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AirDNA Review: Is AirDNA Worth it in 2024?

A balanced AirDNA review highlighting the platform’s strengths and areas for improvement. Find out also what actual users have to say, both the good and the bad.

AirDNA Review: Is AirDNA Worth it in 2024?

airdna review

AirDNA Review: Is AirDNA Worth it in 2024?

A balanced AirDNA review highlighting the platform’s strengths and areas for improvement. Find out also what actual users have to say, both the good and the bad.

AirDNA Review: Is AirDNA Worth it in 2024?

Airbnb analytics is a relatively young but incredibly influential tool. In less than a decade, it has made success possible for a lot of Airbnb investors. This exciting tool was introduced when AirDNA came to the scene in 2015.  With little to no competition, it seemed then that it was the only one you got. And an AirDNA review was hard to find. 

Fast forward to today, AirDNA remains the most popular Airbnb analytics tool with the biggest market share. But does it still hold up in 2024? In this article, we will put this to the test.

Why Are We Eligible to Write an AirDNA Review?

Our team has been deeply immersed in the world of short-term rentals since 2020. During this time, we’ve been on a mission to uncover the hottest Airbnb destinations, using the power of short-term rental analytics to guide us. We have tried multiple and closely followed different STR analytics tools, allowing us to understand each strengths and areas for improvement.

In this article, our goal is to give you an honest and thorough look at the AirDNA platform. Our approach is all about being fair and detailed, drawing from our industry knowledge. Plus, we’ll also share some AirDNA reviews from the actual users, highlighting what they love about the platform and addressing any concerns they’ve voiced. It’s our way of helping you make an informed decision about whether AirDNA is the right fit for your needs.

What is AirDNA?

AirDNA was founded in 2014 by Scott and Will Shatford. Headquartered in Denver, the company’s initial focus was on providing data analytics and insights related to Airbnb and Vrbo listings. Over time, AirDNA gained popularity among short-term rental hosts and investors, offering valuable tools and market data to help users enhance the profitability of their rental properties.

Initially, their emphasis was placed on showcasing two primary products: Market Minder and Investment Explorer (no longer available). Over the years, they also added their very own Airbnb calculator called AirDNA Rentalizer.  However, their core focus has now shifted exclusively towards Market Minder and catering to Enterprise clients. In March 2022, Alpine investors acquired AirDNA.

They made a huge update to their product in October 2023. Users can now subscribe to the annual plan only. They’ve acquired Arrivalist (location intelligence platform) and Uplisting (vacation rental management software) in 2024. 

Where Does AirDNA Get Its Data?

According to the company disclosure, AirDna scrapes or collects data on over 10 million Airbnb and Vrbo rentals in over 120,000 international markets. They say that scraping Airbnb data from a host of servers is legal, and we second that. 

In addition to this, AirDNA also partners with channel managers, hosts, and property management systems to diversify its sample size. This partnership sources data from an additional 1.1 million properties worldwide. 

While this is the case, AirDNA updates its rental database every first week of the month. Sure, AirDNA scrapes STR data daily. But it is not presented in real time. This means that the freshest that you can get was from the previous month, and AirDNA only updates its database 12 times a year. In comparison to other AirDNA alternatives, they have a much longer timeline.

Is AirDNA Data Accurate?

Since we’re talking about rental analytics, accuracy matters a lot. After all, you’re paying for the information that will greatly impact your financial security. So, is AirDNA accurate? 

According to AirDNA’s claims on its website, it boasts an impressive 94.9% accuracy when matching its data with Airbnb. It has an even higher 98.7% accuracy when compared to Vrbo’s data. These statistics may appear reassuring on the surface, suggesting a high level of data fidelity.

AirDNA qualifies its claim by stating that its data has the smallest margin of error when compared to Airbnb and Vrbo’s SEC financial filings. Despite the unavoidable margin of error in any data analysis, I’d still say that AirDNA’s accuracy is impressive in this context.

However, it’s essential to delve deeper into what these accuracy figures truly mean. AirDNA may be accurate for city-specific data. But later you will learn about the quality of their neighborhood-level data, which matters more to most investors. 

While Airbnb is a regulated industry, Airbnb rental analytics are not. This means that there is no regulatory body that audits the quality of STR data sold by different companies. 

AirDNA Reddit thread, some users seem satisfied with the AirDNA data. It’s important to note that their accuracy can be seen as a good starting point, providing a close estimate. 

airdna review

Many consider Airbnb to be a combination of both art and science. AirDNA primarily offers the scientific, data-driven aspect in a simplified manner. So, while AirDNA’s data serves as a valuable scientific foundation, fine-tuning your rental, Airbnb listing, and hosting will still help you achieve optimal earnings.

airdna review

AirDNA’s Notable Features

In this part, we will discuss the main selling points of AirDNA, particularly:

  • MarketMinder
  • AirDNA Rentalizer
  • Smart Rates

As promised, we will be balanced in talking about AirDNA features. We’ll shed light on both their strengths and areas where improvement may be needed. Additionally, we’ll take a step further by incorporating AirDNA Reviews from the actual users who have voiced their experiences across various online platforms. This approach ensures that you get a comprehensive understanding of AirDNA’s capabilities and its impact on users.

AirDNA’s Feature #1: AirDNA MarketMinder

airdna marketminder

MarketMinder is the AirDNA dashboard designed for STR investors searching for profitable Airbnb markets. This comprehensive tool follows the performance of 10 million listings in more than 80,000 cities worldwide.

To help investors gauge investment viability, Market Minder has a Market Grade section which provides insights into your prospect city’s local market condition based on:

  • Investability – Assessing the market’s suitability for investment
  • Rental Demand – Gauging the level of interest from potential guests
  • Revenue Growth – Analyzing the market’s potential for income growth over a period
  • Seasonality – Understanding how demand fluctuates throughout the year
  • Regulation – The leniency or strictness of the local Airbnb regulations

Each of these data points has its separate rating calculated by AirDNA’s algorithm. With their overall average, the Market Grade is benchmarked against the best 2,500 Airbnb markets worldwide to have a comprehensive assessment. 

MarketMinder also provides historical Airbnb data averaging key performance indicators of short-term rentals in the city you’re searching. These include:

  • Annual Revenue
  • Occupancy Rate
  • Average Daily Rate
  • RevPar
What Users Like About MarketMinder

User Experience. Users of AirDNA consistently express their satisfaction with the platform, particularly when it comes to their experience with the dashboard. They frequently laud the platform for its user-friendliness, finding it remarkably easy to navigate and interact with. This ease of use is a crucial factor in enhancing their overall experience, allowing users to efficiently access the wealth of data and insights that AirDNA provides.

What Users Dislike About MarketMinder

Disappointed users did not mince words in voicing out their frustrations with AirDNA.  They have not held back in conveying their dissatisfaction and concerns regarding the platform’s performance and the extent to which it meets (or falls short) of their expectations.

Data Inaccuracy. Previously, AirDNA has been commended for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of data. Now, people are claiming they’re getting “inaccurate” and “oftentimes wrong” information.

airdna review

Their candid AirDNA reviews provide valuable insights into the challenges that some users have encountered using the platform. These things need to be considered, especially since people do not appreciate the new changes that AirDNA rolled out this September 2023.   


To put salt in the wound,  users have found it difficult to ask for a refund. This is especially the case since AirDNA subscriptions are now billed annually.

Our Take on the Market Minder
Market Grade

Without a doubt, the Market Grade section in the Market Minder is helpful, especially for first-time Airbnb investors. Let’s have a recap of what Market Grade offers:

  • Investability
  • Rental Demand
  • Revenue Growth
  • Seasonality
  • Regulation

Knowing what these terms mean is one thing, but getting their numeric value in your prospective market can be a great guide. It’s crucial to emphasize that these values are not absolute, but rather they are generated through AirDNA’s algorithm. While this may add a layer of complexity to the interpretation, I trust that it still offers a good lead.

No Dynamic Data

We see the reason why the map is just on the side, and not at the forefront of the dashboard.

The map on the Market Minder does not have a dynamic feature. This means that the data does not get updated with every move or drag of the map. In other words, it’s just static or stuck. 

airdna martketminder

When it comes to market analysis for short-term rental investments, dynamic analytics prove to be exceptionally valuable. They offer real-time, up-to-date insights that can greatly assist both investors and property managers in analyzing market trends. This feature is only available on the Airbtics Dashboard. 

Notice how the data gets updated with every move of your finger. So, you can sweep through your preferred city knowing which neighborhood is the most profitable!

You can read more about Airbnb Dynamic Data from our article.

Pre-Determined Submarkets

Market Minder also has “Submarkets.” It has its own dedicated tab that shows the different geographical segmentations of your chosen Airbnb city.


We admit that this is a useful feature. However, these submarkets are already pre-determined by AirDNA. It means they are not customizable.  

On Airbtics, you can enjoy the flexibility of creating your own custom markets. They can be as small as a neighborhood or as big as ten. We do not regard formal geographical boundaries here. That’s how flexible we can be! 

Why does this matter? So you can understand your own Airbnb Submarket better!

