons – which you can already gauge based on the features, reviews, and pricing in this article. 

In comparison to Mashvisor, Airbtics covers worldwide regions with specific markets that fully cover historical performance data, guest demographics, and more. Investing in the digital era shouldn’t be a difficult task as long as you’re using the right short-term rental analytics tool for your success!

Alternatives & Reviews

AirDNA vs Mashvisor: Which works best for you?

This post is only relevant if you are currently based in the US – if not, feel free to check out our article on various short-term rental analytics. Fact: Mashvisor only supports US-based clients. Since Airbnb’s launch in 2008, it has attracted many ambitious entrepreneurs in the short-term rental industry. Some of those built 7 figure businesses from nothing in a year or two. They achieved such numbers by 1. investing in vacation homes, 2. conducting Airbnb arbitrage, or co-hosting. The key point here is that they increased the number of units they manage FAST. And like every investment, what allowed them to move fast is accurate due to diligence powered by their experience and data. When it comes to data-driven Airbnb due diligence, they have two options in mind: AirDNA and Mashvisor. To make your decision-making easier, here is a comparison between Airdna vs Mashvisor. Let’s see which one is best for you!

If you are looking to invest in a property exclusively for renting it on Airbnb, then you need accurate and reliable data that you can study in order to make the right decisions.

Having a good knowledge of certain considerations such as the right neighborhoods, occupancy rates, and monthly revenue of an area will help you estimate the ROI and how much should you initially be investing in a property. Having the right tool will not only save you time but money as well! 

Quick Pros and Cons

AirDNA Pros

  • It has more short-term rental data points, such as forward-looking data, guest demographics, booking lead time, and so on
  • It has a monthly plan 

Mashvisor Pros

  • It has traditional rental data
  • It shows properties for sale in the market
  • You gain access to the entire US market 

What is Mashvisor?

Mashvisor is a US property analysis platform that shows both long-term and short-term rental data. Their subscription allows you to explore the entire US market, unlike AirDNA. They also show the properties for sale from their app, which makes it easier for you to discover high-return investments. 


As a software primarily focused on real estate investors, Mashvisor has helped users to do the following:

  • Optimize their rental strategy and estimate how much revenue the property will generate
  • Understand which is better: traditional or short-term rental for the property and neighborhood
  • Follow specific markets and growth over the years
  • Find undervalued properties and investment opportunities in upcoming or established areas

Mashvisor uses the help of various data input streams to scrape through large amounts of data and gives you a simpler overview presented nicely in their dashboard.

Let’s go through some of the features of Mashvisor:

  • New Property Finder
  • Short/Long Term Rent Analysis
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Reports & Insights
  • ROI Calculator

New Property Finder

This tool helps people to filter out properties based on various criteria such as the Listing Price, Size, No of Bedrooms, Cash on cash return, Average occupancy rate, and the like. You can narrow down your search by filters by availability, ROI, Return on investment timeframe, Initial Capital required, etc.

Mashvisor vs Airdna Dashboard

Having these many filters helps narrow down the right set of properties and helps investors to find exactly what they are looking for. This feature also enables users to multitask and search this data for multiple cities simultaneously, so you can compare between cities to make an informed decision while choosing the city to invest in.

how much can you make on airbnb

Short/Long Term Rent Analysis

Having a rough estimate of monthly rent is very crucial when investing in a property as it helps you to determine metrics like mortgage payments, ROI timespan, yearly yield, and the like.

Mashvisor has a tool that helps you calculate estimated rental revenue for both traditional and short-term renting. These estimations are based on the real-time performance of similar properties in the area and using that data will predict cash flow for properties of your size. This turns out to be very useful to plan your other expenses and renovation of the house, cash on cash return, and other metrics to determine successful investment. 

Airdna vs mashvisor rental analysis

Purchase Analysis

Purchase Analysis is another feature that enables you to fine-tune your costs and view updated returns based on the interest rate, property taxes, and yearly maintenance. This feature is very useful in calculating your overall in-hand cash flow after all the expenses from an individual property.

Interactive Reports and Insights

This feature allows users not only to see reports and insights but to interact with them. You can bookmark, comment, and make notes in the dashboard itself for individual property to check back later. You can also download or directly share an individual property with your friends and agents to get suggestions from the dashboard itself.