AirDNA’s Feature #2: AirDNA Rentalizer

This is arguably the most popular Airbnb calculator online. AirDNA Rentalizer can predict the STR performance of your prospective property anywhere in the world. To use this feature, you need to provide the following information:

  • The exact street address of the property
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Accommodates (number of guests that can be hosted)
AirDNA Rentalizer

We already have a full review of the AirDNA Rentalizer. Know from the article about the pros and cons of using the calculator as well as its best alternative. But to keep this one running, let’s go on with what users have to say about the AirDNA calculator.

What Users Like About AirDNA Rentalizer

User opinions on the accuracy of AirDNA Rentalizer paint a diverse picture. Some express genuine satisfaction with its precision, with some even emphatically stating that it provided spot-on projections. 

airdna rentalizer
airdna review

Close-to-Actual Projections. A separate group of users acknowledges that while the tool’s estimates may not be exact, they come remarkably close to reflecting their actual earnings.

But there’s an even further side of customers whom we may consider as still satisfied. However, they are still cautious and advise people to manage their expectations. 

They suggest taking the projections as a rough guideline rather than a definitive prediction. They remind people to adjust around ±25 percent from AirDNA’s estimate.  

This sentiment may highlight the dynamic and nuanced nature of short-term rental markets, where factors beyond the tool’s control can influence outcomes. On the other hand, this may signal a bit of accuracy on the part of the calculator.

airdna review
What Users dislike about AirDNA Rentalizer

Overpromising Projection. A common concern raised by AirDNA users centers on the platform potentially overpromising the projected return on investment (ROI).  

airdna rentalizer

This apprehension highlights the importance of scrutinizing the accuracy and reliability of data and insights provided by AirDNA. Users seem to want to understand whether AirDNA’s projections align with the actual outcomes in the real world. 

airdna review

This recurring theme underscores the importance of managing expectations and conducting due diligence when using AirDNA. Take AirDNA data with a grain of salt to make your Airbnb thrive and not just keep afloat.

AirDNA Smart Rates

AirDNA’s Smart Rates is a specialized tool designed for Airbnb hosts. It is a dynamic pricing feature that helps them optimize their property’s occupancy rate and revenue. 

Smart Rates responds to the need to adjust nightly rates based on seasonal demands. This way, hosts can attract bookings during low seasons and maximize income during peak seasons. This flexibility allows hosts to maintain a steady stream of revenue all year round. 

We’d say that it is a useful tool, even for investors. Now that investors have found an Airbnb property, they can use Smart Rates to see how their properties perform. 

The good thing about Smart Rates is you can determine your own comp set. A competitive set is a group of properties with similar attributes to your own. This means you can handpick your direct competitors and see how they’re doing! You can save a minimum number of 5, but you can extend this to up to 20 properties as long as your own market allows. 

What Users Like About Smart Rates
What Users Dislike About Smart Rates

How Trustworthy Is AiRDNA?

AirDNA has four subscription plans. Three of these are billed annually, while one is “forever free.” Each subscription plan follows a feature-based model, which users can choose from depending on their needs and preferences. 

  • Free – For beginners wanting to get a general overview of the STR industry from high-level market insights and one year of historical data
  • Basic – For inventors in the research phase who can rely on detailed metrics, submarket analysis, filters, and data export
  • Pro – For serious investors seeking in-depth historical data (3-year period) and property pricing criteria
  • Advanced – For large real estate investment groups and vacation rental management companies who may benefit from 5-year historical data and in-depth insights into active short-term rentals 
airdna review

How Much Is AirDNA Subscription?

Before choosing a paid subscription, bear in mind that it will be billed annually. This means that you will be paying for a whole year even if you’re not satisfied with AirDNA data.

  • Basic: $180 / annually
  • Pro: $300 / annually ( $600 / annually without the discount)
  • Advanced: $14,388 / annually

Most likely, you will go for either Basic or Pro plans. Based on the hundreds of investors that Airbtics has provided data for, finding a profitable short-term rental usually takes less than a month.

Yes, less than a month.

If you’ve already found a property (even if it will be profitable based on rental analytics) are you still willing to pay for the data you will no longer need? 

It’s something that you have to think about, considering that you will spend a significant amount of money on a property.

And that’s already the best-case scenario. 

What if you feel that you have been duped? You’re frustrated with the services that you paid for. Yet, you can never get a refund. This has already been the concern of a lot of disappointed AirDNA customers. 


A great alternative to AirDNA’s pricing plan

On Airbtics Dashboard, no need to unlock your city or submarket because you can access them all on your own.

Airbtics pricing plans have always been transparent. You can choose our affordable plans with monthly billing. You can also get -35% off on any of our plans if you choose to be billed annually. 

This way, you’ll only pay for the data that you need. And although it’s sad to see you go after finding your property, we’re still happy that Airbtics has helped you!

In the event that you’re not satisfied with Airbtics, we offer a 15-day money-back guarantee for your purchase. Our terms are reasonable: you’re a first-time subscriber and haven’t locked more than 2 markets. If this is the case, we’ll give you a full refund right away!

AirDNA Vs Airbtics

airdna review

It’s very easy to go for the most popular for anything. But instead of going with the flow, why not dig more and go for the best one there is? Luckily, the best one can also give value for your money!

Try Airbtics! Our plan starts at only $59 / month for 1 market. With this entry plan, you can experience many features that a rental analytics tool should have:

  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Comprehensive Insights
  • Accuracy
  • Structured data
airdna review
airbtics review
airbtics review

Plus, we also have a great Customer Support team!

airbtics review

Is AirDNA Worth It?

AirDNA reviews on Trustpilot paint a clear picture of the divided sentiments, with a stark divide between 5-star (35%) and 1-star (40%)  ratings. It appears that users either highly appreciate AirDNA’s services or they experience profound disappointment with the product. 

airdna review

This stark contrast in ratings emphasizes the polarizing nature of AirDNA’s impact on users. AirDNA reviews on Trustpilot are a clear illustration of how users’ experiences with AirDNA can sharply differ. It highlights the importance of carefully considering individual needs and expectations when deciding to use AirDNA. 

Summary: A balanced and thorough AirDNA review on the internet!

In this article, we have given you a straightforward and thorough look at the AirDNA platform. While we admit that it’s our competitor, this AirDNA review comes from the place of industry knowledge. As you have seen, we have been fair in reviewing AirDNA. 

We have mentioned the strengths of the AirDNA. It’s a decent platform, after all. In addition to this, we have also shared proofs of satisfied AirDNA customers. 

But we have also wanted to achieve balance. We have shown its areas for improvement as well as AirDNA redlags. These include the perceived inaccuracies by users, its poor customer support, and its misleading pricing structure. These complaints are all valid, considering that AirDNA is expensive.  But AirDNA’s major red flag is its one-year locked-in policy with zero possibility for a refund.

If these things are shady to you, you might as well try Airbtics – the best AirDNA alternative!

Unlock Worldwide
Short-Term Rental Data
Find unsaturated neighborhoods with the highest occupancy history.

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Alternatives & Reviews

Mashvisor Alternatives: Top STR Tools for Airbnb Investors

If you’re an Airbnb investor eager to expand your property portfolio, it’s essential to explore the top Mashvisor alternatives. Find out the other short-term rental analytics tools tailored for Airbnb investors:

1. Airbtics (Best Overall)
2. All The Rooms
3. AirDNA
4. Rabbu
5. Inside Airbnb

About Mashvisor

Mashvisor offers a property analytics tool that assists real estate investors in identifying profitable investment properties. It utilizes data to analyze potential deals and predict their performance in both long and short-term leasing. Currently, its data is only limited to the US, excluding other regions and countries.

Mashvisor Review

Although Mashvisor is a very good tool with a comprehensive property analysis model and a great visualization with color-coded heat maps, it still has drawbacks.

Despite the good reviews of 85% on Trustpilot,  5% of the customers on the same platform voiced out their dissatisfaction with Mashvisor . What are the things to improve?

  • Low-quality of customer support
  • Data privacy
  • Complicated dashboard
  • Inflexible subscription plan
  • Limited coverage, in US only
mashvisor alternatives

Overall, as a data analytics platform, Mashvisor should be more client-centric in this case thinking that every user experience has a huge impact on their success. Read more about the Mashvisor Review

As someone who already uses Mashvisor, I bet you are reading this to learn the alternative tools that are more promising and can fit your needs. Meanwhile, if you are new to these tools and into exploration, this article is for you as we embark on the other Top STR tools for Airbnb investors.

This article consists of:

1. The key features to look for when enhancing your Airbnb investment
2. A comprehensive review of Mashvisor competitors
3. The best alternative to Mashvisor

Key Features to Enhance Your Airbnb Investment

Expanding your property portfolio on Airbnb requires data-driven insights. Fortunately, there are reliable analytics tools that offer a wide range of useful features. As you look into these tools, keep in mind the following:

mashvisor alternatives

1. Data Accuracy and Reliability: This should be the #1 on your list. Make well-informed decisions with trustworthy data, ensuring your investment choices are based on reliable information.
2. Advanced Property Search and Analysis: Identify lucrative opportunities quickly and effectively, saving time and maximizing potential returns.
3. Vacation Rental Management Tool: Streamline your property management tasks, optimizing operations & pricing, and enhancing the overall guest experience.
4. Data Visualization: Gain visual insights into market trends and hotspots, enabling you to make data-driven decisions with ease.
5. Global Coverage: Expand your investments worldwide by choosing a tool that covers the countries where you plan to operate, unlocking new opportunities.
6. Customer Reviews: Benefit from the experiences of other users, gaining valuable insights into the tool’s performance and potential drawbacks.
7. Customer Support & Education: Receive quick assistance when needed and access educational resources to sharpen your skills and leverage the tool effectively.
8. Cost-effective Pricing: Ensure you maximize your ROI by finding an affordable plan that offers the right balance of features and value.

By prioritizing these key features, you can elevate your Airbnb investments to new heights, harnessing the power of accurate data, efficient property management, visualization tools, global reach, valuable user insights, reliable support, and cost-effective pricing. Embrace these benefits and propel your real estate ventures forward with confidence.

Comprehensive Review of Mashvisor Competitors

Now that we’ve established the importance of data-driven decision-making and introduced the top three Mashvisor alternatives, let’s go deeper into each platform’s unique features and offerings.

mashvisor alternatives

Airbtics: The #1 STR Analytics Tool for Airbnb Investors

Airbtics emerges as the frontrunner among Mashvisor alternatives. It’s the top choice among STR analytics tools due to its data accuracy, reliability, and customizable features. It offers in-depth information tailored to the Airbnb ecosystem, ranging from vacation rental income projections and occupancy rates to market trends and property performance analysis.

Why do customers prefer Airbtics?

Dynamic Map. Airbtics is able to get dynamic data updating while you move around the map in the app. The data such as the occupancy rate, nightly rate, and annual revenue is updated in real-time. This allows Airbnb investors to compare data in a specific and custom manner. 

  • Tailored Region. Unlike other tools, Airbtics permits users to “draw” the area of their preferred markets. This notable feature gives Airbnb investors a customizable experience.
  • Data Accuracy. 10 million Airbnb listings worldwide are updated every week on Airbtics to ensure we are providing accurate information to our users. Additionally, the data refresh cycle is weekly and daily for enterprise clients, making the data reliable for sudden changes.
  • User-friendly Interface. Airbtics understands that not all STR investors are proficient in data analytics tools. Our user-friendly dashboard is designed for both first-time investors and experts.
  • 5-star Customer Reviews. Don’t take our word for it. Read true success stories of our customers at Capterra where we received 5-star ratings.
mashvisor alternatives


AirDNA has established itself as the first STR analytics platform in the industry. It’s widely used by property owners, managers, Airbnb hosts, researchers, and market leaders. Upon checking their tool, here’s what sets them apart from the competition: Read the full review.

  • Great Data Visualization. AirDNA’s product dashboard composes of highly-visual data insights to help users analyze the data with ease.
  • Rich in features. The dashboard has several sections ranging from the market grade card, rental size, and growth. There is also a section for rentalizer where investors can get an estimate of their revenue of ROI. The last section is composed of seasonality where RevPar is computed and lead time & rates.
  • Market trends & reports. AirDNA publishes market trends and reports available to the public, which makes them a great resource about the industry’s market.

Although AirDNA has notable features which make them stand out, there are also drawbacks that came from AirDNA customers themselves:

‣ Unreliable data due to occasional updating
‣ Not all regions are available
‣ Pricing fluctuates frequently
‣ Short-term prediction isn’t possible
‣ Complex integration with other software

mashvisor alternatives


AllTheRooms is one of the pioneers in the STR industry that offers data analysis for vacation rental investors. They are a mission-oriented platform that aims to offer profound insights into the booming vacation rental market. Read the full review.

  • Comparison Tools. It’s one of the most complimented features of AllTheRooms. The tool allows easy comparison of different factors such as occupancy rates, daily rates, supply, market prices, etc. Comparing two or more items at the same time gives insightful analysis to the users.
  • Advanced Filter. Users can gain a bird’s eye view of market patterns and dive deeper into individual property analysis. The advanced filter feature refines the data based on listing types enabling accurate comparisons.

Despite the fact that AllTheRooms has helped many property managers and vacation rental investors, there is still so much to improve on their product. 67% of the customers rank them as bad; while 33% ranked the product as an excellent one.

Other Alternatives: Data Rabbu & Inside Airbnb

Data Rabbu is a US-specific property management service that provides valuable Airbnb data for real estate investors seeking to expand their profit of short-term and vacation rental properties. Meanwhile, the drawbacks include limited global coverage and no guarantee of rental data accuracy.

Inside Airbnb is a valuable website that provides datasets collected directly from Airbnb, benefiting local hosts, researchers, and scholars. Its public data includes information such as available listings, safe neighborhoods for hosting, estimated monthly income, average nights booked, pricing, occupancy rates, and the number of reviews. However, the free version lacks the ability to create a customized market analysis, requiring costly data requests for specific neighborhoods.

The Best Alternative to Mashvisor is Airbtics!

Choosing the right tool for property investing is a crucial point. As a property investor, you are dealing with data to make informed decisions, which makes data accuracy the #1 must-have on your checklist. Other features are secondary.

To sum up, Airbtics has by far the best alternative to Mashvisor. It touches most of Mashvisor’s limitations such as high data accuracy, quick and easy-to-reach customer support, global coverage, and highly-customizable features.

If you haven’t tried Airbtics yet, try it now with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Talk to our customer representative to answer any questions you may have and while you’re at it, you can also take your time and check out Airbnb statistics in US cities. This way, you will also get an idea of where you should invest in.

Alternatives & Reviews

AirDNA vs Rabbu Comparison: Choosing the Best Airbnb Analytics in 2023

Key Takeaways
  • Before investing in the real estate market, it’s important to make sure that the property will generate a high return first. This is where Airbnb data analytics tools like AirDNA and Data Rabbu are bringing the essence to the short-term rental industry. 
  • Discover and compare the Airbnb analytics available in the market to meet your goals. By looking at the features, pricing, and alternatives, you’ll be able to make the wisest investment decisions. 
  • Learn about the reviews from actual users who have tried AirDNA, Data Rabbu, and other short-term rental providers to gauge the best Airbnb analytics for your business.


Starting your investment journey in the real estate market is an exciting step to achieving financial freedom. In fact, it can instantly help you make thousands of dollars by using the right tool to make wise investment decisions.

This is where short-term rental analytics providers like AirDNA and Data Rabbu step in and become essential. They both provide useful data points such as the monthly revenue projection, occupancy rates, and Airbnb listings among others.

But which is the best Airbnb analytics tool for you? 

In this article, we’ll compare AirDNA vs Data Rabbu to help you decide on the best Airbnb analytics tool. We’ll cover their specific features, pricing, and actual user reviews. We also added great Airbnb analytics alternatives just in case you need more options. Continue reading to learn more!

What is AirDNA?

AirDNA is one of the leading sources of short-term rental data in the industry. It helps users to access data by looking at competitive insights, custom reporting, and interactive dashboards. 

AirDNA also offers worldwide data coverage with features including a marketing comparison tool (Market Minder) for investors to compare cities and an ROI calculator (AirDNA Rentalizer).

On the other hand, if you’re wondering, “Is AirDNA accurate?” – well, AirDNA’s accuracy is a different subject. While there are several users who have tried its services, the tool’s accuracy is often highlighted and several users have unsubscribed due to this problem. It’s also one of the reasons why more people are looking into AirDNA alternatives.

What is Data Rabbu?

Data Rabbu is a property management service that features short-term rental data. This platform focuses on short-term rental & vacation rental properties. Therefore, more real estate investors who want to determine a property’s profitability find it valuable. 

Rabbu’s Marketplace tool is also helpful for those who have no properties yet or would like to create a new investment portfolio. This tool specifically assists investors to have an overview of on and off markets. 

However, its data coverage is limited to the USA markets only. Airbnb Rabbu’s accuracy cannot be guaranteed since there are feedback from users stating that their “75th percentile seems to underestimate the real-world STR performance”.

AirDNA vs Rabbu: Features & Tools

Aside from the fact that both AirDNA and Rabbu differ according to their data coverages, here are their individual features and tools: 

Airdna vs rabbu

1. Airbnb Calculator

The first question that comes to every property investor’s mind is: “How much can I make on Airbnb with my property?”. This is where an Airbnb income calculator becomes essential! 

Both AirDNA and Rabbu Data have Airbnb calculators. They present Airbnb data points such as annual revenue, average daily rate, and occupancy rate among others. Their major difference is that Data Rabbu’s Airbnb calculator is free and you can even go through the market’s seasonality.

Airdna vs rabbu
Airdna vs rabbu

From a brief look at the dashboards from AirDNA vs Rabbu, it’s safe to say that Rabbu’s presentation is a lot more comprehensive. In order to view all the data from AirDNA, you will be required to pay for their subscription first so it’s not completely recommended for beginners.