Rental Strategy Comparison

Know how much you’ll make on a property whether you list it on Airbnb or other booking sites. Use the comparing values to decide which strategy is more lucrative for a particular property. The comparison shows the difference in:

  • Rental Income
  •  Cash Flow
  •  Cash on Cash Return
  •  Cap Rate
  •  Occupancy Rate
  •  Monthly Expenses

What is AirDNA?

As the leading source of vacation rental data, AirDNA offers a wide range of tools to help its users find profitable investment properties. It offers competitive insights, custom reporting, and interactive dashboards covering more than 10 million rentals across 120,000 markets worldwide. 

It also provides an opportunity for vacation rental investors to understand and analyze key trends in the short-term rental industry leveraging historical and future-looking data to maximize revenue potential. 

MarketMinder: Product overview and key features

As a solution designed to get useful information on the performance of vast amounts of rentals and examine how the short-term rental industry is changing, MarketMinder helps potential investors understand how their vacation rentals are performing compared to others and to study real-time future demand to set their prices. 

MarketMinder can help investors to:

  • Locate investment opportunities 

  • Compare future demand with nearby comps

  • Price smartly and accurately

  • Grow portfolio with profitable listings  

Market Comparison

The Market Comparison tool in MarketMinder allows Airbnb investors to compare cities, neighborhoods,  zip codes with the number of bedrooms, and guests it can accommodate. Investors and second-home buyers can analyze annual revenue, ADR, and occupancy trends over the past years to find the most profitable properties.  

Calculate Revenue Potential & Cap Rate

AirDNA Rentalizer, the Airbnb Financial Calculator, allows you to enter any address in the world and immediately receive projections on revenue, occupancy, ADR, and nearby comps. By customizing your bedroom count, purchase price, and major expenses, you can also receive operating income figures and cap rates to guide your investment decision. 

These are MarketMinder’s most important features:

  • Short-Term Rental Research feature with interactive maps

  • Data-Driven Dynamic Pricing 

  • Customized Comp Sets

  • Forward-Looking Airbnb Data

  • Market Comparison

  • Calculate Revenue Potential & Cap Rate 

Short-Term Rental Research 

This feature is handy for gaining competitive insights on Airbnb and Vrbo rental properties. You can use interactive maps to examine how some neighborhoods and vacation rental properties perform. The feature includes over 25 crucial performance metrics: average daily rate, occupancy, rental revenue, booking lead times, active listing, etc.  

Data-Driven Dynamic Pricing 

With this feature, one might compare market rates to recommended rates based on property performance to have the most personalized dynamic pricing recommendations. Among the questions that could be answered are: “At what particular hours guests are willing to pay a premium?”, “How probable is it to be booked last minute?”, or “What type of events are increasing rates in your area?”.

Customized Comp Sets

MarketMinder also allows you to upload your property and connect your listings. One can leverage the dataset to curate an accurate list of nearby akin listings. The feature provides sorting and filtering the competitive set according to ARD, occupancy rate, amenities, revenue, distance, experience, and quality. Hosts can compare pricing, demand, and historical insights to their competitors.

Forward-Looking Airbnb Data

This feature analyzes Vrbo and Airbnb data by providing a forward-looking view of the exact dates over the next six months that are getting booked now. By doing so, one can adapt their strategy and gain a competitive advantage. This feature is also useful in understanding the difference between how the specific market is advertising the prices and the rate at which they are booked. 


If you are purchasing 5+ properties every year, Mashvisor’s yearly plan ($600/yr) can be a good investment. 

If you are purchasing 1-2 properties, it might work out better to subscribe to 3-5 AirDNA’s markets for a month.

Airbtics is another short-term rental data & analytics platform. It provides as many short-term rental data points as AirDNA, while it has an affordable US Nationwide subscription-like Mashvisor. Airbtics is designed for a smart investor looking to expand aggressively using the power of technology and data. It is built for you to discover emerging markets and identify high-return investments. 

Note, you can subscribe to 5 markets on Airbtics at $149/mo.

Airbnb Data
Airbnb Data

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