2. Deal Alerts

Data Rabbu’s deal alerts are built to send notifications via email or text message when there are new properties that match your preferences. You can set your own criteria according to location, property price, and expected return to get sourced!
At present, AirDNA does not have this feature as they are more focused on in-depth Airbnb data insights.

3. Market Minder

AirDNA’s Market Minder feature tracks the daily performance of 10 million short-term properties worldwide from Airbnb and VRBO. It features a fully interactive map dashboard that has various currencies and presents daily travel demands. 

However, they only update their database once a month which makes their data inaccurate as it’s not real-time. 

Data Rabbu also has an interactive map but it only presents existing Airbnbs like AirDNA. How often do they update their database? Unfortunately, it’s not stated on their website. And here’s a feature that they both lack: Dynamic data insights!

Dynamic data insights are important for both beginners and pros in the short-term rental industry as they take into account the fluctuations in market demand. 

For instance, Airbtics’ interactive map dashboard presents existing Airbnbs and dynamic data insights at the same time. Airbtics also updates its database daily, which helps investors to access real-time information to generate profitable investments.

This feature is specifically helpful for property investors to keep up with the pricing strategies in their markets.

4. Property Management

Data Rabbu’s secondary function is a tool for property management. This helps property investors manage daily rental operations, optimize pricing, and keep track of rental properties among others.
AirDNA does not have this feature, although they offer smart rates that can be connected to the Airbnb host’s account.

5. Enterprise Solutions

AirDNA’s enterprise solutions offer customized insights such as real estate market trends and forecasts. AirDNA users can even download the data so they have a copy of their own. Data Rabbu, on the other hand, does not provide customized insights. 

AirDNA vs Data Rabbu Pricing: Which is Worth it?

Now that you know the features of both AirDNA and Rabbu – let’s talk about the second-most important consideration: Pricing!  

According to Data Rabbu’s website, their pricing for property acquisition software costs $99 per month or $990 per year when paid annually. On the other hand, for full-service short-term rental property management, Data Rabbu’s fees vary according to your market & portfolio. 

AirDNA’s pricing costs $499.75 per month or $3,599.75 per year for accessing 5 markets in different regions. Unfortunately, this can be very expensive and they also don’t offer free trials.

Overall, Rabbu and AirDNA’s data depth are both lower compared to Airbtics. Since Rabbu offers property management services and Mashvisor offers basic data services, it makes sense why they can provide these services at such a low cost. 

Let’s face the fact that it is difficult to gauge one city’s profitability by looking at a single market alone. So if you are looking to invest in a market – it’s highly recommended to look at the top 5 markets, make a comparison for each, run the numbers, and make a wise investment decision. 

The good news is that Airbtics is designed to help you with that! As a specialized data company, it provides the most accurate results and is ideal for those who want to base their decisions on high-quality data. 

To sum it up, choosing 2-5 good markets is more than enough. Once you have a preferred area to start an investment, you should consider the major factors including where you reside and work. Compared to other STR Analytics providers in the market, Airbtics provides the most affordable cost to explore 5 markets which is $149.99 per month or $999 per year.

Feedback from AirDNA vs Data Rabbu Users

Before subscribing to a service or purchasing a product, it’s always best to learn from reviews or check the user’s feedback first. Particularly if you’re subscribing to a short-term rental analytics tool! Check out the following reviews from actual users who have tried AirDNA and Data Rabbu:

Airdna vs rabbu

AirDNA & Data Rabbu Alternatives

Knowing the features, pricing, and major comparisons of user feedback between AirDNA and Rabbu may still not convince you. Don’t worry! If you still can’t decide at this point, the good news is that there are better options. Check out the best AirDNA and Rabbu alternatives:


Summary: What’s the Best Short-Term Rental Analytics for You?

To sum it up, Data Rabbu only offers basic Airbnb data services for real estate investors. While it has an ROI calculator that presents the most important data, it’s also limited to accessing markets within the USA region. 

AirDNA caters to worldwide data coverage, but its accuracy and pricing are of major concern. AirDNA vs Rabbu has its own pros and cons, but the good news is that there are several other Airbnb data analytics providers that can meet your financial goals. 

In comparison to short-term rental analytics tool like Airbtics, it covers worldwide regions with specific markets that fully covers historical performance data, guest demographics, and more.

If you want to look at more detailed and advanced data which includes seasonality and discover specific neighborhoods, then Airbtics might be the best short-term rental provider for you. You can use the most accurate STR revenue calculator and speed up your game in the industry!

Alternatives & Reviews

Reviewing Inside Airbnb: Is it Worth it? Features, Pricing, and Reviews

Inside Airbnb data

Key Takeaways
  • Inside Airbnb data is useful for researching particular Airbnb datasets. The majority of users get and download important data such as the number of listings in a target neighborhood, estimated monthly income, number of reviews, and property types among others. 
  • Learn how Inside Airbnb can help you understand public data collected from Airbnb, its scope and limitations, and excellent options for Airbnb third-party vendors.

What is Inside Airbnb?

Inside Airbnb is a website that presents datasets collected from Airbnb itself. Launched as an activist project, InsideAirbnb aims to control the role of renting residential homes to tourists. Over the years, it has not only helped local hosts who want to be a part of the Airbnb community but also researchers and scholars. Inside Airbnb’s public data presents the following:

  • Number of available listings
  • Safe neighborhoods for hosting
  • Estimated monthly income
  • Average nights booked
  • Price per night
  • Occupancy rate
  • Number of reviews
Inside Airbnb data

Inside Airbnb also has summarized reports for specific cities such as Airbnb data in Dallas 2022. It’s basically made it easier for researchers and readers to download data in one click.

Inside Airbnb data

While Inside Airbnb’s dataset is mostly used in academic research, there are other people who use it as a primary data source. 

However, the findings from research about Inside Airbnb data analysis declared that there may be systemic errors in Inside Airbnb’s data collection process. This explains why other people look for credible options such as short-term rental analytics providers.

Inside Airbnb’s Scope 

Users can explore and get data from Inside Airbnb in several cities. Most cities available on the website are based in the USA, Europe, Australia, Africa, Canada, and the UK among others. There is also data available on a few Asian countries like Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, Bangkok, and Japan. 

Inside Airbnb’s Limitations

It’s safe to say that while Inside Airbnb’s data is generally free and easy to access, these are its following limitations:

  • It cannot create a customized market on a free version. Let’s face it – it’s difficult to gauge a market’s profitability with one look. You can ask for a data request (archived or new) to target a specific neighborhood for a very pricey cost.
  • For each data request, there are still processes and evaluations to follow. If you are a property investor who wants to access data in one click, this is less likely to happen with Inside Airbnb.

Inside Airbnb’s Pricing

In summary, Inside Airbnb’s pricing for each city or region is relatively expensive. It can be considered as a practical option for those whose major purpose is research. However, it’s different for property investors.

As a first step, deciding where to invest can either make or break the business. 

For instance, if you want to invest in an Airbnb in Barcelona, looking at one or two neighborhoods won’t be the right decision. Especially if you look at the entire Barcelona data, which can be a lot more complex. 

Inside Airbnb data

Source: Get the Data on Inside Airbnb

We always recommend property investors consider looking at 5 markets in different regions and comparing each data. This way, you can properly make an informed decision.

IA’s price for 5 markets costs $1,600, while Airbtics only costs $149.99 per month. As one of the trusted and leading analytics providers, Airbtics provides in-depth data insights and allows you to create custom markets. The possibilities are endless!

This is why most property investors use Airbnb data tools to secure data accuracy – without breaking the bank. 


To sum it up, Inside Airbnb data offers valuable insights that help one understand the general activities and listings in a city. Since there are comments and studies that question its accuracy and data collection method, most professionals opt for short-term rental analytics providers instead.

Aside from the in-depth analysis and worldwide data coverage, they also offer an accurate Airbnb income calculator. In the digital era, it’s always best to think ahead of your competitors.

Start your STR journey now with Airbtics and leverage your game in the industry!

Alternatives & Reviews

REVR Review: Features, Pricing, and Reviews

Revr airbnb tool

Key Takeaways
  • Revr is one of the newest short-term rental analytics providers in the market. This tool helps property investors achieve their goals and target the right markets for investment.
  • Short-term rental analytics providers such as Revr are built to provide revenue projections and share investment opportunities in their preferred target markets.
  • While Revr does not have any reviews from its general users yet, we went ahead and checked the features and pricing to help determine if it’s worth the money.

What is Revr?

Revr is a new short-term rental analytics company that provides Airbnb data. Particularly, STR providers like Revr Airbnb tool are built for property investors to compare any city that they plan to invest in.  

Short-term rental analytics platforms like Revr are extremely helpful for benchmarking and providing data. Particularly, for investors to make the best investment decisions! But is Revr the best tool for your business?

If you’re thinking of using Revr for your Airbnb business, this article is for you! 

Continue reading as we discuss Revr’s features, pricing, and reviews. At the end of this article, you’ll learn whether Revr is the best tool for your short-term rental business. Bonus: We also added some great Revr alternatives to look at!

Features and Reviews of Revr

1. Dashboard for Home Market

One of the primary features of Revr is a dashboard where you can select one home market. Users can see the overall revenue (both short and long-term), markets, and other STR insights. You can also check out the top-performing properties nearby with their prices, optimized CAP rate, and long-term CAP rate.

For a first-time user who wants to navigate the app, it is a bit confusing to see the numbers in 0 figures. Later, I figured that the account is in trial mode and requires payment for the subscription. You can only expand your search area once you pay a certain monthly fee.

Revr airbnb tool

There are also not a lot of online tutorials or a built-in app guide on how to properly navigate the Revr tools. So it’s safe to say that one might need to request a free demo with their customer representative to understand its features. Once you select a home market, here’s what the dashboard looks like:

Revr airbnb tool

Revr is somehow similar to Mashvisor when it comes to data coverage. Both are only limited to presenting Airbnb data within the USA markets. Therefore, it may not be useful if you want to explore international markets. 

But the best part is that their Airbnb data source is accurate. Airbtics provides Airbnb and VRBO data for REVR, and there are several positive reviews about their data accuracy. You can also have a brief overview of the top-performing STR properties near your selected area.

Revr airbnb tool
2. Access Revenue to any USA Properties

Next to the dashboard section is the revenue, where users can enter their street address, filter the property details (number of bedrooms, baths, etc), and features. The final step will ask users to input location information with various options to select from (mountain skis, nearby restaurants, etc). 

If you have a specific target property in mind, this filter can be considered one of the top features of Revr. Once you have selected all the necessary information, you can choose whether it’s for a short or long-term rental. Here’s what the final view looks like:

Revr airbnb tool
3. View, Add, and Compare Markets

Under the Markets section, you can select a location and filter according to property type and price. It also presents various addresses nearby with their details. You also have the option to create email notifications to receive notifications about investment opportunities. 

From a brief look, this data can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. Revr also does not have any export option as a CSV file where you can look back into this data. So users will more likely need to take a screenshot instead.

4. Market Analysis

If you want to view Airbnb data for 4 markets all at the same time, the good news is that you can! With Revr’s market analysis, you can see the highest and lowest revenue of your selected markets. Although their data coverage is only within the USA, there’s no question about their data accuracy for each market.

Here’s an example where I input 4 different markets. Specifically in Phoenix AZ, San Francisco CA, Las Vegas NV, and Chicago IL:


Revr Pricing: Is It Worth The Money?

Revr’s pricing ranges from $19.99 to $45.99 per month. Check out Revr’s multiple pricing packages:

  • Iron Butterfly: starting at $19.99 per month
    – Unlimited revenue projections, custom market dashboard, and access to market listings.
  • The Hag: starting at $32.99 per month
    – Receive email notifications about investment opportunities
    – Unlimited revenue projections, custom market dashboard, and access to market listings.
  • The Chief: starting at $37.99 per month
    – Access to USA Market Analysis
    – Unlimited revenue projections, custom market dashboard, and access to market listings.
  • The King: starting at $45.99 per month
    – Access to USA Market Analysis and receive email notifications about investment opportunities.
    – Unlimited revenue projections, custom market dashboard, and access to market listings.

Revr’s packages offer unlimited revenue projections. However, the USA Market Analysis and email notifications features are only available for “The King” subscriptions.

USA Market Analysis & Email Notifications can be accessed by purchasing add-ons. The USA market analysis cost an additional $19.99, while email notifications cost $14.99.

If you are a beginner in the industry, Revr’s pricing is considered cheap in the market. However, the pricing might also not be practical if you want to look at other markets at the same time. Making an investment decision is crucial and it can either make or break the business!

This is why we highly recommend looking at the top 5 markets before anything else. It’s a fact that it is difficult to tell if a city is profitable by looking at a single market alone. To make a wise investment decision, it’s important to compare each market and run the numbers.

The cheapest and most accurate STR tool for accessing 5 markets is Airbtics. For the price of $149.99, you can access 5 markets in different regions worldwide. 

Revr Alternatives

So are there any Revr alternatives that you can look out for? The good news is that there are plenty! In fact, there are also AirDNA alternatives that are useful for discovering other short-term rental analytics providers. Here are comparison charts that you can take a look at:


Summary: What’s the Best Short-Term Rental Analytics for You?

Although Revr is a fairly new STR analytics provider, its features and pricing are a great starting point. If you aim to target the USA market alone, then it can also be recommended. Its tool can be a bit complex for newbies, but there’s no question about its data accuracy.

In conclusion, the best short-term rental analytics should not only be limited to providing revenue projections. Its data should also be accurate, easily comprehensive, has wide data coverage, and most of all – it should be worth every penny.

Short-term rental analytics tool like Airbtics covers worldwide regions with specific markets that fully covers historical performance data, guest demographics, and more.

If you want to look at more detailed and advanced data which includes seasonality and discover specific neighborhoods, then Airbtics might be the best short-term rental provider for you. You can use the most accurate STR revenue calculator and speed up your game in the industry!

Alternatives & Reviews

STR Insights: Features, Pricing, and Reviews

STR insights tool

What is STR Insights?

STR Insights is a new short-term rental analytics company that provides Airbnb data for real estate investors. It gives the entire US market its subscription service. Some of STR Insights’ features include access to revenue metrics and property details among others.

Short-term rental analytics platforms like STR Insights are extremely helpful for benchmarking and providing data for investors to make the best investment decisions. But is it the best one for your business?

If you’re considering using an STR Insights tool for your Airbnb business, this article is for you! 

Continue reading as we discuss STR insights’ features, pricing, and reviews. At the end of this article, you’ll learn whether STR Insights is the best tool for your short-term rental business. 

Features of STR Insights

Similar to other short-term rental analytics providers, STR Insights has an ROI feature where you can input your address and predict profitability. Their software includes a dashboard, market profile, comparison report, and support.
STR Insights’ dashboard can’t be accessed after a free sign-up. They require users to subscribe to their premium subscriptions first to gain access. Their tutorial video & website present the following features:

  1. Discover markets with the latest Airbnb data
  2. Research-based on the types of vacation destination
  3. Compare different markets using the ROI calculator

The CEO of STR Insights, Kenny Bedwell, was also featured in a podcast that explains the tool’s major features. He shared all the details on STR Insights and tips for what markets you should keep an eye out for based on data he has seen.

Based on their tutorial video, this is what their dashboard looks like:

STR insights tool
STR insights tool

STR Insights provides Airbnb data coverage within the USA region. Similar to Mashvisor, it’s not recommended for those who want to explore global investments. 

If we also have to compare STR Insights vs AirDNA, it’s safe to say that AirDNA has more reviews and has been tested by many users. Although AirDNA has several popular tools such as MarketMinder and AirDNA Rentalizer, one thing to note is that even though AirDNA offers worldwide data coverage, it isn’t always the best option for other users. 

Due to several complaints about AirDNA’s inaccuracy and data quality, people have actually sought AirDNA Alternatives. When choosing an STR analytics tool for your business, it’s always best to look at other people’s experiences and compare each feature to make the best decision.

STR Insights Pricing: Is It Worth The Money?

STR Insights offer monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions. Since the features for each subscription are not stated clearly, it can be difficult to gauge if it’s worth the money. 

For the price of $194 per month without any assurance on how many markets you can access, it can be a costly mistake. STR Insights’ quarterly subscription costs $449.99, while the annual subscription for $1,599.99.

Let’s face the fact that it is difficult to tell if a city is profitable by looking at a single market alone. So if you are looking to invest in a market, it’s highly recommended to look at the top 5 markets. It’s important to make a comparison for each market and run the numbers to make a wise investment decision.

The cheapest and most accurate STR tool for accessing 5 markets is Airbtics. For the price of $149.99, you can access 5 markets in different regions. Check out the STR insights alternatives available in the market:


STR Insights Review

STR Insights does not have any existing reviews from users, aside from the ones promoted on their website. However, the dashboard can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. And while it provides most of the necessary info for property investment, its accuracy is another question.

Summary: What’s the Best Short-Term Rental Analytics for You?

To sum it up, STR Insights only offers basic Airbnb data services for real estate investors. While it has an ROI calculator that presents the most important data, it’s also limited to accessing markets within the USA region. 

In comparison to short-term rental analytics tool like Airbtics, it covers worldwide regions with specific markets that fully covers historical performance data, guest demographics, and more.

If you want to look at more detailed and advanced data which includes seasonality and discover specific neighborhoods, then Airbtics might be the best short-term rental provider for you. You can use the most accurate STR revenue calculator and speed up your game in the industry!

Alternatives & Reviews

Data Rabbu: Reviews, Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

Data Rabbu: Reviews, Features, Pricing, and Alternatives: In this article, you’ll find reviews about Data Rabbu ’s Airbnb analytics & its features’ descriptions. Continue reading to learn more!

Data Rabbu: Reviews, Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

data rabbu reviews

Data Rabbu: Reviews, Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

In this article, you’ll find reviews about Data Rabbu ’s Airbnb analytics & its features’ descriptions. Continue reading to learn more!

Data Rabbu: Reviews, Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

It’s important to use accurate data analytics tools in the short-term rental industry.  

Regardless if you are a beginner or a pro in the industry, your decisions should be according to a reliable and comprehensive software tool.

There are several options available in the market known as the best short-term rental analytics tools. Yet, it’s important to gauge and compare each software’s features and pricing to make sure that it’s the best one for you. And that’s what we’ll cover in this article!

Here’s an example. Property investors and managers who used AirDNA in the past have negative reviews.

Some of the reviews state that their data is inaccurate and misleading.

The good news is that there are free and paid AirDNA alternatives that can help you make wiser investment decisions.

In this article, we’ll review Data Rabbu’s Airbnb analytics and describe its features. We’ll also present its data accuracy, pricing, alternatives, and public reviews.

What is Data Rabbu?

Data Rabbu is a property management platform that offers end-to-end property management services. If you are a real estate investor who needs assistance in purchasing profitable properties, Data Rabbu is highly recommended.  Some of its features include estimating the return on investment, managing rental operations, and the like.

Since Data Rabbu only offers Airbnb data for listings in the USA, it is not recommended for those who want to discover Airbnb data in other countries.

Data Rabbu Short-Term Rental Deal Alerts

Data Rabbu has a paid subscription service called ‘Rabbu Short-Term Deal Alerts’ which aims to help property investors discover specific markets for investment in one click. Once subscribed, you will receive notifications via email or phone when there are new properties within your area that match your preference. 

Rabbu’s Marketplace tool is also helpful for those who have no properties yet or would like to create a new investment portfolio. This tool specifically assists investors to have an overview of on and off markets. Using filters such as location, purchase price, cap rate, property types, and the like – you’ll discover STR analysis and metrics and be able to make a proper decision.

Rabbu’s marketplace also offers an Airbnb calculator which presents sales prices, cash-on-cash return, gross yield, and potential revenue. It can also be adjusted according to your financial projections including loans, recurring expenses, and initial costs.

Data Rabbu Pricing: How Much Does it Cost?

According to their website, Data Rabbu pricing for property acquisition software is priced at $99 per month or $990 per year when paid annually.

On the other hand, for a full-service of short-term rental property management, Data Rabbu’s fees may vary according to your market & portfolio. It’s also possible to get custom pricing from Data Rabbu by reaching out to their customer support team. 

Here’s a brief comparison of Data Rabbu’s alternatives and their pricing:

Short Term Rental Analytics Providers Standard Plan Pricing
Data Rabbu $99 per month
Airbtics $149 for 5 markets per month
AirDNA $499.75 for 5 markets per month
All The Rooms $245 for 5 markets per month
Mashvisor $495 for 5 markets per month
See Transparent $1,245 for 5 markets per month

*market can be a zip code, neighborhood, or city.

Overall, Rabbu and Mashvisor’s data depth are both lower compared to Airbtics. Since Rabbu offers property management services and Mashvisor offers basic data services, it makes sense why they can provide these services at such a low cost. 

Let’s face the fact that it is difficult to gauge one city’s profitability by looking at a single market alone. So if you are looking to invest in a market – it’s highly recommended to look at the top 5 markets, make a comparison for each, run the numbers, and make a wise investment decision.

The good news is that Airbtics is designed to help you with that! As a specialized data company, it provides the most accurate results and is ideal for those who want to base their decisions on high-quality data.

To sum it up, choosing 2-5 good markets is more than enough. Once you have a preferred area to start an investment, you should consider the major factors including where you reside and work. Compared to other STR Analytics providers in the market, Airbtics provides the most affordable costs to explore 5 markets.

Is Data Rabbu Accurate?

Since Data Rabbu focuses on engaging with real estate investors who are looking forward to purchasing STR properties like hotels & condos for Airbnb purposes, its data accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Although it presents a property’s daily rates & occupancy rates, one can certainly not guarantee its accuracy. Let’s take a look at some reviews left by Airbnb hosts from Reddit and BiggerPockets forums:

data rabbu reviews
data rabbu reviews

Data Rabbu Calculator: Airbnb Analytics Free

In order for a property investor to have an overview of a property’s potential profitability, using a reliable Airbnb income calculator is an important tool that should be used. Simply put, looking at a property’s revenue projection will highly affect a property investor’s decision-making process – and it boils down to whether it will be profitable or not.

According to Data Rabbu’s Airbnb Calculator, some of the features of their revenue estimates include the following:

  • Annual Seasonalized Revenue
  • Average Daily Rate
  • Occupancy Rate
  • Seasonality Chart
  • RevPAN (Revenue per Available Night)
  • Comparables

Upon checking Data Rabbu’s calculator, we came up with the impression that since it focuses on property management services, the data software can be too complicated to use for first-timers. In comparison to other STR analytics companies like Airbtics that focus on analyzing short-term rental markets, it presents a more comprehensive dashboard that’s easy to use. 

Data Rabbu Reviews: Airbnb Analytics for Hosts

While short-term rental analytics are built to make an Airbnb host & property investor’s business on point, it could be a difficult task to find a reliable tool. Fortunately, reviews speak a lot louder! 

If you want to try using Data Rabbu’s services, here are some of the reviews that you should know about according to a forum on Bigger Pockets & Reddit. 


“Rabbu Pros & Cons:
Cons – revenue average even after looking at the top 75th percentile seems to underestimate real-world STR performance. Might have to do with their software taking all comps nearby despite several not really being made available 365.
Pros – quickly pull nearby comps to get a visual idea of the top performing properties and what numbers to expect (by ignoring outliers in the mix).”

– Posted by Josh Green on STR Analysis: Rabbu vs AirDNA

data rabbu reviews


In summary, Data Rabbu can be a useful tool for real estate investors who want to discover and analyze short-term rental properties in the USA market. In order to ensure that it’s the best investment decision, it’s highly recommended to try a reliable Airbnb analytics platform like Airbtics and get a thorough analysis.

Airbtics vacation rental data includes various different measurements, such as average daily rate (ADR), historical occupancy rate, the number of listings in a particular area, guest demographics, revenue reports, and more. 

The Airbnb analytics (free) included in our dashboard can be used for different purposes, depending on your personal business needs. Whether you are a rental property investor, a host management software company, or a member of a tourism board, our rental data analytics dashboard has everything you need for success!

Unlock Worldwide
Short-Term Rental Data
Find unsaturated neighborhoods with the highest occupancy history.

Unlock Worldwide
Short-Term Rental Data
Find unsaturated neighborhoods with the highest occupancy history.

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Alternatives & Reviews

Airbnb vs VRBO: Is VRBO better than Airbnb?

Table of Contents
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    Airbnb vs VRBO: Which Is Better?

    Airbnb and VRBO are two of the most popular vacation rental sites among both guests and property owners. When determining where to market your home, you may wonder which of these two approaches will result in greater results for your short-term rental business. As a guest, you may be curious to learn which of these platforms will match your individual needs and aid you in organising your ideal vacation.
    We compared Airbnb and VRBO and looked at their important features, differences, benefits, and downsides to help you decide.
    The major distinction between Airbnb and VRBO is what each has to offer.
    Let’s dissect it.
    Type of accommodation:

    The main distinction between these two platforms is the type of lodging they provide.

    • VRBO only provides stand-alone holiday houses.

    • Aside from stand-alone vacation houses, Airbnb also offers shared spaces and even hotel rooms. But, it usually does not provide a private room or other oddities such as camping. Although it began as a home-sharing concept, it currently hosts a wide range of lodgings.

    In other words, if you’re seeking a place to stay for a family reunion, both Airbnb and VRBO are viable options. Stick with Airbnb if you want a cheaper shared space or something out of the ordinary.

    Search feature

    Both Airbnb and VRBO provide similar, easy-to-use search features.

    Airbnb’s page looks a lot nicer and it contains some interesting visual components on the map, such as pricing and important locations. In comparison, VRBO’s page is clunky and out-of-date, with a banner ad.

    Aesthetics aside,  VRBO has a far superior filter and sort functionality than Airbnb. VRBO’s filters are also easier to use. “Pets allowed” is one of VRBO’s prominent search features, which can be extremely useful to many travelers. But, it’s buried deep in Airbnb’s menus under “house rules.”

    Omit, Airbnb restricts users’ ability to filter and search based on these simple factors.


    This is a no-brainer. As of September 2020, Airbnb had 5.6 million active listings, and while VRBO doesn’t disclose this figure, it’s likely smaller. The gap is instantly revealed while searching in the same area on both platforms.

    In the tiny town of Forks, Washington, for example, an Airbnb search yields 42 listings with a wide range of housing options and pricing.

    On VRBO, a comparable search yields only one active listing.

    This isn’t a coincidence. Omitting the sheer volume of listings available, Airbnb outnumbers the competition.

    Airbnb data

    Both vacation rental websites are booking platforms for property hosts. That is, you are booking a property “via Airbnb” rather than “an Airbnb.”

    This may make the booking process unusual for people used to staying in hotels.

    You must first make a booking “request,” which includes a price quote and a message to the host, for all VRBO and select Airbnb homes. Before approving or rejecting your request, the host considers your profile and past host ratings. To put it, the host must approve your reservation before it gets confirmed.

    If all that sounds like too much trouble, Airbnb offers a “quick book” option for some properties.


    Both Airbnb and VRBO allow the property manager to set the cancellation and change policies for the booking. Because these regulations differ from one property to the next, it’s impossible to say which one provides the most flexibility.

    Yet, there are distinctions in how these policies are mostly communicated, implemented, and exhibited; once again, Airbnb has a little advantage.

    Airbnb gives hosts the option of selecting from a variety of flexibility rules, ranging from “flexible” to “strict.” Each policy has a color-coded timeframe to make it easier for potential guests to understand.

    The restricted policies and clarification offered by Airbnb take some of the guesswork out of determining whether to click “book.” Based on the booking dates, it’s easy to determine when you can get a complete refund or lose your entire booking cost.

    VRBO’s policies aren’t as simple or precise. These options range from “no refund” to “14/7,” which indicates you’ll get a full refund if you cancel 14 days or more ahead of time, and a 50% refund if you cancel at least seven days ahead of time. These policies are like those of Airbnb, but they are more difficult to compare.

    Service Charges

    VRBO’s servicing fees are often less expensive. Although the cost of your rental will determine your final cost, a VRBO rental is less expensive than an Airbnb rental.

    A split-fee structure is available on Airbnb. This means that the host’s payment is slightly reduced by an Airbnb service fee, and guests are also to pay a service fee. Most hosts pay a 3% service fee, although some may pay more (like Airbnb Plus hosts).

    The majority of guests pay a service fee of roughly 14% of the total booking price. But, certain guest service costs might be as much as 20%!

    VRBO also charges a service fee, which ranges from 6 to 15% of the total cost of your reservation. Because VRBO  does not offer individual rooms, the host has no way of covering the total service cost. Because you’re more likely to pay a lower service cost with VRBO, it’s the best option.


    Viewing property details is just one option for Airbnb users to learn more about a potential house listed on the platform. Guests can also submit reviews after their stay, rating everything from the veracity of the listing’s description to the cleanliness of the property. The site’s review area is also searchable, so if you have a specific worry about Airbnb, you may filter reviews to get answers.

    VRBO also has a review feature where users can score their experience at a specific property. Homeowners can respond to a reviewer on the site, and their responses are already posted next to the review. This suggests that before commencing the process of making a reservation, you should. Users of VRBO can not only discover more about a property’s amenities but also about the experience of staying there. Homeowners can teach them a lot.


    There is no clear winner when it comes to Airbnb vs. VRBO. It depends on the type of trip you want to take. Because of the variety of rental types, the large host network, and the suite of “explore” services, Airbnb may be a better option for those looking for a more adventurous vacation. VRBO may be a better fit for you if you’re looking for a real holiday, a true escape for yourself. Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, and each website has a variety of tools and rentals to assist you in planning your dream vacation.

    If you’ve ever considered renting out a house on Airbnb or VRBO, you’ll understand how tough it is to market your property. If you overprice your home, you will substantially lower the number of bookings. The majority of your competitors will lower your pricing and steal all your customers. So, the price is low, right? Price it too cheap, and you’ll be leaving money on the table, not making enough revenues to pay upkeep, and eventually becoming unprofitable.
    So, what should you do? There’s no need to worry since Airbtics provides historical, current, and anticipated rental data. You can also calculate your Airbnb revenue using the short-term rental calculator by multiplying your daily rate by the year-round occupancy rate.

    References| Travelfreak.com| Mashable.com

    READ MORE- Airbnb Squatters: All you need to know

    Alternatives & Reviews

    Beyond Pricing Alternatives

    Table of Contents

    How to find Short-Term Rental  Tools for Perfect Pricing?

    Figuring out how to price your property is one of the most crucial parts of Short Term Rental Business. Pricing your property too high will reduce your number of bookings drastically. Most of your competition will undercut your pricing and swoop away all the guests. Price low then, Right? Price it too low and you’ll be leaving money on the table and end up not making enough profits to cover maintenance and end up being non-profitable in the long run.

    So what to do? Use Dynamic pricing tools! Since the launch of these dynamic pricing tools, both by Airbnb (wich works just fine) and other companies(a few good ones here). Property managers got let off from manually scraping data and analyzing trends for hours to figure out the right pricing for their property. Dynamic pricing tools are a great addition to any property manager’s arsenal. They can help you boost your overall booking by suggesting the most optimized pricing. You can grow your revenue, increase your occupancy rate and save hours of manual work.

    A good Short Term Rental Pricing tool should not just be able to provide accurate data, but also integrate with other vacation rental software like Channel Managers, Property Management Systems, and Property Listing Sites for a better workflow and ease of use. Beyond Pricing in this list has been in business for many years now and has very refined tools with great track records. Additionally, we will discuss its top alternatives.

    What is Beyond Pricing?

    Beyond provides both a market research dashboard and a website builder (Known as Signal) on top of dynamic pricing. Short-term rental managers and owners can generate, develop, and maintain revenues with the help of Beyond. They assess the right price for your short-term rentals using their proprietary AI technology and change your pricing automatically. Like Uber’s surge pricing, the Beyond Pricing engine changes your pricing when your market demand changes quickly.

    Due to the fact that most Airbnb hosts don’t know much about the market, this tool can allow you to set better prices. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to set up, so it offers a good return on investment of your time.

    Its features include:

    • Dynamic Pricing – Adjusts your rates automatically to maximize income and occupancy.
    • Relay – You can sync your listings across many online travel agents with Relay.
    • Signal – Create and administer your own website for direct bookings.
    • Insights – Accurate, real-time data on the performance of your portfolio.
    • Guidance – you get one-on-one listing reviews and hands-on pricing optimization with their team of professionals.

    References: 5 Short Term Rental Tools for Perfect Pricing | Best AirDNA alternatives for 2022 | Beyond Pricing In-depth review: Still useful in 2022?

    Top Beyond Pricing Alternatives

    To get the best answer, you should check similar options or competitors before using Beyond Pricing. Consider reliability and ease of use when choosing Beyond Pricing alternatives. DPGO, Wheelhouse, and PriceLabs are among the top Beyond Pricing competitors.


    PriceLabs is robust web-based revenue management and dynamic pricing software for vacation and short-term rentals that connects with a variety of Property Management Systems. Vacation rentals can increase revenue and save time through a data-driven strategy, automated rules, and changes to pricing and stay limits. Automatic revenue management is just a few mouse clicks away with multiple channels and property management systems.


     The wheelhouse is a set of software and data tools meant to assist ambitious operators in getting more out of their portfolios. Wheelhouse dashboards provide a quick and simple way to see how your business and market are doing.


    DPGO is a price dynamic tool for Airbnb hosts, holiday rental owners, and short-term rental management. Their AI-powered software analyses billions of data points, over 200 local market data criteria, and boosts occupancy rates by up to 90%.


    Airbtics has developed its own dynamic pricing tool in 2019. They have taken its Yearly Price Calendar, which allows users to filter daily prices of similar rentals, a step ahead. This short-term rental pricing tool recommends the price of properties based on machine learning algorithms that are fed real-time booking data. This allows it to be accurate and even consider events and short-time spikes in supply and demand to give accurate results. It also helps you with custom integrations with any PMS or software you are using.

    Review of Top Beyond Pricing Alternatives

    Pricing Labs

    It’s simple to use. You set your base price, minimum and maximum prices, and a few other customization choices, and it will dynamically adjust your pricing. The ability to define minimum and maximum pricing come in handy. An excellent pricing algorithm gives you a number of options for automating the price management process. PriceLabs is far and by the greatest pricing tool, thanks to their recent version and UI enhancements. This is the tool of choice for any co-host manager, because of its low monthly pricing and extensive customization options.


    Wheelhouse’s custom price setting tool allows you a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing pricing based on a template. The ability to charge a higher weekend rate is a useful feature because many vacation homes are only occupied on weekends and not during the week. It’s an excellent piece of big data software that will result in higher revenues and reduced bother right away. The pricing algorithm performs admirably and is really accurate.

    beyond pricing alternatives

    Dynamic Pricing by DGPO analyzes and monitors market movements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, resulting in higher profitability and better pricing strategies. As a DPGO user, you’d be able to add your strategy preferences to their AI recommendations. Each listing has over 30 parameters, making it easier than ever to create our customized strategy. Its Markets function is extremely user-friendly, and its coverage area is always expanding.

    beyond pricing alternatives

    Airbtics team has tested their software with many vacation rental managers and has seen accurate results. The best part about this software and the reason we have put this in the list is that it charges a fixed fee. Unlike many other pricing tools that take a commission anywhere from 1% to 2%, Airbtics charges a flat fee depending upon the number of listings and size of the area. They also offer Free 15 Day Trial for property managers with more than 5 properties. Great customer service and a professional team are provided by Airbtics. The occupancy rate and daily pricing data are dynamically updated every day.

    Airbnb data

    Which is the best Beyond Pricing alternative?

    To summarise, the top Beyond Pricing alternatives are Wheelhouse, DGPO, PricingLabs and Airbtics.

    In comparison to all alternatives (services offered, ease of use, data sources, and cost to the owner), Airbtics emerged as the best option. Here are some of our favorite things about Airbtics:

    • Covers markets globally and updates data every day
    • Has 12 months of projected pricing data at the property level
    • Features historical individual listing performance data
    • Has advanced filtering options  

    A growing number of people are preferring Airbtics over Beyond Pricing. Still, it’s critical to conduct a thorough study of several factors when selecting the ideal short-term rental analytics solution. It’s not going to be easy. I hope this article helped you out a little.

    how much can you make on airbnb
    Alternatives & Reviews

    AirDNA vs AllTheRooms (What’s Best for you?)

    AirDNA vs AllTheRooms (What’s Best for you?): Planning to invest in a property but confused which data software to use, here is a comparison between AirDNA vs AllTheRooms to help you decide

    AirDNA vs AllTheRooms (What’s Best for you?)

    AirDNA vs AllTheRooms (What’s Best for you?)

    Planning to invest in a property but confused which data software to use, here is a comparison between AirDNA vs AllTheRooms to help you decide

    Since Airbnb started in 2008,  it has created a new business for short-term vacation rentals. Platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo are opening up the holiday industry to everyday homeowners and creating a sharing economy. This has given them the power to acquire vacation rentals as a full-time occupation. As a result of the modernization of the vacation rental industry, more people are offering their homes for this low-risk investment. 

    Property investors like to do their due diligence before investing and there are two well-known software tools – AirDNA and AllTheRooms. 

    But which is the best option the two? Continue reading and find out!

    What is AllTheRooms?

    AllTheRooms is one of the top providers of short-term rental hosts’ tools and services. Their short-term rental data and analytics packages are their major services. Vacation rental owners, investors, property managers, tourism boards, hotels, and other businesses benefit from such knowledge.

    Their mission is simple: “to gather and catalog every room on Earth and to use those data to provide in-depth insights into the growing vacation rental market.”

    airdna vs alltherooms


    As a software primarily focused to help  Real Estate Investors, AllTheRooms has helped users with the following: 

    • Improve rental plan and determine how much money the property can generate
    • Examine whether a standard or short-term rental is fitter for your property and neighborhood.
    • Keep track of individual markets and their progress over time.
    • Look for undervalued properties and investment prospects in established locations.

    AllTheRooms provides all of the normal historical and future analytics. Some of their innovative dashboard insights are where they set themselves apart.

    Every month, AllTheRooms calculates a Vacation Rental Score. This score compares revenue, ADR, and occupancy from a company’s listing and the market to give a single grade to performance. It’s the ideal solution for exhausted property managers who need a third-party metric to communicate with owners or investors.

    Let’s go through some of the features of AllTheRooms:

    1. Market Intelligence
    2. Competitive Intelligence
    3. Vacation Rental Score
    1. Market Intelligence

    In this feature, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the short-term renting industry. You will find the ADRs (Average Daily Rates), Occupancy Rates, and Revenue for each property type and location.

    • Market Insight: When you initially open or view a specific market, you’ll get to see the dashboard as seen above. 
      If you click the “Learn More” button below, you’ll get a more detailed trend over the last two years. This can be quite useful in determining the market’s direction. You can observe if the overall number of listings is increasing or decreasing.
    • Market Revenue: Knowing the whole available supply, trends, and the overall market size is quite beneficial. Property investors who want to start a business will need this to determine the size of the total addressable market.
      In other words, you want to make sure that the market is big enough for you to expand. This is especially important if you’re thinking about targeting smaller cities and want to know what the overall short-term rental demand is like.
    • Occupancy Rate: The occupancy rate is an important key metric that needs to be looked at. The first thing it shows you are the total occupancy rate for that market for that month. When you click the “Learn More” button, you’ll see a more detailed view from the past  1-2 years.
    • Comparison Tools: One of the best things about AllTheRooms is how simple it is to compare different factors. Imagine comparing the Occupancy Rate with the available supply to see if it drops as the whole supply grows.
    2. Competitive Intelligence

    This feature helps you track your property’s performance and compare it to the competitors in your area. It can also discover opportunities for improvement and competitive gaps.

    3. Vacation Rental Score

    This feature provides a personalized property score by analyzing bookings, earnings, and reviews for every vacation rental in your city.

    Once you’ve received your property score from AllTheRooms, here’s what you can  do to maximize your score:

    • Examine your competitors’ rates, scores, and the amenities they provide. This can help you strategize and change yours if necessary.
    • Consider your listing’s booking lead time. If it is lower than the industry average, you may need to fill in your calendar earlier.
    • Check to see if any fresh supply has arrived and stay on top of new competitors!

    What is AirDNA?

    A leading source of vacation rental data, AirDNA offers a wide range of tools to help its users find profitable investment properties. It offers competitive insights, custom reporting, ROI calculator (AirDNA Rentalizer) and interactive dashboards covering more than 10 million rentals across 120,000 markets worldwide. 

    Vacation rental investors can leverage historical and future-looking data to maximize revenue potential with this tool. However, there are several users who look for Airdna alternatives as they find the tool inaccurate. 

    If you compare AirDNA vs Alltherooms, you’ll find that AllTheRooms offers a more reliable service. Although they are both useful tools, AirDNA is ideal if you are a moderate subscriber.

    airdna vs alltherooms

    AirDNA MarketMinder: Product overview and key features

    Investors can use the MarketMinder feature to understand how their vacation rentals compare to others and set their prices based on real-time demand predictions.

    MarketMinder can help investors with the following:

    • Locate investment opportunities 
    • Compare future demand with nearby comps
    • Price smartly and accurately
    • Grow portfolio with profitable listings 
    Market Comparison

    The Market Comparison tool in MarketMinder allows Airbnb investors to compare cities, neighborhoods, and zip codes with the number of bedrooms and guests it can accommodate. Investors and second-home buyers can analyze annual revenue, ADR, and occupancy trends over the past years to find the most profitable properties. 

    Calculate Revenue Potential & Cap Rate

    Rentalizer, the Airbnb Financial Calculator, allows you to enter any address in the world and immediately receive projections on revenue, occupancy, ADR, and nearby comps. By customizing your bedroom count, purchase price, and major expenses, you can also receive operating income figures and cap rates to guide your investment decision. 

    These are MarketMinder’s most important features:

    • Short-Term Rental Research feature with interactive maps
    • Data-Driven Dynamic Pricing 
    • Customized Comp Sets
    • Forward-Looking Airbnb Data
    • Market Comparison
    • Calculate Revenue Potential & Cap Rate 
    1. Short-Term Rental Research 

    This feature is handy for gaining competitive insights on Airbnb and VRBO rental properties. You can use interactive maps to examine how some neighborhoods and vacation rental properties perform. The feature includes over 25 crucial performance metrics: average daily rate, occupancy, rental revenue, booking lead times, active listing, etc.  

    2. Data-Driven Dynamic Pricing 

    With this feature, one might compare market rates to recommended rates based on property performance to have the most personalized dynamic pricing recommendations. Among the questions that could be answered are:

    • At what particular hours guests are willing to pay a premium?
    • How probable is it to be booked last minute?
    • What types of events are increasing rates in your area?
    3. Customized Comp Sets

    MarketMinder also allows you to upload your property and connect your listings. One can leverage the dataset to curate an accurate list of nearby akin listings. You can sort and filter the competitive set according to ARD, occupancy rate, amenities, revenue, distance, experience, and quality.

    4. Forward-Looking Airbnb Data

    By using VRBO and Airbnb data, you are able to see what exact dates over the next six months are getting booked now. By doing so, one can adapt their strategy and gain a competitive advantage. This feature also makes it possible to understand how the market advertises prices and how much they are booked for.

    Let’s take a quick look at different short-term rental analytics providers available in the market:

    Comparison Chart



    If you want to buy a house just to rent it out on Airbnb, you’ll need accurate and reliable data to study and make the best choices. You can estimate the return on your investment and how much to invest in a property if you know the occupancy rates and revenue of an area. 

    If utilized correctly, having the right tool will save you not only time but also money. Let’s have a look at our first candidate from AllTheRooms vs AirDNA.

    If you’re just getting started or are a moderate user, AirDNA is a fantastic tool. When considering investing in a rental property, AirDNA data might be extremely beneficial. When managing a property, AirDNA’s post-purchase features fail to provide correct data. When making decisions on a daily or short-term basis, the facts may not be totally correct.

     In comparison to AirDNA, AllTheRooms offers a reliable and easy-to-use service that shows the performance of short-term rentals in a given market to present it to you in an understandable manner. You can check to see if the market is performing well overall. 

    The good news is that there is a handful of Airdna free alternatives like Airbtics. Airbtics is the perfect software where you can find all the Airbnb tools you need to locate the most profitable property for your investment. Using accurate historical data from Airbnb, Airbtics draws out a clear path for you to discover the right property. 

    Months of market research are just a few clicks away using Airbtics Airbnb data tool. Get the actionable analytics and accurate data you need today!

    Unlock Worldwide
    Short-Term Rental Data
    Find unsaturated neighborhoods with the highest occupancy history.

    Unlock Worldwide
    Short-Term Rental Data
    Find unsaturated neighborhoods with the highest occupancy history.

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